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@_YourGirl_T Why? Does she have a child named Africa? .... if not she will maintain the Mama Blue Ivy title!

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CEO of Mestiços Bertino 😎
CEO of Mestiços Bertino 😎 ()

Calling a woman that was not born and who isn’t culturally African “Mama Africa”? Lmfao you people are on meth race idolatry is a sin

Am1n ()

@saphireswhy i on care all that much about beyoncé but what pisses me off is how some people her idolize her to the point of fetishising thinking that she is “Mama Africa” and i just think that’s disrespectful to African Women :/

Assi 🇸🇳
Assi 🇸🇳 ()

Je savais que après Black is King ca allait commencer à appeler Beyoncé Mama Africa 🥴🥴 srx nopalou lene

BillionVille ()

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Kick Off
Kick Off ()

Mama Joy reveals some of the tragic last words Mgijimi told her before his sudden death, and claims fellow football fans were jealous of him. Full story:

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You cannot call your own mother that carried pregnancy during the civil war mama Africa but you can call Beyonce. We celebrate nonsense a lot

TheMaHoti of Lagos
TheMaHoti of Lagos ()

All hail peter balish, this is the cruise I signed up for😂😂 #BBNaijia | Brighto | Tolanibaj | Dora | Laycon | Prince | Nengi | DJ Big N | Raptors | Wathoni | Erica | Lilo | Ebuka | Lakers | Mama Africa |

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Tyrone Dire
Tyrone Dire ()

@simphiwedana She doesnt deserve to be called Mama Africa,when has she even travelled to Africa during her world tours?

The August Mermaid.
The August Mermaid. ()

@_YourGirl_T There is only one Mama Africa; Miriam Makeba. ❤️

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Didah💚🖤❤️ ()

@MizaDaDawn How could she ever be mama Africa. Such disrespect 2 our history & culture. 😢 Abigail, Miriam, Winnie the list is endless

aspiring ex-wife
Aspiring ex-wife ()

Lol mama Africa is not that big of a name to have this reaction. Every woman with a scarf on her head gonna be referred to as mama Africa

Akirathedomme ()

I think tf sis ain’t even touring Africa 🌚 we can call her Mama Texas 😊

Hiro ()

There is only one Mama Africa you ignorant fuckin idiots. Her name was Miriam Makeba.

Dady de Maximo M.M 🇷🇼
Dady de Maximo M.M 🇷🇼 ()

@_YourGirl_T Are you serious? Africa, Africa and Always Africa!!!!! We are not orphans please. Why not Mama Chicago or Mama Texas even mama America it’s not possible USA yes. I don’t have anything against her but thanks so much we have our mothers. HRHPrincess Bakayishonga of Rwanda etc etc

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lizz 🇰🇪 BLM✊🏾
Lizz 🇰🇪 BLM✊🏾 ()

I love beyonce y’all black is king was a masterpiece but it Don’t mean we should call her mama africa lol

ØƦł ÐẸBłĠ BẸẠŦ$™ ❼ ()

@_YourGirl_T Call her Mama Africa Alone, I think it doesn’t need a stadium 🏟 full of people for you to call her That, Anyway Good luck.

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Toph 🇿🇼
Toph 🇿🇼 ()

Hanzi let’s call Beyoncé “mama Africa” are you guys out of your minds ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Amadou Tounkara
Amadou Tounkara ()

We already have a Mama Africa. Also known as Miriam Makeba. Fun fact, she was married to Kwame Ture

Lazyeyes👀 ()

I’ll rather call Yemi Alade or Angelique Kidjo Mama Africa

Jessalyn.13 ()

Some of y’all worship Beyoncé too much for me ..... Mama Africa, are you crazy, abeg. When there are historical and current strong Female leadership in Africa. Don’t speak that shit when my ancestors did so much for Africa.

𝚔𝚒𝚊𝚛𝚊. ()

@theemorgs Like let’s calm tf Africa will be a darkskin, wide nose, 4C haired ass gyal. PERIODT. No questions asked nor needed.

Luis Fernando Filho
Luis Fernando Filho ()

EXCLUSIVO: spoiller do próximo episódio do Mama Africa FC. AMANHÃ, nos principais agregadores de podcasts 😝 @marcusc13 @semvogaI

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Eliza🦋 ()

No disrespect to Beyoncé, but her posing in traditional African clothes doesn’t make her ‘mama Africa’ LOL like what a weird title to give her

Samuel Gebré ሳሚ
Samuel Gebré ሳሚ ()

@_YourGirl_T Why? Does she have a child named Africa? .... if not she will maintain the Mama Blue Ivy title!

Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese ()

Mama Africa knows some dumb shit when she reads it

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Do u do drugs?🛡🛡🛡
Do u do drugs?🛡🛡🛡 ()

@Ikech_Balogun @MonaMicah This is only mama Africa we know😍😍😍😍 #BlackIsKing

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Dr. Kes IZODUWA ⚡ ()

Tiwa Savage searches for Yemi Alade daily and blocks everyone calling her - Mama Africa. 😂😂 That woman insecurity high pass Mt. Everest

Mychukwuebuka (Ogogoro vol 1is coming)
Mychukwuebuka (Ogogoro vol 1is coming) ()

@TheFavoredWoman @ChartsYemi Not when this Mama Africa still exists.

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Busayo👸🏾🏳️‍🌈 ()

no be only mama africa 😂😂 just change her name to yemoja

Proudtobesouthafrican producer,writer,reporter
Proudtobesouthafrican producer,writer,reporter ()

@_YourGirl_T She is the only one who deserves this name. Our Mama Africa

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