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Yoh, Mmaba just crossed Steffi out in that #SurvivorSA challenge! Her reward – a clue to a hidden immunity idol at Tribal.

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We were all the jury in this week’s episode of #SurvivorSA: disappointed that Mmaba didn’t play her idol and no one took this opportunity. This is starting to look like Ghost Island now with a promising early pre merge, somewhat predictable mid merge, and Durao=Laurel -Ivan.

Mmaba 🤦🏾‍♀️ Jacques gave you the perfect chance!!! The game could have changed 🤣what a flop #SurvivorSA.

Are these guys stupid hai also Mmaba played herself the moment she has an advantage she fumbles. These guys at the bottom had so many opportunities to shake up this game. Instead they insist on protecting & coddling Rob, Steffi & Nicole😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 #SurvivorSA.

#SurvivorSA Ep 14, a play: Rob & Nicole: “Here, drink this Kool-Aid.” Mike & Mmaba: “But Nico said this Kool-Aid is poisoned.” Rob & Nicole: “You need to do what we say.” Mike & Mmaba: “OK, down the hatch!”.

Mmaba exits #SurvivorSA with the immunity idol she just scored at Tribal Council on her person..

So Mmaba has to have the record for shortest amount of time someone has hold an idol #SurvivorSA.

I had so much misplaced faith in Mike & Mmaba I wish they had made the move last week at F9 😭 Now we have to put our faith in the 2 most hopeless players of the season Sad #SurvivorSA please dont let steffi win.

I think Mmaba is/was an investment analyst for VBS 😭😭😭 #SurvivorSA Funniest tweet from tonight.

Today is a very very sad day. The queen of Survivor has been voted out. I am so sad but she got an iconic souvenir and will forever be in our hearts. I love you so much queen Mmabatlokoa Mmaba Molefe @Mmaba90 I wanted you to win SOOO bad I am so sad there are tears coming :(.

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I don’t feel sorry for Mmaba, she and the others are just handing the game over to the Amigos instead of fighting for their places. Oh well, hopefully she’s learned her lesson🤷🏽‍♀️ #SurvivorSA.

I think mmaba had enough reason to feel safe. She assumed that durao and nicole were atleast voting against Laetitia because they both are playing in the middle. Nicole especially #SurvivorSA.

Mmaba mmaba MMABA Leaving with an idol makes you the worst. What on earth made you think Steffie would leave you be? #SurvivorSA.

@Survivor_SA Mmaba is the wooden mic of Survivor! She is the worst. FAIL! 😂😂😂😂😂.

Mike asks Laetitia who to vote for a big move and she says I just cant #SurvivorSA.

I love that mmaba got to beat steffi in a challenge. That should have humbled her #SurvivorSA.

Mmaba is weaker than the player who got voted out in first like she’s annoyingly WEAK ... she’s the typical example of getting stringed along😭😭😭... Still love her though and she’s a great person. Just not made for the game.

If Mmaba played her idol Rob would’ve been gone tonight. What an intense tribal #SurvivorSA.

@RickDevensWGXA Poor Nico. He really didnt know what to say there at the end. The Amigos are bullies and arrogant. Mike is blind. Leatitia is a goat. Durao is a chameleon. Jacques is a great fan of the game, but a terrible player. And poor Mmaba collateral damage..

Mmaba 😂🤦🏾‍♂️. I have no words. Jacques is by far the brightest person in this game. He did everything he could to save the bottom feeders and they refused to be helped. #SurvivorSA.

Wow Mmaba baypes. These challenges are not for our girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣#SurvivorSA.

Nico was blatantly directing advice to Mmaba at tribal. All that was short, was him saying Mmaba ... But he legit was directing everything at her. I need to recover from this episode #SurvivorSA @MNet @Survivor_SA.

#SurvivorSA I have never seen such a stupid person on survivor. Mmaba u just waited our time..

Mmaba, “I felt ” Going home with the idol in her #SurvivorSA.

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The feels with Jacques throughout the whole episode. Eks met jou dude. Kan ek asb vuishoue kom uitdeel? Arme Mmaba @Die_Lem #SurvivorSA.

Yoh, Mmaba just crossed Steffi out in that #SurvivorSA challenge! Her reward – a clue to a hidden immunity idol at Tribal.

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