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I’m on my way to Long Island, NY, to teach conservatives how to run for office. Immediately after, I’m headed to McAllen & Harlingen, where a Texas border democrat announced he’s retiring from Congress.

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Toon Draw
Toon Draw ()

Maya for @F0XnR0LL. It took me way too long in this one, but it was a fun development. It is based on a photo I got back in Veracruz a long time ago. Good times.

Long Way Photo,Long Way Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
*ßųɧąřı* ()

Life is full of problems and solutions. The challenges that we face either destroy us or make us stronger. Every problem has a solution. Sometimes it just takes a long time to find the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem.

Cecilie ()

I feel like 5 seasons are way to long. and they still aren’t together yet

Dr Julia Grace Patterson💙
Dr Julia Grace Patterson💙 ()

It’s a sunny Sunday morning, and I’m sitting down to look at our strategy documents. We’re aiming to spread awareness of NHS privatisation on a national scale. This stuff has been covered up, denied and explained away for too long. We need to face facts and find a way forward💙

#ThePersistence ()

I’m on my way to Long Island, NY, to teach conservatives how to run for office. Immediately after, I’m headed to McAllen & Harlingen, where a Texas border democrat announced he’s retiring from Congress.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B ()

@AP He died long time ago. But jus came out with it because some bad news is coming their way

Expensive ()

Same way seedtime and harvest shall not cease as long as the earth remains so shall your wins in life never cease. CHAKAM WITH ITEL NENGI THE ITEL QUEEN #Shopitel

Long Way Photo,Long Way Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nimra ()

@RockyArora_1 @BadasssPiyush Our speed and rival veiws count speed is almost same we are 9m behind on rivals veiws we have ko shrink tha gap keep streaming keep sharing and speedup guys a long way to go together we can overtake the rivals views count for that you have to give your 1000% #Galat #RubinaDilaik

⍒ Stray Kids ‡
⍒ Stray Kids ‡ ()

Gusto mo ba mag-confess sa members at admins namin? o gusto mo ba manggago pero in a good way? Make lapag na sa cc namin! We will answer any ccs as long as di negative!


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting my fundraising. I’m still a long way of the target amount needed and really hope everyone can spread awareness. @Focus4Hope will be able to help many more people. #charityfundraiser #FridayThoughts

Long Way Photo,Long Way Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jack Stanton 🇪🇺🇬🇧❄️🌹
Jack Stanton 🇪🇺🇬🇧❄️🌹 ()

I’m not a fan of Len McCluskey by a long way. But when we see PUBLIC money flowing into the pockets of party donors and ministers mates at an alarming rate this seem a ridiculous story. Unite spends Unite’s money with developer who’s a long time supporter of Unite.

ಇ코농 ()

이거 진심조음 이게 젤 조은거같애 산책하면서 이거만 들음

Karen ()

@bevjohnsonau @ElaineM11584892 And don’t take cheap shots at her hair and clothing. Attack the issues, not the superficial stuff. In all of the criticisms of the PM, not one of them has been about his hair or clothing. We have a long way to go.

Meg ()

Omg🥺🥺I know they’ve still got such a long way to go but my god I am sooooo happy for them all❤️❤️


@pink_girrll Bosssssssss mama e don tey small wey I don dey follow u o!!! If u follow back e go long way and appreciated in advance Bossss mamaaaaaaaaaaaa

Seren(On The Seven Seas Of Rye)
Seren(On The Seven Seas Of Rye) ()

@lisasevern They will try to blame the EU for as long as they can, casting it as a malign outside influence that is deliberately going out of its way to damage UK interests & economy & the flagshaggers & gammons will fall for it.

Jan Dyer
Jan Dyer ()

@doctor_oxford @CovidMemorialUK One of these represents my wonderful mother Alice Elizabeth Millar - A full and long life but shouldn’t have gone this way - of COVID with no family member with her to hold her hand 💔

Adnan Aamir
Adnan Aamir ()

The 587-km long Makran coastal highway is fully deserted. One cannot see any vehicle coming from either side for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Also, there are no quality places to rest and dine on the highway, compelling travelers to drive continuously all the way to Gwadar. 3/n

Viktoria Ventures
Viktoria Ventures ()

@mama_ventures @ABANAngels Very true. Although angel investors are focused on helping startups take their first steps, rather than the possible profit they may get from the business, the money is not free. Traction will take you a long way when fundraising.

El_Matador ()

@rdev78 @Mike_Phelan_1 It is but how long do you think this will carry on because if this the way will play form now on I’m out

Taryn Isaacs De Vega
Taryn Isaacs De Vega ()

Whether or not he is racist, students felt uncomfortable, insulted and uneasy. And when called out he responded aggressively. Perhaps a more humble response and an apology could have gone a long way in explaining his mistake

A V A T A R of Y A S H A 🌩️
A V A T A R of Y A S H A 🌩️ ()

#CriticalRole its the the dynamic has lucien is where m9 once they are now able to be the one crushing party members in front of their a long way from the glory road

#Joker ()

Revolutionary Logan Long way Pressure #eMteeLOGAN #emtee so far so goood 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Susan Mathieu
Susan Mathieu ()

@teacher2teacher I try to build in some exercise everyday. That may include a walk, golf or a little yoga.😎 Also having some boundaries goes a long way towards health and well-being.

きなこもち ()

[ライブ予定]12/11→ストレイテナー LONG WAY TO NOWHERE TOUR@新木場Studio Coast

John Millard
John Millard ()

@mark_robinson_ @AlanShields12 That’s fine but the point is we are still a long way off city in terms of competing for real trophies and that is the hardest step to make

Uncle Con
Uncle Con ()

@arseblog Yeah waited way too long for the subs, as soon as Martinelli came on we got a bit more life but it really ramped up once Pepe and Auba joined

Rob Carpenter #FBPA #ProgressiveAlliance 3.5%
Rob Carpenter #FBPA #ProgressiveAlliance 3.5% ()

@King4ADay_UK Mistake we all made was accepting FPTP for so long. #ProgressiveAlliance for #ProportionalRepresentation is only way to stop this happening again.

AdrianFGS ()

Generating electricity produces 25% of total human-created emissions, while agriculture, food and land-use change account for 24%. So doing those things more efficiently and less wastefully would go a long way toward reducing emissions” #ClimateAction

Tim Soutphommasane
Tim Soutphommasane ()

What a shocker. This vaccine news tonight means it’s going to be a long time before we’re out of the woods. It’ll make it so much harder for us to reopen our borders, and to rebuild from the pandemic. There should be hard questions about how it came to be this way

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