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abangani who chose money over you & your feelings are another reason why i want to leave this city..

No one deserves the win more than the Mashego’s, the sisters WORKED okay, let’s see who finished strong next week and wins R1 000 000 #NedbankMoneyChallenge.

Mashego Photo,Mashego Photo by Mazwane,Mazwane on twitter tweets Mashego Photo

The Mashego sisters are so close to meeting their goal and I couldn’t be more proud of my girls! 😭😭🥺 #NedbankMoneyChallenge.

no i’m completely hearing the chats about the Mashego family taking it! they’re making sure! #NedbankMoneyChallenge.

@Tamlynvanwyk1 @MusaKhawula We should learn from Nigerians, they celebrate.

My chat is let’s both know our places and not be childish. Ijob ijob, don’t make it personal because ziyakhala Kuwe. @nomy_mashego.

@andy_mashego @Zee_Seed9 That dead Traitor is the one who caused all these nonsense he betrayed SAns..

Nna I’ve changed my mind, after tonight I’m definitely rooting for the Mashego’s, they’ve been so amazing 🤌🏽 #NedbankMoneyChallenge.

Mashego Photo,Mashego Photo by Boipelo.⭐️,Boipelo.⭐️ on twitter tweets Mashego Photo
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