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3/17 夜 春松竹 ハチャメチャ音頭でファンの子に手を振る道枝駿佑くんに、背後(道枝くんからして左斜め後ろ)から迫る長尾謙杜くん。 その後長尾くんが道枝くんに抱きついて、びっくりする道枝くん。 2人ともニコニコしながら道枝くんがなんやねんみたいなんしてて、みちながやった( ; ; ).

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@LuceroMexico Hola mi adorada solo les quería dar las buena noches q descansen y sueñen lindo Y ya estamos a días de tu concierto en Querétaro y el día antes estarás con será todo un éxito lo decreto. Cariños bendiciones a todos a Micho también 😃🙊los requiero 🇨🇱❤️❤️😘😘.

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@NahuuCabrera10 1 lo quiero una banda me aguanta siempre y bueno nada ah 2 la amo estuvo ciempre creo que es mi persona favorita y espero nunca se valla y sigamos compartiendo Micho juntas 3 antes me caía bien era piola, pero ahora se cree la no se qué no me cae para nada bien ya sabes lo otro..

今日は楽しかったけどちかれた…明日球技祭なのに筋肉痛なっちゃったらどしよ() まいいや、おやすみーー!!( ˘༥˘ )スヤ.

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ハルモモ初連番💚💗 とにかく楽しいし幸せすぎた!! 公演前から公演中、公演後ずっと楽しすぎた🤤❤︎ 3日後のお泊り楽しみ〜〜! かずみちいまたくありがとう!!.

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@AnalysisPirates Agree 100%. He has done well in the last 2 years. We even have a brand to brag about once again. Our boys have not come to the party unfortunately. Micho and his tech team are doing well, no need to change them..


@AnalysisPirates If we look at Pirates holistically the team has actually been improving since Micho was appointing. The team is still in the title chase and will definitely still qualify some kind of CAF tournament. These are the facts of that should keep us calm..

Top 3 ng natitipuhan mong lalake sa Narra? — derek peng micho.

My calm self says: Pirates have to give Micho a chance. The team let him down. He has a whole lot it faith in his players; but honestly they have not repayed him. Instead of firing him, Khoza needs to trust him and help him rebuild. #OnceAlways.

3/17 夜 春松竹 ハピラキで構ってちゃんモードの道枝くん、ずっと流星のこと見てたけどなかなか気づいてもらえず、やっと気づいてもらった時めちゃくちゃ嬉しそうやった( ; ; ).

本当にただただ顔が綺麗やったし、席変わって正解でした涙( ; ; ).

3/17 夜 春松竹 ハチャメチャ音頭でファンの子に手を振る道枝駿佑くんに、背後(道枝くんからして左斜め後ろ)から迫る長尾謙杜くん。 その後長尾くんが道枝くんに抱きついて、びっくりする道枝くん。 2人ともニコニコしながら道枝くんがなんやねんみたいなんしてて、みちながやった( ; ; ).

I still have huge faith in Coach Micho and Rulani Mokwena’s project. Personally I still see them as right Men to manage our club.

Sabo Romo, bajista y guitarrista de Caifanes, se encuentra con Tania Libertad y cantan a dueto en su proyecto Sa&Ta en la edición 20 del @vivelatino 📸 @micho_casas #VL909 #90916años.

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Salma nada más me dice “grábame haciendo esto” “graba aquello” “toma foto” y yo obedezco.

Those who believes micho will deliver 👏👏👏 as for me I GIVE UP.

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Micho is too soft to these players ai he never shout at them, no fighting spirit from players.

Get Screamer and Floyd out of @orlandopirates so that Micho and Rhulani can do their jobs.

@SuperSportTV It could have been very accurate if you used micho as meme he is the one who is knocked out.

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@orlandopirates @horoyaac If we fail to win silverware this season with the squad that we have, we’ll ask that Micho and Rhulani kindly hand in their resignations, we’re good 👍🏾 Fadlu can take over.

@khisimusi1225 @orlandopirates I even forgot we had Justice mara what is Micho try to do heh?.

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Baxter is going to resign from Bafana & Micho is going to be sacked from Pirates. #CAFCL.

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Micho they coming for u, you trusted rulani with his theories at your own expense dont blame anyone.

As a fan, I am angry, at Micho and Jele. I am angry cos we’re being beaten by a really poor team - Mvela level. I am angry cos WE ARE NOT GONNA WIN ANYTHING. Baroka beat us like this. Because we are sissies!!!.

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