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Teacher goes to school for a week of teacher in-person training. Diagnosed Friday, and died Monday from #COVID19 — she was just 28.

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The AVFC Faithful 🦁
The AVFC Faithful 🦁 ()

Traore to he announce Friday? Hmm does that mean he will be able to play Monday? #AVFC

Dave 🌐
Dave 🌐 ()

Kesho ni Friday, let nobody stop @SakajaJohnson from going to that place we all know. Aende akeshe ajibambe hadi Monday. Tuko pamoja wenzangu? #SakajaFormula

Bill Husfelt
Bill Husfelt ()

Given the extreme amount of flooding in our community, particularly in the northern parts of the county where entire roads are still impassable, the prudent thing to do is to close schools for one more day (Friday). We look forward to reopening on Monday. @BayDistSchools

Dontez Akram🛫📶
Dontez Akram🛫📶 ()

1 month before black Friday & cyber Monday my groupchat Project E-com will build out an entire template for people to use to make sure they take advantage of that week I’m going to making sure everyone in the groupchat eats Just be ready

Legal_Son ()

SOLAR INVERTER TRAINING By @eko_solar_inver Date: Monday 28th of September - Friday 2nd of October, 2020. Here are some of the highlights: 1. Operations and Maintenance Training. 2. Career path and Introduction to Renewable Energy.

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AdNU Supreme Student Government
AdNU Supreme Student Government ()

#AdKNOW Heads up, Ateneans! There will be no classes and offices from Friday, Sept. 18 until Monday, Sept. 21, 2020. Regular classes will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020. Please refer to the attached memo for the complete details. For your information and guidance. Thank you!

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EKO Solar Inverter & CCTV Cameras Services Ltd
EKO Solar Inverter & CCTV Cameras Services Ltd ()

Date: Monday 28th of September - Friday 2nd of October, 2020. Here are some of the highlights: 1. Operations and Maintenance Training. 2. Career path and Introduction to Renewable Energy. 3. Free Accommodation for people coming outside Lagos.

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Golgappe💋 ()

when you wanna be a certified freak, 7 days a week but you just have online classes from monday to friday😔💔

The Amelia Project
The Amelia Project ()

AMELIA SCHEDULE FOR THE DAYS AHEAD: Friday: Crossover minisode with @HughesandMincks (subscribe to their feed for that!) Sunday: Launch Party Livestream for all patrons! 🥳 Monday: Season 3 Premiere‼️ PLUS a full length bonus episode for $5 patrons!

BuffedBunnies ()

New updates made to almost daily! Our goal is to make something new and sexy every day! Come check out new videos by @BarbaraCarit every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

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anna 🦋
Anna 🦋 ()

also guys mcountdown today means our first chances to give them a win 😊 this images really help me to know criteria for the shows!! remember mcountdown needs 15% of voting which is on the whosfan app (from friday to monday) and on the mwave global and japanese website!

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As we welcome #Level1Lockdown REMEMBER we create High Quality Genuine Leather BELT❤️ ▶️ Personalized with Your NAME ▶️ Last Longer👌 ▶️ Handcrafted from scratch 2 give you that Sence of Creativity🔥 PRICE : R250 0762973615📲 Monday to Friday RT🙏#DJSBU Cassper Moonchild Sizwe

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FOX 13 News Utah
FOX 13 News Utah ()

BREAKING NEWS: Jordan School District board members voted to close Riverton High School Thursday and Friday for a deep clean because of rising COVID-19 school will re-open Monday as normal

J-SeokTitttes⁷#BLM ()

Hey if you guys have any more suggestions on what to do for the 875 DM you can drop your ideas here if that easier. Monday:🐨 Tuesday : 🐹 Wednesday : 🐱 Thursday: 🐿 Friday : 🐥 Saturday : 🐻 Sunday : 🐰 875 DM 💜✨을 받았습니까? Did you get the 875 DM?

PTV Home
PTV Home ()

Watch ‘Morning @ Home with Nadia Khan’ every Monday to Friday from 10 am – 12 noon only on PTV Home.

Cooper #FaZe5
Cooper #FaZe5 ()

🚨 I need a dedicated content editor for my YouTube channel 🚨 Editing 10 minute videos, funny edit style (similar to my other videos), and MEETS DEADLINES. Two videos a week as of right now. Monday and Friday! DM if interested or @ someone you know 🙏🏻

Prairie Dawn
Prairie Dawn ()

Masochistic Monday Train Wreck Tuesday What The F**k Wednesday Throwin Up in My Mouth Thursday F**k Off Friday This is one way I try to cope during life in Alberta under the UCP. Little moments of laughter, strung together with fear and despair and disgust. #ableg #abpoli

T A Y ()

Just got the text our house has power, I go for my 33 week checkup WITH my OB, getting my hair done Friday, and I get my lashes on Monday. Finally things are feeling somewhat normal. We still have a long way to go but man am I feeling blessed rn. 🙌🏼

Erin Ubels
Erin Ubels ()

Some personal news - I am thrilled to announce I am now the mid-day news anchor with @CKNW Monday through Friday I’ll be bringing you the news on AM980 every half hour through the afternoons beginning September 28. Thank you to my friends, family, colleagues and to our listeners!

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Moe A. Smith
Moe A. Smith ()

@OgallalaFB How can you “Get back to work Monday” but can’t play Friday. Sounds like someone doesn’t want to get embarrased at home.

Michael ()

Currently Doing the Math to get everything that i want this season of shopping. Currently: PS5 Digital - Trade in Ps4, and get it for $224 RTX 3070 - $500, Waiting til Cyber Monday/Black Friday Cyberpunk 2077 - $60 COD Cold War - $60 Understand, i have no job, Wish me luck.

Amber Portela
Amber Portela ()

@MurderofBirds_ (Sigh).... Should I wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get this?

Andy Kendeigh
Andy Kendeigh ()

Good insight from Barry Alvarez, chair of the Big Ten return to competition committee - flexibility is key - possible Friday, Monday games this season @KETV @bigten

Kelsie ()

How often do you whisper “I’m not mentally capable of this today” to yourself for me it’s 10+ times a morning Monday - Friday

Arda Wigs ⭐
Arda Wigs ⭐ ()

Reminder: Due to relocating over the new year, we are having our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale early this year! 🎃 For more information, check out our blog post here: #ardawigs #createwithus

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🇵🇸 ()

my grandma hit puberty on a monday, my grandpa and his step-mother went to her house on wednesday, and they did their nikkah friday after jummah had 13 kids and were married for 67 years before his passing - quick & easy nikkahs >>>


The COVID-19 curfew will now be from midnight and 4am. The sale of alcohol for home consumption will be from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The National State of Disaster has been extended to a month to 15 October 2020.

News24 ()

LIVE | Curfew changes from midnight to 4am and alcohol may be purchased from Monday to Friday, President #CyrilRamaphosa announces

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Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri ()

On Sunday, @Garshehu insulted Obasanjo for raising an alarm on in insecurity, saying @MBuhari has done a better job than him On Monday, bandits attacked the Abj-Kad train, and robbed people. On Friday, Garba should go to Mosque and ask God for forgiveness #BuhariTormentor

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

Teacher goes to school for a week of teacher in-person training. Diagnosed Friday, and died Monday from #COVID19 — she was just 28.

☚ #MondayMotivation #LegacySA ☛
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