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Now or Never, University of Limpopo, Turfloop Mankweng. No retreat children of Peter Mokaba.✊🏿.

The qualitative majority political movement in South Africa and soon to be the decisive quantitative majority, the Economic Emancipation Movement. Solid leadership CiC @Julius_S_Malema! No surrender! No retreat! #NationalShutDown!.

So the taxi drivers have decided to defy SANTACO to join Julius Malema and the EFF? Interesting #NationalShutdown.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Sephiri Tsikeli,Sephiri Tsikeli on twitter tweets Malema Photo

♦️In Pictures♦️ CIC @Julius_S_Malema joined by various organisations and ground forces peacefully marching at Tshwane to demand #RamaphosaMustGo We can only rescue our country from complete collapse on the picket lines..

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Economic Freedom Fighters,Economic Freedom Fighters on twitter tweets Malema Photo

CIC @Julius_S_Malema visiting the family of Provincial Secretary Moshe Koma, after the police illegally raided his home on the morning of the #NationalShutdown The ANC has resorted to the tactics of Apartheid, but they will never intimidate this generation of Economic Freedom!.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Economic Freedom Fighters,Economic Freedom Fighters on twitter tweets Malema Photo

EFF Invites Members Of The Media To A Press Conference To Be Addressed By CIC @Julius_S_Malema.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Economic Freedom Fighters,Economic Freedom Fighters on twitter tweets Malema Photo

CIC @Julius_S_Malema addressing Fighters outside of the home of Gauteng PS Moshe Koma, whose home was raided by police during the #NationalShutdown -Never be distracted and remain focused because we stand with the weak and for the truth, that is why they try distract us.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Economic Freedom Fighters,Economic Freedom Fighters on twitter tweets Malema Photo

♦️Must Watch♦️ CIC @Julius_S_Malema debates Motion Of No Confidence Debate In The Speaker of Parliament The Economic Freedom Fighters proved once more who is in charge in this country #EFFInParliament.

Julius Malema should not advise Kenyans on how Kenya is bigger than Raila Odinga. Was he not the one calling South Africans to oust Cyril Ramaphosa for his personal gains?Kenyans are having issues than South Africa itself. Let him stick to affairs Babu Owino Kakamega azimio.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by The Government Critic 🇰🇪,The Government Critic 🇰🇪 on twitter tweets Malema Photo

On Tuesday, 21/03/2023, I ended my working tour of Kailahun District, whose major economic activities include #agriculture, diamond mining and #trade. I thank the great people of Jojoima in Malema Chiefdom, Baiwala in Dea Chiefdom, Bomaru in Upper Bambara Chiefdom, Daru in….

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by President Julius Maada Bio,President Julius Maada Bio on twitter tweets Malema Photo

#InCaseYouMissedIt O celebreta masepa Julius Malema 19/03/2023.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by KeletsoM 🦋💫💦,KeletsoM 🦋💫💦 on twitter tweets Malema Photo

Ubabambe ngamasende u Julius Malema, ngisho nabelungu bathukile 😂😂 #NationalShutdown.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Simtho Biyela,Simtho Biyela on twitter tweets Malema Photo

@Julius_S_Malema sewuvukile ndoda. Today you have a date with destiny. #NationalShutdown.

I just spend my long weekend free of loadshedding, thank you Malema and those who took part.

If Cyril Ramaphosa brings back #Loadshedding we going back to the street. @Julius_S_Malema give us a signal..

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Africa is Black ® 🇿🇦,Africa is Black ® 🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Malema Photo

Malema: I am in-charge, I’ve got you by scrotum, there’s nothing you can do, nothing, all of you combined, you can scream anyhow you want once more I demonstrated to you white opposition with the ruling party combined that I’m in-charge #MakeKasiGreat.

@MbalulaFikile best handover to the greatest young Black Leader. @Julius_S_Malema.

“Malema is afraid of Cyril, he was paid to remove Zuma” The same people are panicking today 🫠#NationalShutdown.

Mass Protests today. Johannesburg, South Africa led by Julius Malema. (Mother of all protests) Tunis, Tunisia led by opposition Nairobi, Kenya led by Raila Lagos, Nigeria led by election loses And Senegal led by those who want nothing but to destabilize govt What a coincidence..

@mlipu_zii @its_jahcore Anaongelea malema na ako is not for the weak😂😂.

Tom Mboya streets being Relocated to a Safer place🤣🙌 #Maandamano #NationalShutdown Malema Nairobi CBD Thika Road Statehouse.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by _mannu_01,_mannu_01 on twitter tweets Malema Photo

The biggest mistake The ANC did was to expel Julius Malema. That decision is costing the ANC today. #NationalShutdown.

@nazier_paulsen Today was the launch of CBDC by the reserve Bank through banks, Malema is the distraction. You are all complicit in deceiving SAns..

Fundamentally, it seems that in a mafia state, the most powerful mafia in a sector rules. So, for a shutdown, Malema should have been visiting the Taxi Capos..

Maybe Malema needs geography lessons to better understand “national”..

@thatdayin1992 @Julius_S_Malema The violent clashes are all over the news. Really hard to overlook but you do you..

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by Eikestad,Eikestad on twitter tweets Malema Photo

Usiletee feelings bruh,, si udeal to na logics✅....@Wakadinali @Julius_S_Malema.

Malema Photo,Malema Photo by aladin🧘,aladin🧘 on twitter tweets Malema Photo

@Julius_S_Malema DIGITAL MARKETING INVESTMENT PLAN: R5,000 = R20,000 (within 72 hours.) R10,000 = R40,000 (within 72 hours.) R20,000 = R80,000 (within 72 hours.) ETC. No risk involved 100% safe. Kindly contact via the available contact info ℹ️..

eu era tão boa em expor minha vida 24h em rede social e agora tô sofrendo pra voltar kkkk acabei d fazer uma reunião maior legal e nem tchum pra tirar foto, nunca posto rotina, malemá foto c minha namo eu tô tirando 🤡.

@Kenyans Malema should pay a visit to Kenya to teach Baba how to demonstrate for the will of the people not an Baba go home!!!.

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