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Mzansi! Please join and help me appreciate @iam_ph and @Shimza01 Gents, Siyabonga! Thank you for #LockdownHouseParty

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#download&share GarageFm Mix Vol45 #lockdownHouseParty

Septiana Gumay ()

Dari pada nge #bacotsantuy mendingan kita #LockdownHouseParty Kuyy wkwkwk

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Mo_Tunechi ()

Guys let get the only malume on 📻 business on #lockdownhouseparty this weekend if u down with that make this tweet trend #ymornings

ThisTooShallPass ()

Movie nights House parties Turn up praise (church) In this country life continues mos🤷🏽‍♀️💃 What else?? #Contagion #LockdownHouseParty

Trinity ngoma ()

South African we are united as ever before -we party #LockdownHouseParty and watch the movie #Contagion together as country-jah

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Ms Tshabalala ()

@teethotaller We do LockdownHouseParty as a country, watch a movie as a country this might be good for us after all

Dr Larisa Corda ()

Showing that community spirit can well and truly be alive during the pandemic even with social distancing, thanks to S Club 7 (minus the out of tune singing from yours truly 🤣) #LockdownHouseParty

Charlotte Devaney ()

Catch me spinning some virtual tunes for @pinkpandadjs alongside this lot on 10 April ❤️🐼🔊🙌🏻🤪 #LockdownHouseParty

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Tom “Remain Indoors” PositiveLad ()

Repurposed our Brita filter as a cocktail needs must! 😂 🍹 #LockdownHouseParty #LockdownLife

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Meltz~Smith🌹WaMopedi ()

#shoprite #LockdownHouseParty Ge nkare areje okare o khoxe goba otlaja?😜

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Afrough imam syed ()

اتنا اودھم تو وائرس نے نہیں مچایا جتنا چھٹیاں ہونے کے بعد گھر میں بچوں نے مچایا ہوا ہے #LockdownHouseParty


Shout out to @LamiezHolworthy pretoria was well represented 🔥🔥 #Lockdownhouseparty

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Oregon Designer ()

Grilled burgers in the rain. Costco frozen 1/3rd pound sirloins are delicious. Two beers while grilling and one while eating is perfect. Time for #Quarantinaoke #LockdownHouseParty

FreePalestine🗯 ()

#NewProfilePic Your Time is Your Treasure #LockdownHouseParty

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Shirley Joseph ()

Siyaphi manje bangani? ,, akulaleki phela #Get2GetherExperience #LockdownHouseParty

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TieKzeN ()

#LockdownHouseParty @LamiezHolworthy should have done closing👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾super set

#Amanga OUT NOW! ()

Here is the #LockdownHouseParty playlist you guys been asking for. Enjoy 🙏

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Prheciours ()

@Juks_Afrika 🤣🤣🤣But ke, @ZakesBantwiniSA made the things that it can make house party to be done #LockdownHouseParty

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Lasizwe Dambuza ()

Mzansi! Please join and help me appreciate @iam_ph and @Shimza01 Gents, Siyabonga! Thank you for #LockdownHouseParty

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DJ Fresh (Big Dawg) ()

#LockdownHouseParty #NowPlaying: Mark Stent ft Nathan Dixson - More than ever (Shona SA Mix)

DJ Fresh (Big Dawg) ()

#LockdownHouseParty #NowPlaying: Kwamey & Franky Boissy- Everybody wants to rule the world

DJ Fresh (Big Dawg) ()

#LockdownHouseParty #NowPlaying: The Rhythm Sessions and Nutown Soul - We Can Make It

#PartyWithpH Faki’volume boi ()

Doors are open!!!! Taking it Nice and easy today to warm up the show. #LockdownHouseParty on @ChannelOTV. TUNE IN

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Naledimadeit✨ ()

Why don’t I see @Leratokganyago somewhere on the lineup ya #LockdownHouseParty ha’aa🙄💔

Louis Mohlaka ()

Amapiano live balcony mix 8 (Sunruse Quarantine Mix) by @MAJORLEAGUEDJZ 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . . Put them ko #LockdownHouseParty in weeknd 🙏


Eeeei Spoil der ..🔥🔥🔥.. BongoLex🥴..Emergency Bass #LockdownHouseParty in my hall TUC

Lloydbank$ ()

Powerful We cant wait @Shimza01 to have u #LockdownHouseParty

Ona’s Stan Account ()

Have a listen 👂🏾. My first ever feature on a jam 😆😆. #LockdownHouseParty #QuarantineAndChill to this jam . Let me know what you think 😁. Thank you for your time. ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

#PartyWithpH Faki’volume boi ()

Again i’d like to apologize to @black_motion and to you the viewer for the audio quality during the recording of their set! They are one of the best performing live acts and tonight should take nothing away from that. Apologies 🙏🏾 #LockdownHouseParty 🔒🏠 #blackmotion @Shimza01

#PartyWithpH Faki’volume boi ()

Hey #LockDownHouseParty people. We would like to apologize for the audio quality during the recording of @black_motion’s set. We will make it up to them and you! @Shimza01. Again we profusely apologize 🙏🏾🔒🏠

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