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Is this Skip declaring Kawhi the best player on the planet不不不不不.

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Siapa IMPOSTOR yang menghancurkan LA Clippers di playoffs? Kawhi? Doc? PG? Rana, Twitch Thufeil, Amal Sidharta, dan Professor Paul mencari oknum pelakunya & membahas final wilayah di #BoxOutID Eps 76. Mainkan di sini:

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Cest 矇tonnant comme quand Butler nest pas dans un grand soir, il y a des mecs pour prendre le relais. Kawhi L矇onard sil nest pas dans un grand soir bah cest match perdu

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Skip going out sad, no need for that backtracking shit, he was sucking kawhi the whole season


ofc slandering clippers not fun when you 1. hate LeBron to death 2. think Kawhi is easily by far the best player in the NBA 3. you a clippers knicks warriors fan but ok

Greek God of Stats
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Kawhi Leonard choosing Paul George over Pascal Siakam is the ultimate NBA version of you versus the guy she told you not to worry about

Pure Point Guard
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E chegamos ao ponto que pode tamb矇m ser fundamental nessa hist籀ria, Gary Harris, Craig e Milssap, v瓊o conseguir diminuir LeBron como conseguiram em alguns momentos com Kawhi? Esse trabalho coletivo foi VITAL, para engessar o ataque dos Clippers, e pode dificultar demais pra LAL.

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Jeff Goodman
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Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero now running down their Top 10 NBA players (in order). Paolo has Kawhi at No. 2. Chet does not.

Jesse Beer
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[email protected] no disrespect but bashing load management is silly. Kawhi has to sit a certain amount of games. He has a degenerative knee issue.

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Kawhis second half of Game 7 was literally one of the worst performances Ive witnessed from a superstar

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Kawhi really said his team has to get smarter when it was really him and pg playing like ass the last 3 games for them to lose. I see alot of yall fraud ass clipper fans talking about chemistry when you two superstars was trash asf in 3 close out games.

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Tough scene just now in the Clippers locker room. Kawhi Leonard, (who rarely says anything), went up to Paul George and said, I wish I had Jimmy Butler instead of you. George is now crying uncontrollably, source tells ESPN.

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Habs fan 幓阞幓幓
Habs fan 幓阞幓幓 ()

@JaimeMarchen I wanted to see a Clippers / Lakers series. Kawhi vs good on the Nuggets!

Trill Smith
Trill Smith ()

Yall tried to sneak Kawhi in there like we wouldnt notice. Also, how is Tayshaun not an option?

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穢儭 h e f 兩
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Steph Curry Game 7s : 28/7/6 on 44/44/100 shooting splits Kawhi in game 7s: 20/2/9 on 40/24/73 Elimination Games: Steph: 28/6/7 45/49/94 59eFG% (6-2 record) Kawhi: 18/8/2/1 on 39/25/74 shooting, 42eFG% & 45TS% 2-5 record Steph Curry > Kawhi

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@facts_onlywwe @dajosc11 The one on Reggie must be on this list. Kawhis block has no place on this list.

Yung Semaja
Yung Semaja ()

bon par contre les petits fils de pute qui veulent faire pass矇 Kawhi pour un tipeu faut dormir maintenant en 2011 vous 矇tiez plus silencieux mais bref c bon jarr礙te

FatLotion ()

@ZeroXYHero No nigga cause KD blew a 3-1 lead too idk why everyone acting like kawhi god he cant do it by himself all you can say is stuff happens.

Lil Fish
Lil Fish ()

@YummyPapichulo None of the analysts wana mention George had a better series than him n that if Kawhi played like a top 3 player it shouldve been Clippers in 5 already

Patricks Burner Account
Patricks Burner Account ()

@abasketballgod Low key you dont full on slander Kawhi as bad as I thought you wouldve so Im gonna FB

Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez ()

@SamSheeshHiphop Agree to disagree on them. Not saying I dont think they are good though. Just as a whole what they have done to now you know? Top 5 id personally make it Lebron, kd, curry, Kawhi and honestly Luka even with no accolades yet lmao kid is about to dominate everyone in the nba

Tony Blair Funko Pop
Tony Blair Funko Pop ()

@IGsteffonthedon Seen a pic of kawhi looking at him and the caption was so why they call you playoff p?

LegendOfWinning ()

I think we can all agree, in no order, these are the top 9 players in the NBA LeBron KD Kawhi Curry Harden Giannis Jokic Luka AD so who is number 10?

Dak will win MVP
Dak will win MVP ()

@oldschoolhawk99 @ConnerMarkezin1 Saying the clippers werent a very good team is just they were one of the final 8 teams and choked away a 3-1 lead. They have Kawhi Leonard amongst other good players. To say they arent good is just ignorant and youre finding any way to throw shade at the mavs

AC ()

@ckendall77 I was def watching the Dodgers game. Kawhi shouldve stayed in Toronto.

Becca Winkert
Becca Winkert ()

For what reason does Kawhi have to be compared to Kobe Bryant? TV analysts run out of things to discuss and will just say anything lol

. ()

kawhi should have never been ranked as the best player in the world. please stop entertaining that foolishness.

Bank ()

@____mxbl LeBron was receiving double teams and elite Kawhi was receiving single coverage and still choked

shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

Is this Skip declaring Kawhi the best player on the planet不不不不不.

Brandon Bari
Brandon Bari ()

@thinkerofthings Im going legit insane. Im literally trying to slander every clippers player outside of Kawhi and Zubac.

B/R Kicks
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The New Balance KAWHI Jolly Rancher Collection is set to release in late October 2020

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☚ leicester #familyfeudsa ☛
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