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Siphiwe is going to have a tough time convincing his first wife to allow him to take a second on #Mnakwethu tonight.

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👑 Heiress of Chimamanda ()

This latest episode of #Mnakwethu the bullshit these men are sharing with each other and agreeing with each other on is extra wild 💀 Mseleku tends to speak bullshit and packages it to sound wise and respectful.

𝑵𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒆 𝑲𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒋𝒊𝒊 💎 ()

I’d really love a Mnakwethu Reunion or “Where Are They Now” special showing how the couples adjusted to polygamy. Think it’d be great to see how their lives changed. @Mzansimagic #Mnakwethu

Mid 20s gang ()

This man really said his wife is toast on national tv 😭😭😭 that time she’s so pretty 💔 #Mnakwethu

K A T L E H O 🇿🇦 ()

This man just said his wife is not beautiful on national TV 😔😔😔 haike, and shes obviously gonna watch this #Mnakwethu

Laura 💞 ()

Mnakwethu annoys me cause the men decide later that they want polygamy instead of being open about it during the dating stage Bese boom Nywe nywe Mseleku help me The worst is walking in the woman’s house her home to ask such mxm

Ht42 ()

@TimesLIVE It’s funny how we watched Mseleku on his show for so many episodes but it took this #MnaKwethu for us to see his true colors

мαвυzα ‎נηя ()

Vele ladies akekho nje naye ofuna ukuyisusa afike no Musa Mseleku azo introducer i-Bf yakhe ku Hubby?? #Mnakwethu

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Ashwin Deenick Jones ()

I will never get myself into a Polygamy like I’m sorry lol, I don’t share #Mnakwethu

Ashwin Deenick Jones ()

This nigga just said he wasn’t cheating lol whereas his been dating this girl for months without the wife knowing and now he turns around and says he wasn’t cheating #Mnakwethu

Dancehall365.com ()

Polygamist Musa Mseleku in big trouble with Twitter over ‘Men don’t cheat, they Love’ statement #Mnakwethu

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Ndi Mukololo! ()

SBWL a Xhosa drama on #Mnakwethu. Loo mnq****u wendoda axelelwe where to get off. Yhu, SBWL

Nomtobi Matlosa ()

This guy just said his wife is “ not much of a beauty but her qualities are what I’ve been longing for “ #Mnakwethu 🥴🥴 when are we getting rid of this gender man ...

VuvuM💕 ()

Kanti why do I keep watching this show? I find it humiliating and degrading to women. You not even given a chance to absorb the news then boom, you are introduced to the side😪😪😪#mnakwethu

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Ngiyi Pand For Life ()

#Mnakwethu Seeing her cry at the Door that was really painful. This is Abuse

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Thobile Mbuli ()

Labo bhuti abafuna isithembu kule show bonke bayapatanisa. Living kwama hostels nasemqashweni. Umuntu aka affordi even osofa uhlala emabhentshini. WTF? Uzobondla ngani abafazi ababili nezingane? Nabo labosisi nje abazithandi. Ungene endlaleni nje ubona!! 🙄🙄🙄#Mnakwethu

Thandiwe Solwandle - NTELO 🇱🇸 🇿🇦 ()

I want to take a second wife, meanwhile this is where he stays #Mnakwethu

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👑Intombi yase Maphephetheni👑 ()

Abakithi impela but yeyi bayayomisa inkomo obhuti bethu 😣😣 I mean what msunery is this?🤔 this Mnakwethu show is bullshit nje!!

Priscilla Gutura ()

The tears of the wife at the end just broke my heart. This is just not right 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️#Mnakwethu

Day 50 of 366 ()

Fight the urge to quit until you win, then fight one more time and again and again and again. #day50of366 #Mnakwethu Malema Zinhle

Phiwe 🌸 ()

Lendaba yalesthembu umbhedo nje!!! Kusahlalwa emabhetshini Thixo. Top tier povvo. #Mnakwethu

Vulani ()

U want a second wife, am going to have second husband whether u like it or not #Mnakwethu

Mhlonishwa sindane ()

Instead of fighting poverty this man is busy fighting polygamy.😥 #Mnakwethu

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❤Mama Tshelo❤ ()

I think Musa needs to spin this show us a woman who wants his husband to get a 2and us another side so that we can maybe understand ..#Mnakwethu



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Rori Deep.🇿🇦🇿🇦 ()

polygamy puts a lot of women through pain & this show needs to be cancelled #Mnakwethu

Lungelo Hlongwane ()

I feel sorry for the wife cause you see she is humble person and also the guy is such loser,the other is still young,she should be in school or looking for house with no proper chairs and the walls need some paint #Mnakwethu

UTeacher ()

Men that come on #Mnakwethu shame aowa , they like things . Even the houses that the First wives live in they are not even fit for even the kids. Let alone 2 women .

Ngiyibhinca elisindisiwe😊 ()

If he takes a second wife take a second husband hunny. Asizodlala amadoda rhaaa! #Mnakwethu

Sese ()

I’ve stopped watching Mnakwethu. I can’t stomach the betrayal that is presented as culture with little to no regard for the spouse. Imagine dealing with that much deceit so publicly? I find it so abusive.

Mzansi Magic ()

Siphiwe is going to have a tough time convincing his first wife to allow him to take a second on #Mnakwethu tonight.

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