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  • [BREAKING NEWS] #MalusiGigaba appears to confirm that #DuduMyeni was too close to Pres Zuma, “there were reports to the extent that my own redeployment to Home Affairs in 2014, was announced to some people by Ms [Dudu] Myeni prior to it happening and it actually did materialize”.

    #MalusiGigaba twitter.
  • Yesterday, #MalusiGigaba said #AjayGupta is not a citizen of South Africa. But the IEC has since confirmed some of the #Gupta brothers are registered to vote in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. @ThulasSims brings you more on this. Courtesy #DStv403

  • If Jonas Makwakwa of #SARS did it why cant #ShaunAbrahams did it? Why cant #TomMoyane did it? Why cant #MalusiGigaba did it?

  • Minister Malusi Gigaba expects action to be taken against Home Affairs official caught on camera not doing her job: #HomeAffairsLady #MalusiGigaba

    #MalusiGigaba twitter.
  • @SowetanLIVE They took it from their Boss #MalusiGigaba why are they in hot water from @HomeAffairsSA when their unwind with CandyCrush while in Parly😉.

  • ICYMI| #FloydShivambu denies xenophobia after questioning #MalusiGigaba on ‘Zim’ nationality

  • ICYMI| WATCH: Home affairs ‘reckless’ stamper in trouble #MalusiGigaba

  • I think @Julius_S_Malema utterances about @MalusiGigaba being a foreigner sterm from subconscious Afrophobia coupled with Xenophobia. In his eyes Malusi is too dark to be #SouthAfrican. Disappointing for a man most #African kids look up to #Malema #MalusiGigaba #EFF.

  • Can @MalusiGigaba be punished for playing candy crush!

  • #FloydShivambu denies xenophobia after questioning #MalusiGigaba on ‘Zim’ nationality

  • Inspired by her Big Boss Minister of Instagram, Hon Malooty Gigupta a.k.a #CandyCrushInParliament #MalusiGigaba

  • Home Affairs official caught on camera paying attention to everything except her job: #HomeAffairsLady #MalusiGigaba

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  • This is Michael Blackson answering a question about where he is from, If he is ashamed. But for some weird ass reason, people are touched when #MalusiGigaba is asked where he is from. Coming here talking about xenophobia. Fuck out here!

  • #MalusiGigaba must see this #DHA #Department ofHomeAffairs

  • @TimesLIVE @ndimphiwejobe If her bosses are in trouble too thats right #MalusiGigaba will forgive them he plays CandyCrush too in Parliament...😂😂😂.

  • @TrevorNcube The logic behind questioning the nativity of both #MalusiGigaba and #DuduzaneZuma is informed by their apparent lack of patriotism for their supposed home country and actions bordering on treason.

  • #MalusiGigaba

    #MalusiGigaba twitter.
  • @TheStar_news @MalusiGigaba do something she is not serious ngomsebenzi wakhe muxoshe.sibaningi sifuna umsebenzi kunomuntu owenza lento.

  • #MalusiGigaba stupid idiotic questions who prepared those unmoderated questions.

  • True story. Can we please show South Africans some respect and deal with those lying under oath ? @MalusiGigaba @CyrilRamaphosa

  • #MalusiGigaba

  • So @malusiGigaba has recovered from SOE Tell-Lie-sis syndrome but just in the deny-all ward..