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We have a lot more things to worry about! Leave my TWEETS ALONE💭 • • • #TachaSafetyPrecautions #LetsFightCovid19

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5 New Greeting Techniques You Must Adopt Right Now THREAD! #CoronaVirusInNigeria #LetsFightCovid19

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कोरोना विषाणूच्या संकटाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर मी आणि माझी टीम रस्त्यावर उतरून काम करत आहे. राजावाडी हॉस्पिटलमधील बेड्सची व्यवस्था असो, रुग्णांच्या सोयीसुविधा असोत, डॉक्टर, नर्सेस आणि वॉर्डबॉय तसेच कर्मचारी असो,मी स्वतः घडामोडींवर लक्ष ठेवून आहे. @mybmcWardN @mybmc #LetsFightCovid19


@gidifeedtv: Indian officials flog Muslims who went to the mosque to pray despite national lockdown over #Coronavirus @Gidi_Traffic #LetsFightCovid19

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So after China eating the meat 🍖 We are the ones suppose to wash hands 🤦🏾‍♂️💔🤧😷 #LetsFightCovid19

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GOOD MORNING☕️ a doctor can save your life a lawyer can defend your life a soldier can give you a peaceful life But only God can give you an everlasting life. #LetsFightCovid19

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We are all in this together!! @MusicThaman #HelpingHands #LetsFightCovid19

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Now Playing on 234Radio, @presidentjaga - By Myself. Together, we can defeat coronavirus disease (COVID-19) #LetsFightCovid19 #CovidNGR

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Government eases controls, taps automakers to manufacture ventilator. India has lifted controls on producing medical ventilators, as it seeks to plug the growing shortage of this critical equipment in the battle against Covid-19. #LetsFightCovid19

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The bad news is that everyone is a potential But the good news that everyone is a potential solution. lyrics by @HEBobiwine #LetsFightCovid19 /Rt

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Sa wakas off na ako bukas. After 11 days. Wohoo. I survived 🤣💪💪 #LetsFightCovid19

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Now Playing on 234Radio, WestLife - Dreams Come True. Together, we can defeat coronavirus disease (COVID-19) #LetsFightCovid19 #CovidNGR


But i no understand this style sha U leave ur country during a pandemic and ur aide tells d country its ur style like how We have buy wrong market sha #LetsFightCovid19 #CovidNGR

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Burundi healthy minister was asked what is the secret that has kept Burundi free from the corona virus. He replied they don’t have the equipments for testing #LetsFightCovid19 #StayHomeStaySafe

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I am requesting all of you to share these pictures far and wide as a community appeal to stop this blatant disregard for public safety! 4/4 #LetsFightCovid19


We @Dbegotin urge you to please ensure you stay safe! 👇 #IwillStayAtHome #LetsFightCovid19

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Now Playing on 234Radio, Dice Ailes (@DiceAiles) - Mr Biggs. Together, we can defeat coronavirus disease (COVID-19) #LetsFightCovid19

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100% tax relief for gross income 24,000 - President Uhuru #LetsFightCovid19

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I am Unstoppable ()

We know Chinese have been crying, Germans too have been crying, we know Italians are actually wailing. Where are there videos and images. This is racial reporting #LetsFightCovid19

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This Nigeria is fucked up. Staying indoors is for our own good but no power supply yet they still want to ban the use of generators and no water too. How are we suppose to know what’s going on? No adequate provision to benefit every citizen. #LetsFightCovid19 #BuhariTormentor

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Thanks Doc for the work you do. precautions don’t mean panic. #LetsFightCovid19

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@naivas_kenya are trying their best. We appreciate your efforts. #LetsFightCovid19

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Tune in to Nigerian Info as we speak on Coronavirus and how it’s affects Nigeria. We hope everyone is staying safe in this troubling times. #LetsFightCovid19 #Covid19Out

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John-Lewis Onkendi ()

2. Secondly, I was impressed that they have used their own money to purchase 20 liter containers, fit them with taps & clean water, which they use with soap, since their elected leaders have abandoned them. #LetsFightCovid19

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Now Playing on 234Radio, Crayon (@crayonthis) - So Fine. Together, we can defeat coronavirus disease (COVID-19) #LetsFightCovid19

Herm Medina ()

If you have a 3D printer please join in helping make life saving equipment for health care workers. #LetsFightCovid19 #3Dprinting

Norwich Electrician ()

Sadly we have had to postpone all non essential works it was always on the cards but it’s scary all the same. removing appointments from the calendar is definitely troubling and concerning #StayAtHomeSaveLives #LetsFightCovid19


Humanity before politics. Yes, that’s the tweet! #LetsFightCovid19 #stayathomeNigerians

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We have a lot more things to worry about! Leave my TWEETS ALONE💭 • • • #TachaSafetyPrecautions #LetsFightCovid19

King Of warrakɛ 👑 ()

But Why inflating the prices of face masks & hand gloves now when people need it most? ? wicked humans 😤. #Covid19Out #LetsFightCovid19

T O L U ()

According to Germany’s National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, the country has capacity for about 12,000 Covid-19 tests per day, while Wieler has claimed it has capacity for 160,000 tests per week. #LetsFightCovid19 #CoronavirusOutbreak

☚ #DateMyFamily #amafiles ☛
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