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Only two players remaining in the playoffs have made 40+ threes this postseason: Stephen Curry - 42 Klay Thompson - 42.

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Final 📊 Stephen - 32p/5r/8a/1s Andrew - 17p/10r/1a/1s/2b Klay - 14p/7r/2a/1s/2b Otto - 12p/2r/3a/2s Jordan - 14p/6r/4a Kevon - 8p/9r/1s/1b Dray - 2p/11r/5a/1b Damion - 2p/3r JK - 1r/1a/1b.

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The Dubs are back in the West Finals! Klay: 30 points, 8 threes, 3 blocks Steph: 29 points, 6 threes, 2 blocks Dray: 14 points, 15 boards, 8 assists.

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Klay Thompson answers media questions like his teacher just called on him in class 😂.

Warriors missed all 10 of their first quarter 3s and turned it over seven times. Steph Curry 0 of 4 from deep, Klay Thompson 0 of 4. Curry is 10 of 35 from 3 in this series..

“You’ll be a legend forever” Steph and Klay have a message to share on Buster Posey Day.


Steph Curry and Klay Thompson with a cool tribute on Buster Posey Day. “You inspired us to build a dynasty.” 🎥 @SFGiants.


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💌오늘의 리스팅! 065. HANNAH 테니스 소녀 한나! 지금 바로 구매 가능❣ 💗한나 NORMAL (40KLAY) 💗한나 SKETCH (25KLAY).

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Klay Thompson wants to get back to locking down guards on the perimeter with consistency. Mike, Kobe, D. Wade, guys I really idolized as a kid, they all competed on that side, so I just try to follow the same mold..

A team with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Wiggins & OPJ (shooting really well tonight) should *never* let Adams play 27+ minutes of playoff basketball while the game is being played under 100 points..

Klay gave up the highest PPC as the ball handler defender (.93), and the highest PPC as the screen defender () Brooks had the lowest PPC as the ball handler defender .67 on his team while also having the highest # of BH defender attacks..

Steph Curry has a game show Draymond Green has a podcast Klay Thompson has a dog and a boat.

3 threes from Klay second half and I’m a happy man! Very close to a cash here.

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@Sageof6turtles Andrew Wiggins has had more positive impact for the Warriors this series than Klay Thompson has had.

Played Klay Over points. Left work at half - he had 19 points. Got home to check the box score and he finished with……. 19 points.

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The Playoffs are better with Klay Thompson back on the court..

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Better than steph cucantmakeathree and klay thompshotscantfallatall.

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@RyB_311 I’m honestly so confused. I’m seeing Klay dribble more than he used to, take rushed shots, and just overall terrible shot selection. Haven’t seen him play like this before at all.

@KuroneMakoto @maku_in_yousuke 天スタは昔よくドライブがてら屋台か本店食べに行きました😆 そういえば二郎系は有りますけど家系はちょっと前に出来ましたね…山岡家も近くに有るけど多分7、8年は行って無いですわw.


@LosPollosTV Bro it’s Curry Klay Draymond Poole Wiggins and Wilt chamberlains son vs Luka. 2017 Warriors all over again..

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“I’ve had a bad knee injury. Jordan had no malicious intent…He’s not out here clubbing people in the back of the head on fast breaks. We play the game the right way.” Klay Thompson on Jordan Poole - Ja Morant incident 👀 (via @markhaynesnba).

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@WarriorsLatam_ Este partido lo tienen que cerrar con Otto si o si en la alineació y Klay no están hoy 😭.

Am I tripping or Steph didn’t play much this game 11 points at half is embarrassing for a superstar klay is no where to be seen again and Poole is having a disappearing act game like last series against Denver #Warriors.

@Minahdamzz He’s easy to beat though. Jason is someone you don’t want to meet lol.


Klay need to work on his shooting but Steph is the fucking goat he was playing trash then came into the 4th was cooking 🧑‍🍳🐐.


🏀 Should Klay Leave the @warriors and make a name for himself?🤔 #NBA #Basketball.

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Can’t play much worse and they still won. Klay couldn’t shoot it in ocean but thought it was his best defensive game since he came back. Win game 5 and chill while suns go 7..

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