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12 years ago today, LeBron and Dwyane Wade gave us one of the most iconic photos ever 📸 (via Morry Gash/AP Images).

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Kyrie And Lebron Really Stopped Playing basketball to be in the World Cup😭.

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Watching You Right Now! LeBron, If You Never Play Another Minute, Score Another Point, Or Win Another Game!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!! FYI- I Know Michael, Magic And Met Wilt !! SO MUCH RESPECT!!!Wooooo @KingJames.

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LeBron James wondered why he has not been asked about the 1957 photo of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that recently surfaced, after the media were quick to question him about Kyrie Irving. More:.

“I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a question about the Jerry Jones photo, but when the Kyrie thing was going on, you guys were quick to ask questions about that.” - LeBron James asks reporters about the 1957 desegregation mob photo.

Congratulations to one of the best ever to lace them up, LeBron James, for passing me to become 6th all-time on the NBA’s career assists list!! The affect you’ve had on basketball will last for generations to come!.

LeBron was UNSTOPPABLE tonight 😤🎯 39 PTS 11 REB 11-21 FG 7-12 3PT 🔥.

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LeBron James: 👑 More points than MJ and Kobe 👑 More assists than Magic Johnson 👑 More steals than Allen Iverson 👑 More triple-doubles than Larry Bird 👑 More field-goals than Wilt Chamberlain Legendary..

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For all those who are saying it doesn’t make sense for the media to ask LeBron about this, keep in mind he grew up as a Cowboys fan and recently said he no longer supports the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones’ response to Colin Kaepernick’s protest. LeBron is spot on..

Bennedict Mathurin said this before getting drafted. Tonight he takes on LeBron 👀.

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LeBron James is in a league of his own after he surpassed 45,000 career points in the NBA 👑.

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A lot of Cavs fans are talking about LeBron, but the guy the Cavs need to target is Stephen Curry. He’s at the pinnacle of his game still and is carrying a mediocre GS team. You go after a top 3 player ever. Steph will make our locker rooms smell like champagne again..

Now everytime I think to blame Lebron about something …I gotta come back down like …..man dude is almost 40…cut him some slack.

Lebron be having the most random people in that barbershop like what do Kyrie and Drew Barrymore got in common.

@jrichardgoodman They’re talking like Duncan played in the 70’s. He played in the same era as Kobe and Lebron, even eliminated Steph from the playoffs one year.

@statmuse Has Lebron ever done this? We may be looking at the next second best player of all time in Anthony Edwards.

@RealSkipBayless That’s crazy you woke out your sleep just to say that smh . Go back to bed and dream about Lebron again 😂😂😂.

Day started off with lebron yelling zuuuuu at 8 in the morning all downhill from there for them boyz lol.

Si metemos caña a los Lakers con LeBron habrá que hacer lo mismo con Kevin por su gestión de los últimos años de prime de Durant. Qué desperdicio de talento por irse donde se fue, sale a exhibición por partido, todo para seguir en la más absoluta nada.

Récap #TTFL 1 Durant: 74 ⭐️⭐️ 3 Jokic: 62 🃏🃏 1 Booker: 67 ☀️☀️ 2 Tatum: 41 🍀🍀 1 Beal: 32 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ 1 LeBron: 22 🥕🥕 1 Valanciunas: 15 🥕🥕 Une nuit à 478pts et un gros Best Pick pour @dnall007 qui intègre le top 10 individuel, c’est incroyable 🔥🔥.

If Lebron is not going to be consistent and take over during the 4th quarter, why would anyone expect Jeanie to make a trade for Turner and Hield? If anything she need to make a bigger trade. Lakers waiting till the summer makes sense if Lebron is not going to be consistent..

@brasil_wood Bom dia, meu consagrado. Por aqui, estou tomando um cafezinho e comendo um bolo de laranja, enquanto ponho umas planilhas de fechamento em dia, ouvindo Jesus chorou dos nossos manos Racionais. Agora o Lakers, pqp! Eu infelizmente estou alérgico aos 4Q de LeBron nesta season.

Ian Saint
Ian Saint

@Phil_Lewis_ Serious question: has anyone asked LeBron @KingJames about the Brett Favre welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi?.

For those who are upset by Isn’t that exactly what we ask these individuals to do with their platforms? We yelled @ Kaepernick because he knelt for the anthem & didn’t articulate what his issue was…well, LeBron has articulated it, perfectly…we should applaud him for it.

@jemelehill When was the last time Lebron criticized the Chinese for their human rights violations? Never, because he wants to sell his outrageously expensive sneakers in China..

Final. Los Lakers consiguen su mejor victoria de la temporada en Milwaukee: 129-133 final, con 44 puntos y 10 rebotes de Anthony Davis y 28 con 11 asistencias de LeBron James, enorme en el 4Q. 40 puntos para Giannis Antetokounmpo, pero los Bucks cierran su racha de 4 victorias..

@MrXANman2 People like to say the bulls were super teams to bring Jordan down a notch since he never had to “face any” like lebron did.

@MaxiYTBasket En los playoffs son otros cantares, pero si tomamos en cuenta lo que va de temporada tiene toda la razón no veo ningún equipo haciéndoles frente, capaz Los Lakers si se lesiona Lebron.

@BigBlueNationD1 Dude has a point. NBA refs let a ton of walks and carries go, especially when there is no ball pressure. I saw Lebron catch the ball and walk it up the court, taking 7 steps before a dribble and no call..

@Okachukwudi @HalfCourtHoops I think there is some anchoring to the years of watching the Warriors and LeBron obliterate their respective conferences. The margins are thinner now. I think saying 5 teams can win it all is pretty conservative (Bucks, Celtics, Warriors, Suns, Grizzlies for example)..

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