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  • One of my favourite moments: Phumzile van Damme rescuing a hapless Mmusi Maimane during DA water crisis speech. A leader. She resigned as spokesperson for the DA yesterday, stating personal reasons. video via Anthony Molineaux

  • Mmًuِsiَ #SUICAN #mٌsُcّ2018 prinsً hٌeَnrik #GunReٌfoِrmNowَ

  • #DiَdntMakeTheOlٌyٍmpicsBecause Mmُuٌsiّ Rodّlًeّr #vًalentًinesّday André Boiّscٌlaَir

  • #SunfoَiَlSerًies Mmًusَiُ #BiًrًiDeًÇıkıpDemiyorKi Andrّé Boiًsclaّir #ConvergُiSuَlDimُezzamento

  • #SiًaُmoSoloNoiseَ prّiًns henrikً #DiَdntُMakeTheOlympٌicsBecause Niّkolasً Crٌuz Mmُuّsُi

  • #PresّidenّtّElection Mmuّsٌiِ #Poًggenّbُurg #tَuّmolّero Nikolasّ Crّuzً

  • Mmusi Maimane response to election of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

  • @Our_DA @MmusiMaimane Amandla Mr President Mmusi Maimane

  • Barry denies he ever invited Mmusi for Shabbos.

  • #OTDiًrecّtَo15F #ConverُgًiٌSulDimezzamento Mmِusًiَ

  • This Mmusi character is irritating.

  • Mmusi is so annoying

  • prinsّ hٌeُnrik #mًsٍcَ2018 Mmّuَsّi ホグワーツ魔法魔術学校 Chٌief Justًice Mogoenٌg Mogoeng

  • I liked a @YouTube video DA Mmusi Maimane Congratulate Pres Cyril Ramaphosa

  • @MmusiMaimane Viva DA, lead us Mmusi!

  • @Esther57410593 @pastor_keyworth @sharonvdross @MmusiMaimane @jsteenhuisen I pity Mmusi. Cyril will be the statesman and leader our country needs. The Zuma punching bag is gone

  • @STRAINSCANNABIS @Our_DA @Lebo_Komane @MmusiMaimane @A_C_D_P Dr Khoza should have been the 1st female president. I would like for you Mmusi and DA to force him to make Dr Khoza deputy even if she in not in ANC just to acknowledge her stand up to JZ back then. Cyril must prove he can do this and not make a fellow ANC deputy who defended JZ

  • My boss said we make everything about colour and race when we brought up Mmusi.. Yes you guessed it = White😓

  • @1Fistro Hello sir

  • Good... luckwith Mmusi and... Malema

    Mmusi twitter.
  • Leader of opposition Mmusi Maimane Congratulate Pres Cyril Ramaphosa

  • Mmusi Maimane will be the president of south Africa next year fighting the struggle of corruption & service delivery. Viva Democratic Alliance viva!!!

  • @AdvDali_Mpofu Another stupid analyst said today mmusi &cyril have same ideogy now things Will be difficult for eff bcoz da &anc will get along what kind of rubbish analysis is that

  • Mmusi #Maimane is sounding like a worn record. He is a yesteryear leader who should go like #Zuma. The political scene has undergone a seismic shift & I think the only man standing to face up to CR & a rejuvenated ANC is Juju. He has refreshed the EFF messaging & posture!

  • Mmusi

  • @SongezoZibi Its a big futsek to Mmusi

  • @javierbrandoli Yo creo que DA debera hacer un mayor esfuerzo por quitarse de encima la imagen de "Partido Blanco". Tanto Helen Zille como su sucesor Mmusi Maimane tienen un problema si lo ves desde el punto de startups. Traccionaron voto "blanco", pero no amplían mercado. Les falta una “Sheryl”

  • @MmusiMaimane Unternal change, a SouthA frica for all then Vandam gone Delille survive by 8/9 what arw your masters trying to do Mmusi they think we all stupid just like Zuma and his Deputy no we or should I say I watching you like a harck you just like what you see there boy

    Mmusi twitter.
  • The DA do not OWN Cape Town, let it be known, they RUN the City (on a ANC mandate says Mmusi). And for them to just white wash this as a "ANC helped #deLille" is just denialism. Patricia de Lille had the majority behind her. A WIN is a WIN.

    Mmusi twitter.
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