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Moses Mabhida,Ruth First,Moses Kotane,Chris Hani and the Marikana 34 must all be turning in their graves!😭👇🏾.

Marikana Photo,Marikana Photo by Dali Mpofu,Dali Mpofu on twitter tweets Marikana Photo

Police are called upon not to be heavy handed on Monday. We do not want to be reminded of Apartheid days. We do not want to be reminded of Marikana. The protesters will be UNARMED. Bring your batons and shields, NOT rifles and live ammunition. @SAPoliceService @LirandzuThemba.

Marikana Photo,Marikana Photo by Mzwanele Manyi,Mzwanele Manyi on twitter tweets Marikana Photo

When President Zuma was in charge we experienced what it means to be a democratic country. He allowed us to protest and never used law enforcement to intimidate us. Now that ramaphosa the dictator is in charge its the opposite. #NationalShutdown #Marikana.

We continue our peaceful protest from Glen-Marikana through the streets of Kempton Park CBD to OR Tambo #NationalShutdown #RamaphosaMustGo.

One thing I do not like about today is the ahistorical takes: - the naming of protest in kenya as violent as if it isn’t a response to a long history of state violence that targets poor people esp from particular ethnic groups - framing SA police as pacifists when Marikana…….

Tomorrow we are most likely to see a repeat of what happened in #Marikana under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa. The #NationalShutdown has the potential to be another Massacre under Cyril Ramaphosa.

Commissar @LeighMathys leading the community of Glen Marikana in Ward 16 as they are protesting are on picket lines #NationalShutdown #RankoMustGo.

Marikana Photo,Marikana Photo by EFF EKURHULENI REGION,EFF EKURHULENI REGION on twitter tweets Marikana Photo

I’m anxious and scared that Marikana massacre might just repeat itself cause the state of readiness of our police enforcement on a peaceful march is very scary #NationalShutdown Be safe fam 😓.

Under Zuma we had Black Monday, SAVE SA but we never saw Army and heavy police in fact police were taking pics with protesters, Cyril unleashed army to workers in Marikana, Nehawu strike, national shutdown it doesn’t take a genius to see an apartheid product #EFFNationalShutdown.

Watch @CyrilRamaphosa killing Students like he did in Marikana #NationalShutdown #RamaphosaMustGo.

🤔I fear this maybe true. Create a Marikana and use the names of the deceased to earn votes in 2024 #NationalShutdown #EFFNationalShutdown.

@Solphendukaa And it’s not that people aren’t protesting due to siding with the ANC but fear of being killed by the Military they deployed again unarmed citizens, we saw what they did in Marikana.

@koko_matshela They were hoping for another Marikana. Instruction ya concomitant action was issued..

We were picketing early. Then we sang the Marikana song. It started to rain, there was heavy thunder and lightning. It was scary but we stayed the singing the song that was bringing us we became fearless, we sang;, Mayine imvula kaMalema🤣 #NationalShutdown.

Marikana Photo,Marikana Photo by Red Green Black,Red Green Black on twitter tweets Marikana Photo

I think South Africans are quick to forget that Cyril is the one who signed off on the shooting of miners in Marikana… I can tell that things will become violent & it won’t because of the protestors💔. #NationalShutdown.

If people die today, their blood will be in your hands @CyrilRamaphosa just like the people of Marikana and this time around we will make sure that you rot in jail. Enough is enough #NationalShutdown.

@BantuHolomisa The president knows how to use #SANDF the first democratic president with high number of deployment. He once told Nathi why his police not using force in marikana. #NationalShutdown.

There are idiots celebrating militarisation of the streets, even private armies are deployed, we are in trouble more than you realise. Marikana, Phoenix will happen again with so much ease and the anc will protect the perpetrators..

The ANC calls the Shutdown a flop because they didn’t get to kill innocent civilians , they didn’t get a chance to repeat what they did at Marikana what a bunch of losers #EFFNationalShutdown.

@eNCA At least they were not killed like the innocent miners in Marikana #NationalShutdown.

@miss_mumbz like literally marikana… if you don’t relatively follow sa it’s very easy to think that police force is any good. especially when we see how they respond and enable gbv amongst many other things..

@simonmakwala_ I’m concerned and worried that we will experience Marikana Very concerned.

We had Marikana, we might just have its round 2. One common thing is that leaders of these protests will remain heavily protected. They will live another day unharmed. Price to pay will be very costly. NB: CiC is currently twitting from high security walls. #NationalShutdown.

Marikana Photo,Marikana Photo by TC ~,TC ~ on twitter tweets Marikana Photo

This is the same instruction that was given to police in #Marikana The difference is that #NationalShutdown is a peaceful protest..

@PatienceMasete The Marikana widowed partners have not had the opportunity to meet with the supposedly virtuous leader (Cyril) because of their demanding and ubiquitous schedule..

The ones who killed the people in Marikana? The ones who stole covid money? The ones who loot Eskom? The ones who collapsed SOEs? The ones who are thiefs and gangsters? Read the room.

@MbalulaFikile The anc & Cyril have gotten away with a lot including Marikana. Today you deployed soldiers for people instead of trying to meet the people’s needs. ur police man handled female students who were peacefully demonstrating. We don’t hv electricity, water, potholes #NationalShutdown.

@CyrilRamaphosa You have killed thousands of innocent people in Marikana, yet you keep on doing the same thing today #NationalShutdown just step down.

@LandNoli How long are going to watch this Ramaphosa guy destroying the country and citizens lives Marikana workers massacre Kzn Phoenix massacre Taverns massacre Now how many are going to killed during shutdown Darkness by Eskom All to protect one guy!!.

Police doing what they do best, As they done it in Marikana, Andries Tatane etc.

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