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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 11:41 PM IST

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Ginulat mo kami ha! GO GO GO for the crown! Kaya pala di ka muna pwede mag guest sa Mommy Squad KISSES MISS U NA

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Opozicija prikrivajući sva zlodela kriminalaca i njihove veze sa njima krive lično @avucic koji je te iste ljude zatvorio iza rešetaka da bi obezbedio mir i sigurnost narodu.

Kisses Delavin: Samahan n’yo po ako sa journey ko sa Miss Universe Philippines!

Confirmed na official candidate sa Miss Universe-Philippines si Kisses Delavin na matagal-tagal na ring inactive ang career dahil after na mag-transfer ng management company – from Star Magic to Triple A ay nagkaroon naman ng pandemic.

Sino gusto .... sa panaginip? 😂😂 Nakaka miss magtravel no? Hopefully we can go back to our normal lives ☺️



Nami-miss ko tuloy yung coffee maker ko sa office. Bagay sana yun sa ganitong weather.

Thank you mylabs! Miss na kitang seatmate tsaka ang cheesy pineapple ng tita sa tuwing may fieldtrip. Hahahaha love you 😘

@sesshomuwu the fan is literally blowing hot air. i miss my ac back in sa already 😭😭😭😭

It has been 3 months since yoy left us. Pero ngayon lang kita napanaginipan. Miss na miss na kita. Feel mo siguro yung stress ko kaya ka bumisita. I love you, bro. Thank you sa hug.

miss ko na ikaw san na ba hugs ko isa sa mga munting prinsesa ni kuys😔

gan’to ‘yung mga panahon na papasok tayo sa school ng naka hoodie or sweater aaaa kaka-miss 🥺

@Leannememphis @Andiswa_Mqt Yey , we don’t care, fact is ..SHE HAD A PHYSICAL GRADUATION, while other students didn’t, just because she’s Miss sa!? No man!

@Nthabizengggg This was never even supposed to be about the miss sa title tf, this is pure classism qha ke

@Nthabizengggg No, it still has nothing to do with her getting a physical graduation when other students also worked hard for ’s no justification whatsoever to make this may not be Miss sa but I damn know very well that every graduate EARNED to graduate!

I never thought Wits would do such a thing, but anyway congratulations to Miss SA. 👏👏🎓

@SithaleKgaogelo People are just blowing the Miss SA and Wits issue out of proportion,,, like really ,, it’s not a big issue , Miss SA is a public figure🌝🤷🏽‍♂️

Miss SA Photo,Miss SA Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@wanttobegone @Rato_K What room? That she is Miss SA and she enjoys certain privileges 🤔.. What other privileges do you want to take away from her?? Bear in mind that she represents SA, meaning she represents you as a graduate too🤣

@PVusani66 @ThembiMatroshe They are literally asking why Miss Sa is being treated like Miss Sa😂

Personally i have graduated twice and never got to walk the stage, but i’m definitely not upset at the whole Miss SA thing. She has earned these privileges. #MissSA

We do understand. We also understand that we are not Miss SA, and that certainly privileges come with certain titles.

“ Why Miss SA this “, “Why Miss SA that”, students are mad and rightfully so but let’s redirect the anger to WITS.

Lol Wits students are cry babies, all universities are doing virtual graduation, they gave you Miss SA but y’all mad still? Ungrateful 😂

Ah ah, these kids are angry that Miss A whole Miss did her graduation walk!? Ke sone se motho a reng ba gate mmabonte le bone. 💀💀💀🤣

Ginulat mo kami ha! GO GO GO for the crown! Kaya pala di ka muna pwede mag guest sa Mommy Squad KISSES MISS U NA

miss maam… if we’re gonna blame anyone, let’s blame sa traffic.

The one thing I love about Miss SA and the organizers is the fact that they always know how to sieve the unwanted racists from the good girls. They racists never make it.

Salt etlao 😂😂 Miss SA Discherm #boity #ebuhlanti

Miss SA Photo,Miss SA Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@cant_miss_kid_0 Imao je i sa Radonjom isto u početku je bilo problema, ali sam mu ukazao na neke stvari i posle je bilo ok.

I will never vote for Miss SA or any beauty contest as long as they are dominated by certain body types and heights

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