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@LacazetteAlex You’ll come back stronger, Laca. Wishing you a speedy recovery on behalf of all Arsenal fans..

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@LacazetteAlex Stay blessed recovery. I know you will come back with a big bang. I predict you would win joint premier league Golden boot alongside with Auba. All the best. #Coyg #Laca @Arsenal.

@valkiria642 @SheltonClyde2 Eso contando con que nos de tiempo el agresor para pitar o para sacar el bote de.

@FPLdiary Thought about it but wanted auba as laca being out means a Hattie for auba 😉.

@petrig386 @max_kirchi_fca Messi Neymar Neuer Süle üller Lewa Laca Salah Sterling Löwen Weghorst X Witsel.

Might get to see a bit of Mesut feeding Auba & Pépé with Laca out this month..

@LacazetteAlex You’ll come back stronger, Laca. Wishing you a speedy recovery on behalf of all Arsenal fans..

@mcsthomsen Har jo spilt U-23 og trener for fullt. Men spørs om han starter. Laca bekreftet ute og, så da starter nok Pepe og Auba.

@valkiria642 La laca Nelly está tirada de precio y es un de destrucción masiva 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Silbato al cuello y laca al Me parece genial 👌🏼.

Yo creo que él es el que no sabe lo que es el bien común. ¿Sabrá esta gente el daño que le hace a quienes representan?.

Diferentemente da temporada passada, nessa o Arsenal tem um ELENCO. Não um elenco recheado de craques como têm outros clubes, mas um elenco seguro. Perdemos o Laca, mas temos opções para substituí-lo no próprio ataque ou em mudanças de esquemas para entrada de um meiocampista..

@WorldwideAFC @LacazetteAlex All i wanted was to see Laca, Auba, Ozil and Pepe playing together. Just one time 😭.

Since Laca is gonna miss some games how is 4-3-1-2? 3 midfielders + Ozil Cam + Pepe & Auba upfront?? The 3 midfielders I would pick would be Guendouzi, Torreira, Ceballos Thoughts on this Arsenal fans?.

@Gtheorem @1ACEi Think is you don’t need him to contribute anything outside the box if you have a well structured team with good wide men. If Nelson or ESR can be competent and Pepe good then Arsenal as a team would be much better with just Auba as the central striker. Laca ruins the balance imo.

@toxicfutbol you’re looking at 500k plus imo, Cancelo alone would be 80-90k cus if hype, let alone Martial and Laca.

@Arsenal bad news man #Laca out for till october Big man wen #COYG needs u most damn.

@mauricioSaezR @rmapalacios Lo que pasa es que ellos se han apropiado de esas banderas hace mucho tiempo..

@SChubbz So would you rather have two upfront ? Or have someone replace laca in a 3.

Con esta obra, realizada en la técnica técnica de esgrafiado en laca de Olinalá, recordamos que en chilpancingo, el 13 de septiembre de 1813, se efectuó la elección de José Manuel de Herrera como diputado por la Provincia de Tecpan al Congreso insurgente:.

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Lacazette out injured - Aubameyang can finally have a long period of playing down the middle. Although everyone loves Lacazette there’s no denying Aubameyang’s preferred and better position is in the centre and as well as this he’s better than laca at it.

@AFTVMedia Football fans know how good laca is fifa fan boys think aub is better.

@DiveFPL @JacobKlos1 any thoughts as to what to do about Martial being out & which mid or forward to replace him with? Was going for Haller or Abraham next week Cerrellos could play more with Laca out? How is Norwich going to be affected by injuries?.

The industrious @LacazetteAlex will be out for the rest of September with an ankle injury. Quick recovery Laca, we gonna miss you..

@TheGoonerTalkTv In the way of his movement in preseason he always seemed to be in a position to score even more so than laca.

@SDGoon I just don’t see Emery having 2 up top without Laca. Unless he does 4231 which is too defensive in my mind for watford away. They’ve been poor lately. Would love to see Özil tho 😩.

#AUDIO 🎧Dos vecinas del Raval de Barcelona hablan con @ExpositoCOPE de @linternacope sobre la inseguridad y los problemas de delincuencia que se viven en el barrio: “Llevo un bote de laca para defenderme”.

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