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[BREAKING NEWS] The first case of Monkeypox in South Africa has been confirmed. #eNCA #DStv403.

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📍Monkeypox - another world record of daily cases on 7-day average. It is now a clear and present danger as #monkeypox is nearing a potential pandemic. This is an emergency..

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Declaration—@TheWHN Network today announced that they are declaring the current #monkeypox outbreak a pandemic with over 3500 cases across 58 countries and the rapidly expanding across continents. The outbreak will not stop without concerted global action..

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Air travel disruption likely coming— 11-person @British_Airways flight crew is being kept in isolation in Singapore after one of the group tested positive for #monkeypox—they will be stuck there for 21 days..


#Monkeypox spreads through close contact such as kissing, cuddling, or touching parts of the body with monkeypox lesions (wound). The virus is not very contagious and does not spread in the same way as viruses such as flu and COVID-19. Read more here.

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The first Emergency Committee meeting regarding the multi-country #monkeypox outbreak is currently ongoing.

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A case of #monkeypox has been identified in South Africa. The case involves a 30-year-old male residing in the Gauteng province. Monkeypox is rarely fatal. Severe cases may occur in children, pregnant woman and in individuals that are immunocompromised.

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Monkeypox: First Singapore case recorded in British flight attendant.

🇹🇼 | AHORA - MONKEYPOX: La región china de Taiwán informó el viernes su primer caso confirmado de viruela del mono, dijo el CDC local..

Croatia 🇭🇷 announced that it identified its first Monkeypox case. Croatia 🇭🇷 is the 48th country to identify a confirmed Monkeypox case outside of the epicentre countries..


Monkeypox has mutated at an unprecedented rate with accelerated evolution.

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Inflation, these gas prices, this now monkeypox has hit the us!?!!!? Yeahhh I’m staying my ass home.

The county said there are now 22 confirmed cases of monkeypox and with some of the patients having no history of recent travel, officials say large events may have spread the illness.

How climate change could be exacerbating the spread of diseases like monkeypox and Japanese encephalitis.


Hey NYCers, the monkeypox vaccine is here! @nycHealthy’s Chelsea clinic ran thru its initial 1,000 doses from @CDCgov & has asked for more. Check its website Sunday to get a vaccination appointment for next week:.

Portugal 🇵🇹: June 23rd Monkeypox case update: New confirmed cases: 11 Total confirmed cases: 328 1 day growth rate: Portugal 🇵🇹 the only large country in Europe that are showing signs of encouragement. Let’s hope they have this under control..


The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says contact tracing has commenced in identifying any additional linked cases of Monkeypox in South Africa. #Monkeypox.

So, is it time to hoard the TP?(since WHO declared a monkeypox pandemic) @PatUnleashed @KeithMalinak #PutThatInYourPipe.

I posted a picture from the monkeypox vaccine line and suddenly everyone is asking me medical questions and appointment booking questions. Call the hotline babe, I don’t know.

monkeypox response mirrors early coronavirus missteps, experts say.

BREAKING: shooting in Oslo, Norway at a gay night club leaving 2 people dead. Hoping this is not a hate crime over the stigma the media is putting on the origin of the monkeypox outbreak..

Monkeypox Virus Mutating More Than Expected 🦠🙈 Not good..

Tlogeleng sekshual intercourse batho ba Gauteng until e ba resolved. If MonkeyPox reaches Deben then it’s over.

COVID showing monkeypox around the workplace 😭😭😭😂.

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I truly can not fathom how this has already gotten so out of hand..

so if any of you booked monkeypox vax appointments over the phone and were “confirmed” with no email or confirmation number or any evidence of your appointment… can you like, let us know when you go if it’s real?.

#Monkeypox Exposure at #LAPride events: LA county health department says it “is conducting multiple investigations into potential monkeypox exposures, including select Pride events, and is working with event organizers to directly notify attendees. @NBCLA.

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...and the impact of Environmental Sanitation in the Prevention of Monkeypox and Discipline in Public Service respectively..

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Alimosho General Hospital, today Thursday 23rd, June 2022 held Staff monthly Continuous Medical Education (CME). Had the Infection Prevention Control Committee and Adminstration and Human Resources Department educate members of staff on.

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#BREAKING: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there was evidence of local transmission of monkeypox, in addition to reports of cases where people had traveled abroad. -JPost #BreakingNews.

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