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Manchester United in April: Wolves (a) Barcelona (h) West Ham (h) Barcelona (a) Everton (a) Man City (h) Chelsea (h) Ole’s at the wheel! 🇾🇪 #mufc.

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What is it with those French ‘merdes’ @paulpogba & martial. We go get pissed wet through can’t have a beer and get shite seats but those two decide it’s cold and wet and so they can’t really be arsed. Just want a nice warm shower and fuck off home to their playstations! #mufc.

Solskjaer : La trêve internationale est parfois utile et nous aurions peut-être aimé jouer à nouveau et rectifier la situation. #MUFC.

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@galactico_mufc Pocheee what? A trophyless coach? How the fuck did you call him world Shit coach! OLE all way!!!!!!!.

Absolutely gutted were out the cup. Wolves by far the better team today. We didnt create anything #mufc #wolvesvmanutd.

We just handed city the FA cup, should’ve done better today, we can’t be one of those teams that go out easily in cups #mufc.

@mufc_anna The whole team looked tired just shows we need to add to the squad give Ole money in summer.

Heard Pogba’s breaking Lenglet and O Dembele’s legs in Frances training 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀.

Overall a poor performance from the team today. Some players just looked far from their usual form and some looked rusty cuz they came back from injury. But that doesn’t take away that there wasn’t any fight, desire & there was a huge lack of movement going forward. #mufc.

No one @ me but had we had this starting 11 in Paris. We wouldn’t of turned the tie around. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #MUFC.

Nah all negativity aside we have a free hit against Barca and even with the cracks we have they are certainly not perfect. #MUFC.

Utd was fucking shit tonight!! Looked like the previous Utd, lacking ambition and !! #MUFC.

God awful performance so far. Seem unable to find the final pass and incapable of taking a normal corner/crossing the ball. #mufc #wolmnu.

#MUFC اليونايتد لازم يتخلى عن بوقبا ،، افضل مباريات اليونايتد بغيابه ،،....

We need something to change here, quick time! Rashford, Martial, Lingard, Pogba, Matic all really disappointing! Come on lads, this is UNITED #MUFC #FACup.

الفريق لمتى واقف ويتفرج على روميرو وينقذنا ماكل مره تسلم الجرة استرجلوا والعبوا صح عشان اللي سواه روميرو طيب !!! #MUFC.

[email protected] should score first. Otherwise it will be very difficult for them to come from behind. Wolves are really coming strong. #MUFC #EmiratesFACup.

We are playing awful. Misplaced passes, Nothings getting done fast enough! Come on Boys!!! #mufc.

Solskjaer, Carrick, Phelan and McKenna deep in discussion as Mata warms up. Seems like a matter of time until #mufc make a change..

This is absolutely horrendous. I think the formation is wrong and not one of the front 6 are on their game. Worrying performance.

مشكلة بوغبا اذا ماكان بيومه يكون متنرفز ويخسر اي كوره ! المفروض يطلع بآخر نص ساعه.

Aah you’ve blessed me my guy. Happy birthday king 🔥🔥🔥 @paulpogba #PogBOOM 🔥🔥🔥🚀 #MUFC.

@Kooora_MUFC مع احترامي لصديقي اولي اللعب مع برشلونة يجب ان يكون دفاعيا وذلك بسبب الفرق الواضح في الامكانيات بين الفريقين.

قبل 18 ديسمبر كان امنيتنا الوحيدة هي انتهاء الموسم واليوم الحمدلله نحن ننافس على دوري ابطال اوروبا وكاس انجلترا والمراكز الموهله لدوري الابطال من كل اعماق قلبي شكراً اولي ❤️.

Manchester United in April: Wolves (a) Barcelona (h) West Ham (h) Barcelona (a) Everton (a) Man City (h) Chelsea (h) Ole’s at the wheel! 🇾🇪 #mufc.

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I don’t know why #MUFC fans are panicking about this draw. If you wanna win the UCL then you have to beat the best. It’s in the DNA of Manchester United to do that. Our history is basically about defying the odds. And if you don’t win you still fight for the shirt. #UCLdraw.

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