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#SellOut You see, he [Ramaphosa] has said that the police wanted him to testify against me ...the police will not put pressure on you to testify against somebody unless you have said something incriminating about that person..

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Can Lekota use his proximity to the broedebond reincarnates to also help trace the state funds that were looted in the lead up to 1994? As well as those govt documents that were not destroyed as his newfound mates prepared to leave office..

Quotes of the week: Lekota vs Ramaphosa.

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@errolbsk @PSeretlo I dont think he should be wasting his time on has a lot to deal lekota waste time researching than compagning for his dying party..

@IOL Did Cyril deny that Lekota and his comrades put communist ideas in his head and he was released by the police? I missed that..

@PresJGZuma Baba sicela i-video kusasa. Sesiside impela lesikhathi ungathumeli okuyividwana. Mhlawumbe ubaba angaphawula ngodaba olubucayi oludalulwe ngu Lekota izolo, iSONA, kanye nokuthi ubaba yindaba engaphumelelanga yena kwi SONA. Nxamalala! πŸ˜„.

#SellOut You see, he [Ramaphosa] has said that the police wanted him to testify against me ...the police will not put pressure on you to testify against somebody unless you have said something incriminating about that person..

@SABCDikgang @SABCNewsOnline Ntate Lekota o tlhophile nako e fosagetseng ga tlhagisa kgang e! Le ga e ene eka nna nnete, go tlile go nna thata gore re mo dumele, ka re tsaya gore ke maiteko fela a go bonela mokgatlha wa gaagwe dintlha jaaka re lebile ditlhopho!.

I went through the available SASO trial records today - indictment, exhibits, judgement & sentence. The accused are charged with SASO pamphlets, speeches & theatre play etc. There is no Ramaphosa letter there. He is not mentioned at all. #Lekota.

@clutchshotlife @LegaeLaNtate But a case where one is coaccused is exactly the way Mr Lekota puts it.

WHAT apartheid agents are you talking about here,Sir? I thought the required investigation was only based on information from Mr Lekota! Are we perhaps not on the same planet??.

#Ramaphosa: Now Honourable Lekota and Malema, you raise these issues and throw around innuendo. You must realise how dangerous this is like Dr Motsoaledi said yesterday..

Ok look at Terror Lekota reaction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SONADebate #SONAReply.

Listen up ... nobody (who isn’t ANC), actually gives a damn about #Lekota spy claims ... we have far bigger issues like how the ANC broke the country, to deal with 😑😑.

@maggsnaidu @MTLekota What ds lekota accusations to Ramaphosa benefit southafrica?.

are written by people. If this was in a history book Terror Lekota would be the Primary Source. Are you following me?.

@MaShares We have serious problems to discuss, now Lekota is our attention? Our future depends on what Ramaphosa decides. Let’s discuss that and move forward 😭.

#Lekota in if you are strategic in thinking it is possible to play the game so well that you are you can avoid being in prison, without necessarily being a selloutπŸ€”.

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Terror Lekota is losing his mind. This nonsense about comrades accusing each other of late for having being spies is too cheap for words. Ntate Lekota is a shameless chap. May he please retire.

#TakeBLFToParliament The damning allegations of Ntate Lekota against the butcher of Marikana, had me ask this question if this man is responsible for the sellout and death of Steve Biko and Chris Hani since he is so brutal towards Black people ?.

My respect for COPE leader Terror Lekota dropped. He received a standing ovation from the entire EFF and from the majority of the DA MPs after basically accusing President Ramaphosa of selling them out to the security branch in 1974. So what? Why cry now Lekota? #NoVoteCOPE.

Thank you Comrade Terror for breaking your silence. Your Cyril Ramaphosa was indeed a fucking spy, just like half of his ANC NEC today.

Leave Lekota alone. We all know bewusa munya ibele while your Cdrs were fighting. #SONAdebate.

@eNCA needs to schedule an interview with Lekota. These are serious allegations #SONADebate.

Lekota whose history in terms on land restitution and African people is all over the show is believed today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ngeke sbali.

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@MbuyiseniNdlozi When Schabir & others called Ngcuka a spy, Mbeki set up a Hefer Commission. Now that #Lekota alleges that #RamaphosaSoldout, does this warranty a commission? Terror went in the Island as Black Consciousness Movement, came out as ANC to Cope and now has close ties with Afriforum.

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