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The same way she was made fun of can she also be accoladed for building her Mother such a Beautiful house.❤️ #MadamAndMercy

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. ()

i feel like mercy tries too hard when she speaks vernac. she even sounds older than her mother. #MadamAndMercy

Baba ka Girl ()

The same way she was made fun of can she also be accoladed for building her Mother such a Beautiful house.❤️ #MadamAndMercy

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Kagi Kgams ()

Natalie is sooooo cool I just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ her #MadamAndMercy

Lesedi ()

Im humbly asking for food voucher, i work to do people hair and things have been tough at home since everyone depends on me, please help or share Even R50 voucher just to buy pap nd potatoes #MadamAndMercy

Kagiso Makwati ()

Mara the bragging in this show is spiralling out of control😑 #MadamAndMercy

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Nomandla bobo ()

If this show comes back for Season 2, ndingancama. There’s no content. 🥱#MadamAndMercy

Malome-Heineken🍻 ()

I like this sister in law 😂😂 yena ga sebaye sa this spoilt brat 😂😂 #MadamAndMercy

IG:Joy-Zelda ()

Better vele that Mercy has her own friends,and goes to places with them without her Mom Madam who also needs to go out with her own without her daughter #MadamAndMercy

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MissLekay ()

While we are in #lockDownSouthAfrica, others are going on camp #MadamAndMercy. The inequalities exposed😭😭😭

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Adv Mom ()

I like Mapelo. She has that Polokwane feisty woman trait. She reminds me of my friend Malose Matsaung. #MadamAndMercy

Blessing ()

Bathong I expected drama nyana le spice but Ai episode ya today be e bhora 😂 except for Natalie a re we can’t wear shorts cause we need to respect ourselves 🤣🤣🤣#MadamAndMercy

Ouma komape ()

Mercy is such a bully, She is so used to bullying everyone around her including Madam #MadamAndMercy

Shaley ()

Bathung This Mercy thinks everyone should tip toe around her and simply be in agreement with her otherwise she throws a tantrum .... so petty #MadamAndMercy

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Unathi Ntlatywa ()

This show😱 iyiqeda nyaa injabulo🤞😡🤷‍♂️😰, directionless #MadamAndMercy

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Lesego Kantani™ ()

I’m all for having a great relationship with my mom but this one yaga Madam and Mercy, Haai khona. Like don’t they have their own circle of friends outside of each other? #MadamAndMercy

Her Majesty The Queen ()

Natalie I Yes You Mo’girl 👌👌 always on point and I love how you carry yourself maaan your Husband is very lucky to have you as a Wife #MadamAndMercy

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레이첼- Mme wa Ketumile🥰 ()

🤗🤗🤗 if o se na 4 pipes lebala!!#MadamAndMercy so I guess me and golfie are going nowhere 😂😂😂

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DNM ()

Natalies story about classmates ridiculing you about your background reminds me of how some of my high school classmates used to tease some of us about certain things that we had no control of. #MadamAndMercy

Sir Gaethuse ()

I keep cuming back hoping to get an understanding gore dintshang hier Mara hey hakee thole this show #MadamAndMercy

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Jealous down Natalie can dress for days 🔥🔥, her outfits are always 👌🏽#MadamAndMercy

Pooja🏳️‍🌈💫🇿🇦 ()

Natalie really made me emotional with her story and the house she built for her parents is so beautiful 😍 #MadamAndMercy

Evodia Mogase ()

It’s happening tonight @madamandmercy 20:00 Mzansi Magic 63 years Anniversary Mama and Papa💃💃💃

Anele Booi🏳️‍🌈🇿🇦 ()

I know you all not ready to talk about this but #MadamAndMercy need to go to a trash bin qwaba🗑

Fedelia Aya ()

Madam should have included her sisters in the planing and let them contribute money to their parents anniversary. They are also worthy of their parents love and blessings. you can’t outshine your siblings no matter how broke they are!!#MadamAndMercy

Ketleetso ()

So when madam shows a side of giving and women sitting down discussing women issues the show is boring but when her jealous sister comes on with her bitterness people applaud that? Yall really thrive on negativity hey🤢 #MadamAndMercy

Shiki ()

Well if your Parents are still alive GIVE GRATITUDE BCOZ WOW Life is too short😊ps: RIP mom and dad! 😑#MadamAndMercy

Dibaba Semino ()

Madam should at least focus her reality show around her and her sisters more! The charity content/ travelling content is soo exaggerated and fake! #MadamAndMercy

MamaDidi ()

Waits for cameras to switch on then stirs trouble. #MadamAndMercy

Mrs Pula Mthembu 🌧️☔💗 ()

#MadamAndMercy Natalie should normalize and practice speaking English. O jesha team. For now we will name her Naledi.

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Joey mokone ()

This one deserves her own reality show 😂😂😂ke star #MadamAndMercy

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