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@KaizerChiefs @kaizerm_jr please send my message of encouragement to Mangethe what I saw this evening was encouraging 👏👏👏👏👏 #Amakhosi4Life ❤️&✌🏽.

I like that Mangethe admitted that we didn’t actually play better than Saturday. Important thing is 3 points..

We are Kaizer Chiefs ✌️we play Mangethe football ⚽ our time is now 🕺.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by Cosby,Cosby on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

Lindiwe Nxumalo tweet about Mangethe Ball. Tomorrow Ta Mazola will tweet about Sundowns and he will be accused of doing promo. 😂 😂 😂.

We can’t even talk football now because there are people on the TL ready to attack for any view they perceive to negative commentary about Mangethe..

Mangethe the project manager at Kaizer Chiefs✌🏾 what a beautiful football.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by Khalanga wale Gazankulu,Khalanga wale Gazankulu on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

@Gugucele_ @KaizerChiefs Seriously 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️which game were watching or are you a poser. Hands off Mangethe.

@thomasmlambo Height is a bit of an issue. Definitely need an and out striker (target man). Much improved performance though not good enough for the day. Good prospect for the season. In coach Mangethe we have trust 👏.

@drsmindlo @superjourno Very first match of the season and y’all are already making such statements? Yet we kept the likes of Khompela for three full seasons despite his barren run? Mangethe must be given this whole season to figure things out and then we can review ahead of next season.

First game of the season, playing BEAUTIFUL football, unfortunately losing (trailing) YET some people are already criticizing. Give Mangethe and the team a chance #KaizerChiefs.

Ready to witness Mangethe ball ⚽ 🔥. Got here almost two hours before kick off. Hopefully it will be worth it @KaizerChiefs #Amakhosi4Life.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by Dr Vuyo ⚽ 👮 🚨 🚔✌🏽,Dr Vuyo ⚽ 👮 🚨 🚔✌🏽 on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

The more things change the more they remain the same . Mangethe Ball off to a flyer 🕺🏿😍😍😍.

#DSTVPREMIERSHIP #kaizerchiefs kanti pre-seson talks on Mangethe football, what happened?.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by Phila,Phila on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

I was hacked, my account will never tweet such an idiotic tweet again Mangethe ball failed to stamp proper authority on a resource-less Maduka ball We will provide leadership very soon.

@Bongi91471385 @KaizerChiefs Mangethe ball🔥❤❤❤✌✌✌✌.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by ke Moloto Mohlaloga🐊,setlogolo sa bakone🐦,ke Moloto Mohlaloga🐊,setlogolo sa bakone🐦 on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

@AlickLu96334248 Thank you boss, I just won with your slip. For the 1st time ever since I started betway..

My Kaizer Chiefs is trailing but honestly I am happy with the way they play. I see a lot of improvement from previous seasons. Let’s be patient makhosi things will fall in to place. Mangethe just have to fix here and there, like bringing Itu back!.

Can we say that the recent performances from Dolly and Billiat are due to the early stages of the it is due to the fact that they are still trying to find ways to shine in the new system of Mangethe? #Amakhosi4Life #khosi4life.

Steve Komphela once said “ stats are like a Bikini, they don’t show everything” . . Mangethe is cooking and we will score 5 counter attack goals on Saturday..

How Mangethe makes his Subs today is as important as his First 11… please!! #KaizerChiefs #Amakhosi4Life.

@Innocen51178275 Yes those 3 departments are needed are as ASAP so that they compliment the Mangethe project so well 🔥.

@Tobisani1 @KaizerChiefs Exactly what Mangethe said after the game. I trust the process. ❤️✌️.

I don’t get why Mangethe kept Dolly in the game for the entire 90 minutes, he offered us nothing, anyway better performance from the lads, we have something to build ❤️✌🏻….

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by Pastor Anza Tshivhase ,Pastor Anza Tshivhase  on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

@Samkeh_Bayeni Mangethe ball isadibga ukusayina, kakhulukazi phambili but kunomdlalo oshodayo kbona lomdlali owenza team hlonipheke ibe ne sthunzi, Yaz sekungathi team yeskole ephethe uhweza lodwa.

@Vince_Male That ground was definitely not for Mangethe ball. I hope he has plan B for these kinda situations..

@JLMokwena @KaizerChiefs Mangethe is already under pressure beaten by Royal AM again, he need to sign 2 Big strikes ASAP.

@PhaloKaTshiwo There is no space for any view that doesn’t say “I am behind Mangethe 100%” ☹️.


@juca_siyabulela I think Mangethe should spend more time in trying out how to get the best out of him. He did well under Baxter, I am disappointed with his output also since Zwane coached us. We need to optimize in his talent.

That was Match Fixing!!!! Mangethe is not #DStvPrem.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by ☠Ophidile Simon🏴‍☠️,☠Ophidile Simon🏴‍☠️ on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo

@Mangethe_Omnyam @MusaKhawula Ay, unedrama yazi. Bye 👋🏾.

Mangethe Photo,Mangethe Photo by SkaBaHemisa,SkaBaHemisa on twitter tweets Mangethe Photo
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