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  • @SixoGcilishe He talking rubbish, CR is the one who opposed it. Zuma told me that we should remove Mbeki because he can’t work with him.

  • Zuma is suddenly saying he was against the recall of Thabo Mbeki πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    Mbeki twitter.

  • Nelson Mandela > Thabo Mbeki > Jacob Zuma > Cyril Ramaphosa ...

  • The removal of #Zuma is not the same as that of Mbeki – Reverend Chikane. #ZumaHasFallen

  • The removal of #Zuma is not the same as that of Mbeki – Reverend Chikane. #ZumaHasFallen

  • @Mellow_de_Phore I agree. I am talking about Thabo mbeki and Nelson Mandela

  • Jacob Zuma did the same thing to Mbeki. Let him go in peace.

  • No Zuma saw it coming, he did that to Thambo Mbeki years ago and of course he was going to go out same way too

  • Thabo Mbeki on epistemology. He touches on legitimate vs illegitimate knowledge, democratisation vs gatekeeping of knowledge, university pedagogical process and their role as knowledge factories. Very stimulating. I listen to it at least once a year.

  • @RediTlhabi I saw him last night rambling along and thought damn he should have quit after Mbeki left. He was insightful then.

  • @tomddumba Thabo Mbeki and now Zuma πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • God bless Africa! Jacob Zuma has died in his movie. This high octane movie began when he led the charge to oust Thabo Mbeki. Then along the way this Samson met many "Delilahs" some awash with cash. Deja Vu? A man who came roaring has departed with a whimper!

  • The difference between Zuma and Mbeki removal is: Mbeki stepped down with dignity and Zuma stepped down without it. #Zumahasfallen #SAnewpresident #ZumaResigns

  • @ParliamentofRSA @MYANC Isnt he the 4th democratic president? Mandela, Mbeki, Zuma and Ramaphosa? Did i miss someone? Where was i ? Please correct me

  • @justicemalala This is tribalism. Esteem Cape did not do a celebration to welcome back former President Thabo Mbeki. It is not a priority ,. We r all sons of the soil . @MYANC @ANCKZN . Of course it is former co

  • The difference between Zuma and Mbeki removal is: Mbeki stepped down with dignity and Zuma stepped down without it.

  • A perfect pic of Jacob Zuma - Zulu Thabo mbeki - xhosa Wrapped by cereal ramaphosa - Cereal

    Mbeki twitter.
  • Wishing all the best for President Ramaphosa. May he always remain centred and stoic like other great ANC leaders (Pres. Mandela and Pres. Mbeki) that came before him.

  • @mailandguardian Mandela, Cyril, then...or Mandela, Mbeki then... Do we create our own destiny or destiny create us?

  • Ramaphosa will be removed the same way Zuma, mbeki was removed, when new ANC president elected in 9years to come

  • Jacob Zuma Kaondoka Kama Alivyo Ondoka Thabo Mbeki ........!

  • #CyrilRamaphosa Must not think that what happened to ZUMA & Mbeki will nt happen to him The minute he begins to forget black ppl he will be sorry

  • @TeamNews24 @AdriaanBasson #Ramaphosa elected 5th president???? I only know Mandela, Mbeki & Zuma before him. Am I missing someone

  • Zuma came to power by humiliating Mbeki. Now this.

  • @Telegraph Why does anyone believe Cyril Ramaphosa will be any better than his predecessors Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma? After Mandela, the ANC became institutionally corrupt. The ANC needs to change, not just its leader.

  • Zuma must now feel how it felt when our honourable TM Mbeki was forced to go. Is nie pap en vleis. Ke voroso daai ding, grilled nogals. #ZumaResigns

  • Mandela and Mbeki used to appoint ministers from whatever party of any opposition just because the individuals themselves were good at they did. For South Africa.

  • I remember how odd it was writing "President Thabo Mbeki" for the first time, same with "President Jacob Zuma". Its the same this time around: "President Cyril Ramaphosa".

  • Delusions. The tremor is from him achieving his ambition of being State President. The media will read nonsense into blatantly obvious things. He felt Mbeki robbed him of the presidency. Now he says FINALLY. I DID IT by crook but I DID IT.

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