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Londie Photo,Londie Photo by NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦,NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Londie Photo

LaC is fighting too hard for this friendship with Londie. Let it go sis she’s just not that into you #RHODurban.

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#RHODurban Laconco really did love Londie as a friend, but it is now becoming clear even for Laconco that miss Londie was never her friend 😓😓.

My personal season fav💕 - Londie. She served outfits, she served tea, she served shade and realness. Her “I’ll tell it to your face” energy 😂 love it sis #RHODurban.

Londie Photo,Londie Photo by Bonnie Khanyile🦄,Bonnie Khanyile🦄 on twitter tweets Londie Photo

I mean Londie did say she loves a lavish life and her man can provide that for her, now why is she catching feelings when LaC says she has support? Pls man 🤣 #RHODurban.

Queen must stop appearing on this show. She must go hangout with her age mates man. She must just come in and out like bo Mama Londie and that’s it Bathong #RHODurban.

@cozymamii20 She’s broke that one, she has nothing, no property, only big ass and stinking empty ego #londie.

@DaudRugunate And that was a Good question why was she triggerd at the first place becouse Lac was talking about them single ladies. Londie dependes on a Man for a bag and thats it.

LaC has so much love, and I feel like she shouldn’t even want friendships with Annie and londie coz it only takes a grown person to understand where she comes from with sharing her life specially on live tv you easily…#RHODurban.

@Carol41099184 @MakhosiSabela And even if she was hiding some stuff. Sometimes allow people to open up at their pace. She was a lil more open with Londie. People need to stop acting like they are in high school and BFFs for life we are adults now.

I also feel like LaC knew this was coming that is why she didnt fold and was unbothered. Annie and Jojo are annoying. Londie yena ngu Judas. #RHODurban.

Where do you work Londie? 😭😂 what did LaC even mean with that question? #RHODurban.

#RHODurban Ĺondie at the beginning for the show you said that you love a soft life and your husband is able to provide that for you jiki jike uyasebenza girl.

“Where do you work Londie” 🤣🤣 I want to scream! Londie & Annie know exactly what LaC was saying but they refused to acknowledge it #RHODurban.

It is so sad that it’s black women who are attacking LaC! Londie inyoka enophephe ekhanda! I also don’t understand why Jojo’s behaviour was not this reunion felt like the rich married attacking the single struggling ones! I hope LaC will eventually get #RHODurban.

I find it hilarious how londie and Annie got offended by laconcos statement🖐🏾 A lot of the women there are financially supported by their husbands I don’t understand why they got so hacked. #RHODurbanreunion.

Londie is just like Annie. Has bad vibes, but she acts like she’s well put together. Not a good person. Gevaarlik. #RHODurban.

I feel like both Londie and Annie are always against what LaC says, even when she makes a valid point. #RHODurban.

I really liked Londie on the show. But this reunion, she’s rubbing me off the wrong way. 💔#RHODurban.

I changed my mind. #RHODurban don’t bring Londie back! She has unnecessary mean girl energy. Also, you will be doing her a favor coz she needs to focus on her music career. #RHODreunion.

Londie: “Weeeeh, Kanti yilaba…what an anti-climax” And yet that wasn’t addressed on the reunion. It was only a problem when Laconco had something to say about. Yeah no, it really was Laconco’s red wedding. #RHODurban.

Londie London expects us to believe ALL she has is from a salon and instagram😂🤣😂🤣, she must have not done math as a subject. #RHODurban.

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Londie Photo,Londie Photo by NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦,NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Londie Photo

That little planned stunt Londie and Annie pulled by getting the Queen apology presentS👀👀 I call bullsh*t #RHODurban.

I don’t like Londie…she is very mean and gets away with it through making jokes #RHODurban.

Lol why was Londie afraid to admit that she has financial support😂 I don’t get it. Then there’s the other one who claimed to be a multimillionaire but suggested a stockvel for bags 😂😂😂 it’s okay to say “my man takes good care of me” own it..

🤣😭when she said she posts on her Instagram and gets paid I died bc yes Londie that’s totally why you’re driving a Urus mama.


I feel like Londie did like LaC at first but some of the ladies (Annie) got into her head 🤷🏾‍♀️. #RHODurbanreunion.

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