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Lilanga does not love Romeo🥺that man deserves better #LoveyDovey.

Lilanga Photo,Lilanga Photo by Nthati,Nthati on twitter tweets Lilanga Photo

1. There’s no chemistry between Lilanga and Romeo. 2. Nhlanhla loves Keke 3. Moruti and Angie have a potential at marriage 🌸 The rest it’s just vibes. #LoveyDovey157.

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I changed my mind about wanting Romeo and Lilanga to win the grand prize. I hope Lindiwe and the Pastor win the show. #loveydovey157.

I swear Lilanga looks excited over the food than she did during the proposal😂😂🤣#loveydovey.

Keke and Lilanga where supposed to be an item. Coz No maaaan, they are not happy #loveydovey157.

Lilanga uzisola kwaymanje🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Romeo ujola alone just like Nhlanhla ojola alone #loveydovey157 #loveydovey.


A fun and beautiful Hun. #Lilanga I love you badeee!! I hope awuzokhiqwa tonight on #LoveyDovey157 😂😂😂.

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@Karabo_Mokgoko He’s the gent inlove here genuinely and I’m kinda doubting Lilanga #loveydovey157.

As much as ndimthanda u Lilanga no Romeo i think their love is one sided 🤦 Lilanga akekho sure ngo Romeo #loveydovey157.

Lilanga is worrying I thought she was deeply in love with Romeo, but No mahn #LoveyDovey157.

It only makes sense that Lindiwe and Justice win 😓 although something tells me that Keke and Nonhlanhla won😂😂 Romeo and lilanga turned us into 🤡🤡🤡🤡 #loveydovey157.

Lilanga Photo,Lilanga Photo by 👑💯,👑💯 on twitter tweets Lilanga Photo

Lilanga chose Romeo because he fought for her the hardest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #loveydovey157 #loveydovey.

How can you guys expect Lilanga to be excited about an engagement with a guy she only knew for a few weeks and does not even have a clue of his life outside the cocoon of the house, hayi nidlala ngo Lilanga #loveydovey #loveydovey157.

So Romeo is actually a Rich kid and was featured on Vuzu’s Rich Kids…Lilanga keep your eyes on the price lala #LoveyDovey157.

@Undlunkulu_Xoli He keeps on staring at Lilanga, he looks so bored 🤣 #loveydovey157.

Mamfundisi and baba mfundisi for the money!Lilanga is fake Keke just wants the money 😅😅😅 #loveydovey.

I think I will 😂😂😂 Lilanga yimpendulo enjani leyo? 😭😭😭#loveydovey.

@tebogo_pholoana Keke should date Lilanga and Nonhlanhla should date Romeo. #LoveyDovey157.

@kokiemat Which love🤣? Akula love between these 2. Poor Romeo nguye who is genuine about his feelings about Lilanga, even Stevie Wonder can see ukuthi she is not into him boo😅.


This is a Lilanga Stan accc. My fav gurl in the whole wide world 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰.

#loveydovey,its my plasma or me wrong,l sensed a shifted energy between Lilanga and Romeo based on their claim that s#x was good,then ugal asked two ladies if her and Romeo will last?hmmm,l sense sixty percent spark lost struu after the honeymoon..

#loveydovey157,I feel Lilanga is not feeling Romeo like she claims,expressions dont be ,am sure he longs for keke that Keke for being a man towards how he feels,but l u it a lust nje with.

@Fanie_Makgale Yhea and now people assuming that Lilanga does I love Romeo kant she you can see she didn’t expect this,Thanks I will check it🙏🏽.

⭐️今日は姉さんの誕生日。プレゼントを贈らないと!/Leo ni siku ya kuzaliwa dada. Lazima tumpe zawadi!⭐️ ヘンドリック リランガ/Hendrick Lilanga 2012 エナメル画/Enamel プレゼントは何かな〜?.

Lilanga Photo,Lilanga Photo by シェタニアート,シェタニアート on twitter tweets Lilanga Photo

Lilanga will pretend to be inlove with Romeo when they step out the house🤞🏾 #LoveyDovey157.

Yhowee Poor Nhlanhla and Romeo… Lilanga is now not sure about Romeo nkosiyam #loveydovey157.

Keke wants Lilanga and Lilanga wants Keke. Kubi 🔥😂#loveydovey157.

#LoveyDovey157 Romeo loves Lilanga,Lilanga ungathi not so much. Nonhlanhla loves Keke,Keke yena hai! Ntate Moshoeshoe and MaMfundisi should just win!.

Personally i feel Lilanga is to ready for marriage she’s here for vibes bathong #loveydovey157.

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