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[BREAKING NEWS] South Africans no longer required to wear face masks. Limits on gatherings have also been dropped. Health Minister Joe Phaahla has published these changes in the government gazette. #DStv403 #eNCA.

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I can’t believe we have the choice between wearing masks and a slow, certain global extinction event and we’re choosing the latter..


BREAKING | As of Wednesday, South Africans no longer need to wear masks indoors in public settings. | @BISouthAfrica.

I don’t see wearing masks as a restriction, I see them as a protection. #thinkofothers.

It is no longer mandatory for South Africans to wear masks. Individuals can choose to wear masks if they feel that they are at risk especially when they are in over crowded spaces. #COVID19 #Masks.

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Genius insight from every journo visiting an airport. “Not wearing masks saves time.” Ie time is money. Lives and quality of life are not as important. What diabolical shit-thick evilness is this?.

Eating pizza at midnight after a good day at work + playing a queer one shot of Masks inspired by #TheBoys I mean let’s fuggin go.

I would ask them nicely to place their bio contaminated masks in the invisible Bio bins. I think the virus is so contagious that they had to hide the bio bins..


Nna today as I enter the office and many other indoor places without wearing #Masks.

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Health Minister, Joe Phaahla, on Wednesday repealed the several #COVID19 regulations relating to the wearing of face masks, gatherings and persons entering the country..

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Within 2 months of not wearing masks, South Africans will be blamed for increased covid 19 cases then implement the forced vaccination. Wait and see.

The Chinese been fucking with masks for years and that is for them to keep warm. Just keep the masks on till Spring..


The Department of Basic Education has now also announced that wearing of face masks by learners and teachers in classrooms and on school premises is no longer a requirement. #coronavirus.

@annavolerman @yannotyam We had to withdraw our four year old from a summer camp program because they dropped the mask requirement. She’s in what I believe the only remaining program in town that requires masks. No quarantines since January..

@buranflakes just added tanks and face masks. sorry about the pricing. just like with my mechanic work, the suppliers get a bigger cut than I do ! Thank you for supporting the PC build fund raiser!.

ok note to self, garment bags work to wash binders in i’ve used the bags to wash masks/bras before, basically you just toss the stuff in the bag, wash it with everything else, then let it air dry.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has led our Province into a pit of despair . Gatekeeping our boosters and removing masks prematurely while overseeing the most deaths in Canada . John Horgans blind faith in a PHO that has caused and continues to cause such misery is a mistake of epic proportions.

Front Left Speaker returns and is proud to present Pleasure Principal! With dj’s Diz, T. Mixwell and @iamBrandonTV and hosts @bon_abhijeet Jay Jay and Sky! Get ready to get freaky on Sunday, July 17th from 5pm-12am. See y’all there! 21+, masks and vax required.

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seeing videos of vidcon and i’m kinda glad i didn’t go y’all wear ur masks please 😭.

@over_711 Mandates and orders aren’t law . They can’t enforce shit . Like the masks and the vax but people that don’t understand that enforce it and comply.

I was in Carmarthen, Drakefords fucked ordinary people up . The amount of people still wearing masks , moving away from you ..

We had to put on face masks at work for 2years n 3 the rest of the country was not compelled to wear them, the NHS insisted on them; however,the mandate was removed on Monday,it exudes a pretty strange was the situation on the first day of the lockdown..

@lavenderashtray I have so many of the few customers still wearing masks pulling down their masks to talk to me, some pulling down to sneeze or cough. I.

@Chaela1982 I tried to sign my child up for Brownies last year, but had to abandon in the end. Was told they are covid careful. Once joined, was given access to their FB page: In photos, leaders with chin masks, windows closed, hall full of unmasked parents for fundraising cake stall..

Thankful to have attended ISPPD-12 in Toronto. There was great science, epidemiology, and food. One major takeaway: bacterial pneumonia rates dropped precipitously in 2020-2 during COVID. Rates are now climbing back. Proof masks work!! Also important to get your pneumonia shots!!.

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You guys dont waste time. Already the PR for Monkeypox a day after masks were dropped. Early bird catches the bribe.

@TammySei10 @JeffreyRitchey They help like doctors say flu and bronchitis way down since people wearing masks.

I stand in defiance of the cabal. With decades of hindsight, their work is revealed throughout the years. No to vaccines. I lost my career. No to masks. Ostracized from society to the very brink of destitution. As they dismantle all of society, brick by brick, I stand.

Adults have the inalienable right to make informed choices about their own bodies. This is a 1st principle. Opinions of specific choices are irrelevant. These include vaccines, masks, suicide, surgery, the ingestion of any substance, incl. drugs & more. That is consistent..

@AGW_Emergency @annatime94 It’s the ones that teach my kids that matter to me, and yes my son’s science teacher told the whole class to take off their masks..

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