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Klay is a DAMN DOG. That dude don’t sit out for nothing. Regular season or finals. Highest respects🤙🏽.

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Klay’s injury was literally the exact same as mine from years ago. High impact force on landing that tore the ACL and MCL simultaneously. 8 month rehab. As someone that’s been through it, wishing @KlayThompson the best in his recovery..

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Kevin Durant: Sumubok kahit hindi kaya Klay Thompson: Bumalik kahit nasasaktan Stephen Curry: Lumaban kahit mag-isa Ako: Nagkakagusto sa hindi ako gusto.

Klay Thompson’s Ex-Girlfriend Laura Harrier on If She Cares About Him Tearing His ACL & If She Will Give Him Another Chance (Pics-Vids-IG).

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No doubt, if klay never had the acl injury during the 3q in last 2mins there will be a game 7! No doubt.

@_Joeyy925 Plus if they give KD & Klay 5 year deals like they say they are then its a WRAP.

KD FaceTimed Klay Thompson after his ACL injury last night 👀.

Bob Myers will never forget Klay Thompson shooting free throws with a torn ACL #Warriors.

Steve Kerr said he hasn’t talked to Klay Thompson but shot him a text since Game 6: “Klay is elusive.”.

Anyone saying the Warriors “had it comin to em” is a weirdo. Durant and Klay never did shit to anybody. Just because the team they were on got injury luck doesn’t mean they deserved to have career changing injuries.

O Warriors planeja oferecer contratos máximos de 5 anos para Klay Thompson e Kevin Durant. (via @957thegame) #DubNation.

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Festa do título dos Raptors, lesão de Klay e Drake na sofrência: a noite de encerramento da NBA.

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Shout out to Boogie for committing the intentional foul that forced Klay to sit down with his TORN ACL..

After seeing this wish golden state would’ve won these last two Klay was going for finals mvp for sure.

Who’s going to get paid? KD is a super max wherever he goes and Klay isn’t eligible for a super max so would stay as a max. Who’s going for money over rings?.

Kobe Bryant made two free throws on a torn Achilles. Klay Thompson made two free throws with a torn ACL. Paul Pierce needed a wheelchair because he had to go to the bathroom..

Golden State’s Klay Thompson has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, his agent Greg Lawrence tells ESPN..

So if the KD situation never happened, would Klay be in the game right now? That’ll be the storyline huh. Warriors could definitely not afford to make the same mistake, if you want to call it that..

Klay is a DAMN DOG. That dude don’t sit out for nothing. Regular season or finals. Highest respects🤙🏽.

@MagicJohnson Klay superstar? He’s my 2nd favorite player but idk about that one.

@JVY_3 He gotta drop at least 40 every game lol with Klay dropping another 20 and Green, Iggy combining for 30..

KD was always gone. Really have to wonder what klay does now. My guess is he and curry believe they can win another chip without Durant, and he stays. But man if he left oh boy.

@MarcoGRovere @Cannata21A klay playing on 1 leg. I hate KD and wanted the warriors dynasty dead so bad but the cocky pathetic raps fan base is forcing me to cheer for them. Raps have a zero percent chance to win this series.

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@957thegame Raptors a better Leonard by a mile the best player on the court. Then klay then ibaka.

Draymond ha staccato la spina, Iggy non é in condizione, Klay acciaccato e Steph paga lo sforzo enorme di gara 3, non stiamo in piedi, serve KD come il pane #NBAFinals #NbaTipo.

Klay’s ready to get buckets 💦 (➡️ @subaru_usa).

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