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Imma sound like a broken record about Mandisa this season … but Stained Glass should submit Zikhona Sodlaka for an Emmy for her S3 performance. Sis has laid it all on the floor for this role this season. Actually the main cast is putting in work 🧐 #TheWifeShowmax.

Mthokozisi is a cousin to Senzo’s wife, Mandisa Mkhize, and a friend to Kelly Khumalo but isn’t related to Longwe Twala. Mthokozisi has opened a case against police after he was allegedly assaulted when he refused to make a false statement about what happened. #SenzoMeyiwaTrial.


Kinda strange that Sambulo would marry Xoli without the family given the drama they are going through with Mandisa. Eish but the Zulu brothers are self destructive so I guess it’s par for the course 😇 #TheWifeShowmax.

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Big Nuz dropped a three-in-one song, fit for wedding, church, or groove.🔥 Today they blessed us with a 15 tracks project titled, R Mashesha Life makes sense again ❤❤ RIP Dollar R 🕊🕊 Ad-libs😂 Takealot Mandisa Cyan #ThisBodyWorksForMe Kaizer Chaiefs Peter Drury Nasty C.

Can we give Zikhona her flowers please. She plays the role of Mandisa so well. She makes you love her because of her craziness and hate her because of the other bad things she does but one thing is for sure, I enjoy watching her. ❤️ #TheWifeShowmax.

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Kids know when they are fed poison, watch till the end 🤣🤗🤣🤣🤣🤣 Julius Mandisa Bonga #AskAMan Pitbulls.

I appreciate what Hlomu did, to defend another woman into getting what is rightful hers. Mandisa has been with this Zulu family for years, but suddenly, they want to kick her out as if she never existed ngeke badwethu😢. #TheWifeShowmax.

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Zikhona is a power house her performance on The Wife exceptional.

Hlomu standing up for Mandisa made me love her even more. We really do have to stick together. Never make men your hill, cause these people don’t care about us. 🤣 #TheWifeShowmax.

Why does this feel real 😭😭💔💔yoh guys Mandisa really ended the whole family’s story 😞💔#TheWifeShowmax.

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The Zulu brothers haven’t seen the craziness in Mandisa yet. Zizokhala #TheWifeShowmax.

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I knew Mandisa wouldn’t let this slide😅 one thing about her? She’s gonna fight for what she wants. #TheWifeShowmax.

Mandisa the Menace! That’s it. That’s the tweet. 😭🙌🏿 #TheWifeShowmax.

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Why do men think everything is a competition and that abahlulwa? Nkosana saying Mandisa won this fight as if she didn’t have a right to fight for what she believed to be right is concerning #TheWifeShowmax.

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Hlomu is right. Mandisa is as much as family as she is. The only difference is that she didn’t eat utsiki🤷🏽‍♀️ #TheWifeShowmax.

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I will defend Mandisa till the casket drops!! #TheWifeShowmax.

Stellar performance Mandisa 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼#TheWifeShowmax.

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Random thought what if Mandisa is the one who is going to tell Naledi that Qhawe slept with Hlomu #TheWifeShowmax.

Mandisa is here to create mess in every way possible!😭🙆🏿‍♂️ #TheWifeShowmax.

Why are they saying Mandisa is not fit to be a parent ? I feel so bad for her family being torn apart. What’s going on? #TheWifeShowmax.

Mandisa has been victimised by this family for so long and when she finally reaches her boiling point they want to make her the villain ? Nah that’s wrong😕 #TheWifeShowmax.

I knew the family was going to try and get rid of Mandisa after Nqobi’s funeral. I’m so happy that Hlomu is standing up for her 🥺❤️ #TheWifeShowmax.

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The third episode 💔💔💔 Nah let’s give it to Mandisa and her wonderful acting🔥🔥🔥 Wooo hayi Nono 😭😭😭 @zikhonasodlaka #TheWifeShowmax.

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do you think Nqoba would allow his family to treat Mandisa like this if he was still alive☹️ #TheWifeShowmax.

Hlomu confronting the Zulu brothers regarding their treatment of Mandisa is exactly what I signed up for. #TheWifeShowmax.

The things Mandisa had to do to survive because the Zulu brothers cut her off…💔💔💔 #TheWifeShowmax.

I wonder when will Mandisa stop😭 she’s gone too far now hey #TheWifeShowmax.

They got social workers on Mandisa. Lmaooooo she never catches a break!😭🤣✋🏿 #TheWifeShowmax.


The correlation is how the director plays with sound to drive the scene. Pakula scene, the director cuts Meryl’s sound as she starts to wails for her child. You see Meryl but hear the child crying. #TheWifeShowmax accentuate Mandisa’s anguish by infusing similar “trick”..

As much as Mandisa is hard headed and stubborn, I totally understand why she’s acting up, the Zulu family has used and abused her for so long 🥴 #TheWifeShowmax.

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