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As we mark the final week of Lent and the beginning of the Holy Week, may this symbolic season be unto us, a moment of reflection. I urge that we remain united in this season of #COVID19 pandemic in prayers, love and neighbourliness towards our common good. -PO

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ChampagnePapi🥂 ()

@AksorADN J’aime beaucoup mais y’a des moments qui sont lent en animé ça me démange de sautee

Jan 🍇🍷🍇 ()

@jetjackson20 I actually have that but haven’t read it yet. A friend lent it to me. Downstairs in the bookcase, I’ll try to find it. Thanks.😊

Jed ()

God was really like “oh you didn’t give up anything for lent this year? how does giving up everything sound”

EZg ()

College hallmate is a nurse yet is posting fucking coronavirus conspiracy theories on Facebook WHILE her profile picture says ~Away for Lent~

PJ&J ()

@halbakt I gave up cheese for lent and am still holding off till Sunday just to prove it alone?

Michael Grossman ()

Oregon Gov Kate Brown: NY was in dire need for ventillators & Oregon was in a better position b/c we enacted social distancing earlier. We are in this together. Gov Cuomo: Oregon has lent us 140,000 ventilators. That was smart. That was good. We will return them double fold. CNN

ሸምሱ ቢረዳ ()

Addis Abeba mayor’s misinformation created confusion Among Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. Mayor says there’s going to be fasting but the church says its followers are already observing lent since Feb 24, and there’s no additional fasting. The church is following its own calendar

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🎗Esther Moral🎗 ()

@oriolmitja @govern Excel·lent notí no entenc el tema de no cobrar. Assegurar q puguis fer dictaments de forma parcial e independent no hauria a ser condicionat en si cobres o no. Si vols evitar un vincle econòmic fes directament una donació a un projecte q valoris q farà un bon ús.

Fairy dust ()

This is the day that I am supposedly be travelling way back home to spend Lent at the province and see my favourite people.

Ryan Sinclair ()

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Built in the 4th Century, this church enshrines the sacred site where Jesus was buried and resurrected after the Crucifixion. #Lent #HolyWeek

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Seton Shrine ()

Will you join us for Holy Week? Holy Thursday : Mass of the Lord’s Supper – 7:30pm Good Friday : Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion – 3pm Holy Saturday : Easter Vigil – 8pm Easter Sunday : 11am See how you can participate fully from home at

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Alex Luckey ()

Being self-quarantined has lent itself to a lot of rash decision making.

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Higgins Butchers ()

John has been good for all of lent and with only a few days left we decided to tempt him and left an Easter Egg mountain on his block 🤪 but the force is strong with him and he resisted 💪 #higginsbutchers

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Call me Alejandro ()

@lucyrossay Yesss which means lent is almost over and I can drink wine and liquor again. 😁😁😁

Kate Rogers ()

Welcome news for small business owners worried about funding. If they are already requesting more $$, can we also know how much has been lent out to Main street so far?

𝙵𝚛. 𝙼𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚎𝚕 𝙶. 𝙴𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚖𝚊𝚗 ()

Very sad that @archgh livestream of the chrism mass is not working. Lentiest Lent ever.

Royal Jr.ひひ ()

Niggas wanna be Gangsta so bad not a dime I dey pocket jus lent an fyee ..🤦🏾‍♂️

Keith Mcilwain ()

...the cross of Jesus is an unrepeatable event that calls all religion into question & establishes an altogether new foundation for faith, life, & a human future. Fleming Rutledge #Lent #HolyWeek

𝐑. ()

@WATERFAlRY _de la danse, passant sur un slow plus lent, les obligeant a ralentir la cadence. - Et sinon, sans blaguer, je suis un ange certes mais ayant vécu une grande partie en enfer. Et dans tout les sens du termes.

Stephen Barker ()

@Sotherans It is a known fact that when a book that has been lent to you & goes on your shelves it becomes your book. Books that are not returned to you after one has so generously (foolishly) lent them out are 1. are a gap in your collection, 2. a source of resentment against the borrower.

Phil Hilditch ()

“A faith that ignores the current needs of the world is meaningless. If the church does not take deliberate action for the healing of the world, it is nothing but a clanging cymbal – just noise. We all need to live with tikkun olam in our hearts.” [email protected] #Alive #Lent

Moysespareira ()

#lًent 87 Jon Faineِ { Popeِ ! } footbْall @ - #WorldHّealthDay !! Bُarُabُanov

WinnieP ()

@FirstbornVamp kindly lent me his Horizon Zero Dawn & Days Gone. But which should I play and hopefully not get addicted to in between non gaming stuff?

Leslie McKinney ()

@ArlanWasHere For me, no love. The story was intriguing and told documented so well with footage that lent to the telling of the story.

Lent ()

なんとなく、見てたら流れで押してしまったw タイミングよく見れて1番でいいねしたったり☆

Thom Avery ()

All of the lighters have gone missing again. I graciously lent my last one out earlier and now that’s gone, too. I have had to employ The Emergency Lighter that I fished out at my own peril from the bottom of the frying pan drawer. Things are tense.

Deacon Chris Knight ()

Spoke on the light entering the darkness of our humanity. Jesuit Dallas Faculty Blog: The Night of Lent

🔥PRIME🔥 ()


Jean-Baptiste Marteau ()

🗞🦠 Cette phrase d’un ministre en off dans le @jdd résume assez bien le message pour cet été..... 🙄 🗣 « Tous ceux qui ont prévu de partir dans un EasyJet bondé en Grèce ou en Espagne, ça ne marchera pas. (...) Ça va être très long, très lent et très difficile »

Peter Obi ()

As we mark the final week of Lent and the beginning of the Holy Week, may this symbolic season be unto us, a moment of reflection. I urge that we remain united in this season of #COVID19 pandemic in prayers, love and neighbourliness towards our common good. -PO

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