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“I’m trying to tell you that losing things doesn’t just mean losing. A lot of the time, when we lose things, we gain things too.” - our Honorary Doctorate 🥺💜 It felt like a perfect day to celebrate the Class of ’22! 🎓 #22GraduatesVersion #NYU2022 📸: Shane Miller.

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É o Tchan Ezra Miller 🤝 Quebra quebra no Havaí.


JUST IN: Stephen Walter, one of the drug dealers involved with Mac Miller’s overdose, just received a 17 year sentence 🙏.

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The idea that the Trump admin was full of effective administrators is woefully out of touch with reality, reflected by the fact that Musk does not name one. My take is that Stephen Miller was the most consequential official, but that’s not a great record on multiple dimensions..

If Biden sent formula to babies at the border, power to him. The day he stops shipments of formula to babies is the day he becomes a Stephen Miller simp..

Sunscreen ready & water bottles filled! Don’t miss our #UELfinal preview show live from the Estadio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan. I’ll be joined by Ally McCoist, Kenny Miller, Alex Rae and Owen Hargreaves for Rangers’ final training session ahead of tomorrow’s final @btsportfootball 🇪🇸.


“Three Thousand Years of Longing debuts at 2022 Cannes and Tilda Swinton stars as a scholar who encounters a Djinn (Idris Elba), who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. See the first footage here:.

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6 Wilson/Davis.

SO much fun with comedy genius duo, Lord & Miller. We’re talkin The Lego Movie, Spiderman:Into the Spider-verse, The Last Man on Earth, The Afterparty, and more. Exceptional brains and super nice too! Please enjoy this incredibly fun foursome episode. 🍒 @philiplord @chrizmillr.

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pedro looks so slutty here and it’s his joel miller hair which means joel is gonna look this slutty too and MY GOD.

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George Miller’s ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ Poster Arrives Ahead of Trailer on Friday.

@bug_in_a_cage It’s a much more interesting look at him. I really like what if’s that show how supes will ALWAYS be supes, regardless of his situation. Stuff like Red Sun. And then you have the worst, someone trying to write regular supes and failing miserably *cough cough Frank Miller*.

prima di trasformare ezra miller in un meme vi vedevo che dicevate poverino ha sicuramente bisogno di aiuto invece adesso che vedete cara palesemente sotto effetto di non so quali e quante droghe comportarsi in modo strano subito partite con gli insulti e le prese per culo.

@lis_tomasz Komunistyczny bękarcie , propagatorze pierdolonych zbrodniarzy to niby kim ja jestem ? jeśli takie knury bolszewickie jak cimoszewicz miller kwasniewski michnik i urban określają siebie mianem demokratów , to faktycznie z taką demokracją mi i milionom Polaków nie po drodze..

drinking a 4 year old expired miller lite and going berserker mode at the family dollar.


The important points in this disturbing article are that this anti-BDS group is funded by a billionaire hedge fund manager, they are defended by Aaron David Miller, not exactly a luminary of progressive thought….

@GlenysAlvarez Bueno, no saber, no saber... Sabemos que somos compuestos químicos y que todo compuesto químico se forma por enlaces a través de una serie de fuerzas físicas. Y sabemos, por experimentos como Miller-Urey, que se pueden formar aminoácidos a partir de la interacción de elementos..

Speaking with @HelloSweetHope1, Tomesha Campbell, Cyndilu Miller, Monica Monfre, and AshleyFern Lintner.

The 🇨🇦 Leanord Miller fits the Raptors draft profile if he is available at 33 @JHammer_87.

@nicolethewestie @DrKate_Miller It took me a total of 25 days to feel like myself again..

@matthucius Steelcase gesture or its herman Miller tier competitor. High end tech offices filled with them for a reason.

굴곡이 있었던 듯 싶지만 조금은 무던한 삶의 곡선이란 아마 그 뒤에도 크게 꺾이지 않는 그런 것이려나….

@PedroHeatismo 2011/12 fichaje de Bron sumado a que tengo familia allá y me mandaban ropa de la franquicia Wade Spo 2013 Vice City negra Ray Allen/Mike Miller, me encantan los tiradores El anillo del 2006 2 camisetas y un buzo.

“I’m suggesting that we dump the ‘they’ pronouns and use their last name throughout the article,” SDPB director of programming, Fritz Miller wrote “…I fear that the more hate-mongering segment of our population will seize upon this stuff and make it the issue du jour.”.

Úgyse lesz annyira emlékezetes posztere már idén filmnek, mint az Everything Everywhere All at Once-nak volt. George Miller: hold my beer.

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George Miller’s ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ With Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, Geddy Lee Drops Thrilling First Teaser Trailer.

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When I first started to think about unled lives—the lives that you might have led & the person you might have become if your chances or choices had been different in the past—I talked to people outside our discipline and outside the academy. @ahmiller812.

So the Armstrong and Miller Raf airmen sketches are literally amazing. I piss myself laughing everytime they come on. That and Brooklyn 99. Direct route to the laughter centre..

@StirlingCCC bowlers on top at New Williamfield. Battling 50 partnership from McElnea and Miller. Now 122/7 Scotty 50 up with a 100m six Watch live 👇🏽.

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