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Who would you tell if you were Melusi? Jabu or Mkabayi? #ISIBAYA

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Ed ()

@Chokata_Lesiba Timo is good and he should get 15+ goals but Ziyech comes from a farmers league

Melusi ()

I never wanna have this gas heater off. Walking around the house in shorts in the middle of winter >>>>

#HappilyEverMogale2020💍❤ ()

@shazBarney @Tsatsi_N Wait, so Melusi & Gladys started dating right after Thathi dumped Melusi for Mbongeni?

Tsitsila Mokwena. ()

Ai ai Melusi leyena manhandles Ntokozo too much , its driving him to a world of crime and drunkness with him being so stern #GomoraMzansi

NÆO ()

Melusi’s parenting style is doo doo 💩💩. Imagine squaring up with a 17 y/o. Nigga, you’re at least 45.

Mr Write✪ ™ ()

What a sad end to #Gomora last night. Melusi assaulting Ntokozo. Only Jomo’s ghost was laughing. Gomora — hahahahaha 😂 #GomoraMzansi

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Mr Write✪ ™ ()

CHILD ABUSE versus CHILD DISCIPLINE🇿🇦 The moment a grown up makes a fist out of his A line has been crossed. In another country, Melusi would be going to jail for this #GomoraMzansi #Gomora

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Neo Matlhako ()

@__Inolofatse__ @xolane_ndlovu96 I also think Melusi did mistakes in the past, so he’s so hard on Ntokozo because he’s protecting him from those mistakes💔

Boitumelo Rapudi ()

@LUNGAMXVIII @Melusi_MD Periods are not supposed to be painful. If there are, there is a problem.


Let’s be honest, Melusi has a temper problem and he takes it out on his kid. #gomoramzansi

Baby. ()

#gomoramzansi #Gomora Melusi set the standards too high for ntokozo,one mistake the world is ending

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Exe Grootman ()

@SingawoG 😂😂. No I want him to embarrass the fuck out of Melusi. Andimfuni latata

Motshabi ❤️❤️❤️ ()

#gomoramzansi unpopular opinion: Melusi is a shit father. Ntokozo’s behaviour is because of Melusi. Melusi is too hard on Ntoko and doesn’t allow him to make mistakes. Gladys as a social worker should know better and should’ve intervened. Melusi is a great husband and a shit dad

Opium🍃 ()

@missRitah Hmm ok ne ke ipotsa. Melusi o dirile Ntokozo leng ka pela after Thati left him? Because it seems ba the same age. Akere gatwe he was all messed up. Ah hri legale

Teddykay🌹 ()

Ngempela Ngempela Melusi uth uzoshayaphi la ?? 🤣👅😍 #GomoraMzansi #Sishi ❤️

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Malvin⭕ ()

Ntokozo brings out the “Diamond” in Melusi 😋😹😹 #gomoramzansi

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Majiesthulisiwe ()

#Gomora hmmmmm Melusi has created a monster In Ntokozo coz now he has an excuse to rebel against him and do whatever he wants 😥

Sabelo ()

#Isibaya Melusi will require professional counselling, he is shocked and shaking. Mancwane is used to killing people, thats why she is not even shocked about this murder.

Sbo zitha mngwengwe🇿🇦 ()

Melusi is in deep shit Ungalinge uthi awubonwanga, ncono uthi wena awubonanga muntu. #Isibaya

Chuck Norris ()

#Isibaya Why is Melusi taking forever to tell The Zungus about what he really saw?? But knowing Isibaya 🤦‍♂️ the ndlovus probably gonn take the phone from him.


@Lycan People are complaining about melusi but ace has his diverse gadget +AK +smokes. What more could you possibly want in an operators.

Isibaya Mzansi Magic ()

Who would you tell if you were Melusi? Jabu or Mkabayi? #ISIBAYA

Charity begins at home ()

So #isibaya is gonna keep on dragging this Melusi story until we get a vaccine for covid 19? Boring.

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Why does Melusi keep taking forever to tell to be interrupted, perhaps? #Isibaya

#KumkaniSolomon💦🇮🇹 ()

#Isibaya watch them drag that Melusi storyline till lockdown level 1 or till that video evidence disappear, useless drama on TV 🙄🙄

Puppies Love💕❣ ()

@IsibayaMzansi Melusi must show them the video hle eish I wish to get inside the tv and showed them myself🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


So they are hurting us by interrupting whenever Melusi wana spill the beans 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #Isibaya

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Dr Dhlamini ()

I look at this house everyday on P24. But, imagine being this rich and knowing who your neighbors are. Higher walls, please.

☚ #clarriebaggage #brownvinegarandsalttestimony ☛
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