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I think you may not understand the journey a Maxhosa garment takes to landing itself on your body. Maxhosa does not buy material and apply just the pattern. They literally design the print and make the fabric then apply design. The devil is in the detail and that is in textile..

Exclusive @maxhosa sample kinda girl 💙💙💙 When u buy the only one coz it’s a sample #dothemath 🤌🏾😘 #maxhosa.

Maxhosa Photo,Maxhosa Photo by Moonchild YEBO TEACHER Sanelly,Moonchild YEBO TEACHER Sanelly on twitter tweets Maxhosa Photo

@BongaOfficial It’s ok if you like Maxhosa but don’t afford it or choose not to spend your money on it. Just don’t expect them to run their business at a loss because people are gonna think they are expensive if they charge the right price..

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Maxhosa Photo,Maxhosa Photo by NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦,NEO CV EXPERT🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Maxhosa Photo

@__Shezi Yep! This how I felt yesterday when that guy was saying Maxhosa went to etc, did 1 2 3, his store is a b c. I was okay, but it may just be that way coz people are more than willing to pay that price🤷🏾‍♀️.

@ShuguMbuzo @Anele Dear Forward Black do not spread inferior fobia on others Maxhosa is international might not be European but he competes with the best and he beats them in an industry they have been in for years. My statement stays and it’s not limited to any continent yeka uphapa.

@Anele MaXhosa can be expensive but let it be abroad/overseas not in the country of its origin, it takes 0 days for their goods to arrive in SA so basically not much go into the logistics incl the customs admin.

@khiss25 @Anele Oh and all other quality brands like LVs and Gucci prices the same as but or even are priced according to how they were produced. That’s why things that are handmade are more pricey than machine products..

@BongaZaca @BongaOfficial Or u could just buy LV and Gucci and leave Maxhosa to others?.

@Moonsanelly @maxhosa Problem I have is also the very same thing I love about you. You are the ONLY celeb I know who would probably wear such a number with crocs. But then again, why not..

@BongaOfficial Maxhosa is top quality dawg, you can definitely feel it. let’s not ridicule African designers when we buy abo Gucci so easily.

Every reply to this tweet made sense. And this tweet still exists. Obviously it was for the clout coz people who buy MaXhosa understand what their buying into.

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