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For the fourth game in a row, Kepa Arrizabalaga is benched 😩 The most expensive goalkeeper on the planet 🤑 #CHETOT

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Why the faack people are saying we would’ve conceded 6 if Kepa was in the goal? Like he wouldn’t be able to stop shots coming straight at him like Willy did?! GTFOH!! 😂😂

Philzy ()

Compared kante with pogba : kante declined, lost form and now injury prone Compared Kepa with De gea: 40+ Goals conceded in a season,currently Benched by a 38 year old back up Compared Tammy with Rashford : now Benched, Hated by fans, Scored his last goal 2 months ago

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Puede alguien decirle a Fabio que se quite esos pantalones que está haciendo el panoli? #TierraDeNadie1

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Man is coming for Jorgi, Kepa and Sarri when he reps the biggest liability in our team 😹😹😹😹

Caliope ()

Thought by dropping Kepa it would fix the defensive issues and help us score goals though?

Theunitedisles ()

Am I the only one who feels for Kepa? Getting benched by 38 year old Caballero must not feel nice lol #CHEFCB

Goal ()

One year since Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to be substituted for Chelsea 😳 Maurizio Sarri went CRAZY 😡

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Football Daily ()

1 year since Kepa refused to be substituted by Sarri in the Carabao Cup final! This is still mad 😳

Sneh ()

When Kepa comes back and turns into a world class player like a Alonso after rest Me:

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Chelsea da Depressão ()

2020 Para o Kepa é um pesadelo: - Terminou com a Namorada - Jogando Mal - Perdeu posição - e Hoje é reserva do Caballero Desejo @kepa_46

CFC𝗧renzs ()

@ChessyHour Kepa Azpi Christensen Tomori Reece Jorge Kova Alonso CHO Giroud Mason (Willian in CHO’s position if he’s not fit, but having one natural winger is needed)

Albert Domínguez ()

Bonito homenaje de Courtois a Kepa Arrizabalaga en estos momentos complicados para el portero del Chelsea.

ηαν ()

Kepa stans can’t come for seeing as their boy is being benched by a 38 year woeful back up keeper

Alexis’ Kavkas View ()

If Sarri/Conte dropped Kepa for Willy no way people would be this calm Lampard has control over the fans, the board love that. They control him, He controls you, lovely cycle

😬 ()

Igual me matáis pero con el nivel de Kepa y lo que hace De Gea con la selección no veria una locura que el portero de la selección fuera Aitor Fernández, me parece un jugadorazo.

Mwas Mchelsea ()

My Most Unpopular Football Opinion is that, I think Caballero is by FAR better GoalKeeper than Kepa. #CFC

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⚡️ ()

c’est bientôt l’euro, Isco n’a plus de barbe, Ramos se lance sur tiktok, tjr aucune nouvelle de De Gea, Kepa est un enfant du diable et Costa est enceinte de 6 mois, c’est la : joie

Kallon ()

Lampard şu maçı izliyorsa TS yi mali açıdan baya rahatlatacak sezon sonu, Kepa da kötüyken.

Leo Sat ()

I repeat there are clowns in this fanbase who rep Kepa and have an hate agenda against Mount. A moment of silence for these imbeciles.

Chelsea da Depressão ()

Feliz com a Vitoria? Claro mas a pergunta que não quer Kepa está fora do Chelsea? isso me preocupa

Pasión Chelsea ()

🚨CASO KEPA. Sorprende y no hay que dejarlo pasar por desapercibido, Frank Lampard ha dejado a Kepa en el banco de suplentes ¡3 partidos seguidos por la Premier League! Aún queda mucha temporada, pero parece claro el mensaje de Lampard sobre el arquero español. ¿Qué opinan?

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Fuera de Juego ()

😫 El portero más caro del mundo no juega ⚽ Frank Lampard manda a la banca del Chelsea a Kepa POR TERCER PARTIDO CONSECUTIVO DE LA PREMIER LEAGUE, ¿Acierto o error?🤔

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Goal ()

For the fourth game in a row, Kepa Arrizabalaga is benched 😩 The most expensive goalkeeper on the planet 🤑 #CHETOT

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Oliver Harbord ()

Three at the back for Chelsea against Spurs as Giroud starts, Abraham and RLC on the bench. Caballero; Azpi, Christensen, Rudi; James, Barkley, Jorginho, Kovacic, Alonso; Mount, Giroud. Bench: Kepa, Abraham, Willian, RLC, Zouma, Emerson, Gilmour. #cfc

Oliver Harbord ()

Lampard: - RLC back in the Chelsea squad. - Kante, Pulisic out, Christensen and Abraham in squad. - Kepa decision still just based on performances. - Giroud in contention to start. - Not thinking battle with Mourinho back at the Bridge. #cfc

Nizaar Kinsella ()

Lampard on Kepa: Certainly not [at odd with Marina for dropping him]. I am absolutely together with the club and the board. We all want the best. I am paid to make decisions. It has been a decision to make on form with the goalkeeping situation. #CFC #CHETOT

Victor 🥶 {Maatsen Szn} ()

Willy Caballero: 4 Average performance. Could’ve done better on decision making and positioning was poor. Wasn’t at fault for the goals which is a plus. Kepa needs to be back

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🖤Eli Kofi🖤 ()

De Gea >>>>> Kepa Fred >>>>>>> Kante Bruno >>>>>> Mount James >>>>>> Pedro Martial >>>>>> Willian Marquire>>>>>> Christensen Ighalo >>>>>>>> Abraham Ole 3x greater than Lampard!.

Goal ()

👥 Chelsea Subs: Kepa, Tomori, Zouma, Alonso, Barkley, Mount, Giroud 👥 Man Utd Subs: Romero, Dalot, Jones, Andreas, Mata, Greenwood, Ighalo #CHEMUN

Frank Khalid ()

I would want @kepa_46 back in goal for the remainder of the season. I think being in the bench would of given him time to reflect on what he needs to do. #CFC

☚ #KeaDrive #etvscandal ☛
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