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🚨11th Circuit rules that bans on anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy violate the First Amendment. 2–1 decision, both judges in the majority appointed by Trump. A really awful and frightening decision.

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BB²⁸ ()

i never learned about aids in school. I was only exposed to its history because of tumblr posts I read at the age of 15. I am so angry that public education continues to brush over LGBTQ history, perpetuating our invisibility. all of us deserve so much better. #WorldAIDSDay

isso mesmo que você tá lendo
Isso mesmo que você tá lendo ()

gente eu tô tão acostumada com as pessoas do meu meio social serem lgbtq+ que quando alguém diz que é hetero eu fico que???tipo, tem certeza??? eu esqueço que a possibilidade hetero existe

🐲 Balerion🐊
🐲 Balerion🐊 ()

Ranendra “Ron” Banerjee, a known anti Black, anti Muslim, & anti LGBTQ racist was witnessed shouting pro Hindu supremacy & anti Sikh slogans @ a farmers @SCDSB_Schools did you employ this bigot so he can teach children racism? Since when do school boards hire racists?

kendall⁷ (semi hiatus)
Kendall⁷ (semi hiatus) ()

@bstpeach ash,,,, uenoyama,,,,, nakata,,,, minamoto,,,, he really saves the lgbtq+ community daily

Sendaitribune(大隅典子)noteも書いています ()

大きな一歩「女性1人、人種的な少数派ないしLGBTQ(性的少数者)1人の少なくとも2人の取締役起用を義務付ける」 / 女性の取締役起用義務付け=企業経営の多様性推進―米ナスダック #NewsPicks

Leafar said:
Leafar said: ()

Cada vez que eu vejo um LGBTQ+fóbico falando merda eu tenho vontade de esmurrar. Só Deus sabe o perigo que eu seria andando com uma faquinha.

Amanong ()

padahal sbg individu, kita punya banyak identitas *cmiiw. siapapun mereka dan dari latar belakang apapun, menikmati bl adl hak segala bangsa. dukung lgbtq community juga hak mereka. prinsip masing-masing aja. jadi kita harus latian biar ga kagetan di dunia yg penuh kejutan ini 😂

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter ()

@arguendope Same. I’m just like Jesus Christ. Lesbians got the first letter in the acronym. It’s LGBTQ+. Like we see y’all, but chill. I’ve seen several people saying this shit and I just don’t know how they manage to put their pants on in the morning with that type of logic. It’s dumb af.

BryannaNasck ()

Lembro que conheci realmente Elliot com o documentário que ele fez entrevistando Bolsonaro e grupos de extermínio LGBTQ+ aqui no Brasil. Hoje esse ator magnifico assume publicamente sua identidade trans e usa este momento trazer visibilidade a violência q pessoas trans vivem.

Tim Wise
Tim Wise ()

2/ Even before Trump they insisted they were the victims of taxes, secular humanists, feminism, radical Islam, political correctness, affirmative action, welfare cheats, immigrants taking their jobs, government regulations, auto emissions laws, militant LGBTQ

Bloomberg ()

Nasdaq asked the SEC for clearance to require companies to include at least one director who identifies as female and one who identifies as an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ

ByAlejo ()

Saben que la Q de LGBTQ es de raro? asi que viva los RAROS, digo QUEERS! @bytarifa @bysTaXx

🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 ()

THIS IS REALLY HORRIFYING: Last week the 11th Circuit said conversion therapy bans violate the free speech rights of therapists who practice conversion therapy on LGBTQ minors. #TeamLegal Trump Judges Say Free Speech Rights Includes Shaming LGBTQ Kids

MishaYa ❄️ cw haikyuu , fkbu , YoI , Ace Attorney
MishaYa ❄️ cw haikyuu , fkbu , YoI , Ace Attorney ()

Gosciowa mówiła dobrze przez większość ale nazywała lgbtq tematem pobocznym i uhhhhh

billy eichner
Billy eichner ()

Trump appointed judges in Fl reversing bans on conversion therapy for LGBTQ kids. In the year 2020. This is state sanctioned child abuse.

James Corden
James Corden ()

This is the most incredible place if you’re #lgbtq and find yourself struggling. You matter 💚

Allie misses her husband wooyoung😭🥺
Allie misses her husband wooyoung😭🥺 ()

that ive been happier ever since i started accepting that im forever in the. lgbtq+ community

女弁護士(元嬢) ゆうこ💓💞
女弁護士(元嬢) ゆうこ💓💞 ()

@AllenBeautiful6 @Allen_Japan_No1 フォローしました LGBTQの方の権利を守りたいです

Dr. D.J. 🇨🇦 ✝️ 🌈
Dr. D.J. 🇨🇦 ✝️ 🌈 ()

Frankly a terrible decision. Trump Judges Strike Down Bans On LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’ via @forbes

Indie Author News
Indie Author News ()

New Indie Book Release: PRINCE(SS) - A fair(l)y (odd) tale (by Sara Gravatt-Wimsatt) >ÿ < 5-STAR LGBTQ+ #Fantasy

HoneyOhannaTene on FB & Instagram
HoneyOhannaTene on FB & Instagram ()

44 DAYS Georgia Blue VOTES Jan 5th UNITED VOTE Young, Seniors, Blacks, Whites, Latino, LGBTQ, all faiths Putting our differences aside to get the job done. McConnell is already threatening to block Biden BUT GEORGIA GETS THE FINAL SAY not Mitch. Vote @ossoff @ReverendWarnock

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Mademoiselle🏳️‍🌈💚 ()

@4solidarieta Uuuh gefährliches Terrain😀 dann ist die lgbtq+-Fahne vielleicht doch besser!😀😂

DrDoubleTap&Chill ()

@luthorstomaz @JessDepri Because there is no depth too low to stoop to in order to harass and annoy the LGBTQ+ community so they can hold their straight, cis, white, male, slave-owner higher in their own minds.

RL ()

@BrianDMcBride @CodyLaGrow This made my morning! I have brunching daughters. We want to join! One daughter is LGBTQ.

Mesum ()

@AkiraAdhami Never hated on lgbtq BUT You saying “imaginary character up the sky” is super disrespectful too Respect people’s religions If you’re gon call someone out for not respecting your belief but you disrespect their religion like that then there’s no difference between you

Lovelylad ()

Law and Justice Party of Poland: Put an end to government led LGBTQ+ persecution in Poland - Sign the Petition! via @Change

#Lesbienne ()

Associations Between LGBTQ-Affirming School Climate and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization Among Adolescents. #lesbienne #lesbian

#Lesbienne ()

Diversity and Inclusion in the American Legal Profession: Workplace Accommodations for Lawyers with Disabilities and Lawyers Who Identify as LGBTQ. #lesbienne #lesbian

Kimia ()

کاش واقعا دهنشونو ببندن، درسته حماقتشون اصلا مهم نیست و جامعه LGBTQ+ نیازی نداره توسط آدمایی که از هیچ سلول مغزی ای واسه فکر کردن استفاده نمیکنن تایید بشه ولی کاش اینقدر این حس متفاوت بودن رو القا نکنن، همجنسگراها متفاوت نیستن این شمایین که با دنیا فرق دارین!

Mark Joseph Stern
Mark Joseph Stern ()

🚨11th Circuit rules that bans on anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy violate the First Amendment. 2–1 decision, both judges in the majority appointed by Trump. A really awful and frightening decision.

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