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#mashabamustgo NOWHERE!!!! He is the best thing to happen to this City to date! And I, as a citizen of this beautiful city, am happy with him thank you very much.

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The Mayor believes this is service delivery. Yah neh! #MashabaMustGo #JHBMotion.

The above is a dumping witnessed at the corner of Claim and Caroline and towards the alleyway at Van Der Merwe and Edith Cavell and the area on the south of the Police Station up until Bruce and Quartz Sts and the market. #MashabaMustGo @ANCCaucusCoJ @ANCJHB.

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Apparently these are the results of service delivery in Joburg. Look at what is happening in ward 8 Lenasia 10 Meadowlands, 47, and 48 Dobsonville. Wena nah, Mr Mayor. #MashabaMustgo #JoburgMotion.

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The Chief IG Staff has even been allocated the use of a state vehicle & VIP Protection which heโ€™s not entitled to #MashabaMustGo #JhbMotion cc @ANCCaucusCoJ.

Chief of Staffs salary was irregularly increased with full knowledge & consent of the Executive Mayor #MashabaMustGo #JhbMotion.

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#MashabaMustGo Nowhere! Every morning I see security guards going to work in their City of Joburg Security uniforms, the same people who were paid R2500 by companies that were given millions by the ANC administration. They now have benefits and dignity! #HandsOffMashaba.

The only place where our mayor must go is deeper into cleaning our city and rooting out #MashabaMustGo.

Imagine saying the best mayor must go, that would never be me!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ#MashabaMustGo.

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Proudly brought to you by the hungry ANC, they cant loot pillage anymore. Mashaba is reclaiming the city from the grips illegal immigration, corruption and destruction of infrastructure. #MashabaMustGo.

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South Africans are very quick to react and make judgments , Just like our Political leaders do and later change their statement - Think People #MashabaMustGo just like that ?.

#MashabaMustGo As ANC voter staying at Jozi ... Mashaba is going nowhere ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฟ Lets go back to drawing board and leatn to put our people.

#MashabaMustGo he is not going anywhere , @MYANC is allergic to people that are working diligently and with integrity. we will fight for him if necessary. @MYANC is not above the people they must not forget who the voters are..

#MashabaMustGo @HermanMashaba awuyi ndawo if anything a promotion to Premier is what we should be discussing. DA or not you have put the interests of the people of Johannesburg above all politicking. #SebenzaMan.

People who says #MashabaMustGo they donโ€™t know how Small Street look ๐Ÿ‘€ like.

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Do those of you who are calling for Mashaba to go live in Joburg or le phapha hela? You want your thug mayors to rule Joburg? #MashabaMustGo.

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@Jus_Khanyi @HermanMashaba He should have actually awarded it R22 million. Slay queens are now hungry and using every trick they can to restore their jobs. #MashabaMustGo back to his office in peace.

#MashabaMustGo no way he must stay ku clean e town stay stay sir we need u to keep cleaning up SA.

Whoever supports #MashabaMustGo is clearly against progress and for Why are people so stupid?.

#MashabaMustGo where? Niyahlanya yini manje #HandsOffMashaba.

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#mashabamustgo NOWHERE!!!! He is the best thing to happen to this City to date! And I, as a citizen of this beautiful city, am happy with him thank you very much.

#MashabaMustGo for what now? Please focus on building economic of South tired of ur complains ppl..

Unlawful appointments at COJ making rounds, in the name of cleaning up COJ #MashabaMustGo #AsinaMayor.

Least to say his Afrophobic, homophobic and patriarchal in the most disgusting manner possible #AsinaMayor #MashabaMustGo.

@HermanMashaba has lied to council about the financial standing of the City of Johannesburg, one single man has bankrupted the city #AsinaMayor #MashabaMustGo.

So @MYANC comrades are still bitching about being kicked off the main eating table at the @CityofJoburgZA and expect sympathy likes and retweets to bring back their incompetent, thieving swines to the gravy train driving seat. Hambani nonya nonke nxx. #MashabaMustGo.

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