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Updated: November 26th, 2021 10:41 AM IST

Let’s see what content Multichoice / DStv has to offer in 2022. I’m live tweeting about their content unveiling throughout the next hour #MCGShowcase

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I stopped paying my DSTV premium subscription 4 years ago, there is nothing special that Multichoice offers there except the outdated US TV shows. #MCGShowcase

Local content will be available in other countries as well, increasing our reach in entertainment. All I can say is Local is is Lekker! #MGCShowcase is the plug! Click here to find out more about it: 📱

This is us staying true to our commitment of giving you the best in video entertainment. There is storytelling everywhere and it’s our honour to tell all African stories in a manner that gives the best customer experience. Tomorrow with MultiChoice is the future. #MCGShowcase

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We keep it real through local entertainment, with content produced in 30 languages across Africa, 2962 hours of content produced since April 2021. Check out the MultiChoice showcase hub to find out more: #MCGShowcase

Yolisa Phale expresses that we are living in the golden age of video entertainment and as one of our key focus areas, we give audiences exactly what they want to see: local content in all 50 countries that MultiChoice services. Read more: #MCGShowcase

@unclescrooch @DStv Okay Ke bo kae ? Sounds tempting … unlimited wifi & Multichoice… a combo😍

#MCShowcase2021 join Multichoice for an afternoon of music comedy fun laughter and surprises as you get to know About Tomorrow with Multichoice

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Together, the Irdeto Anti-Piracy and Forensics Unit and MultiChoice Africa Anti-Piracy Department continuously monitor for and investigate signs of pirate activity and illegal broadcast redistribution across the continent. Learn more #MCGShowcase #ad

Breaking: MultiChoice Africa @MultiChoiceGRP and Irdeto (a content security company) to join forces to fight pay TV broadcast privacy #MCGShowcase #ad

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Irdeto, a world leader in content security, management and delivery, has been working undercover with MultiChoice Africa and the Botswana Police Serious Crime Squad to investigate and disrupt the illegal distribution of pay TV content in Africa #MCGShowcase #ad

#MCShowcase2021 invites you to attend the Live Screening of about tomorrow Multichoice Media showcase

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girl can dream and be inspired by queens who are already doing it. Fhulu Badugela, CEO of MultiChoice Africa Holdings. 🤩🤩🤩 Samthandi!

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Multichoice is introducing content recommendations feature for DStv subscribers. With your remote & a press of a single button you will see a page on your screen recommending shows & giving you info on your faves #MCGShowcase

As Africa’s most loved storyteller we have decided to kick it up a notch and make sure that uThola Konke by adding new shows for you to choose from. Head over to the Multichoice showcase Hub to find out more. #MCGShowcase

Let’s see what content Multichoice / DStv has to offer in 2022. I’m live tweeting about their content unveiling throughout the next hour #MCGShowcase

@MultiChoiceGRP The storyline of The Wife >> the production quality in our country continues to grow and I love that. I’m hoping to see what more there may be with the Multichoice showcase. ✨🥺

@Todi_M2 @MultiChoiceGRP RIP to our sleeping schedules 😭😭 Multichoice will have us up at 3am everyday

@Todi_M2 @MultiChoiceGRP Yoh one thing Multichoice did not do is disappoint when it comes to local series and drama 😭🔥 I know they’ll bring in more local shows with new and old talents on our screens 🤌🏾

@Dedication_N @MultiChoiceGRP Honestly I love how Multichoice gave influencers and content creators a platform 🥺🔥 I need to see more of this and maybe more ideas to give influencers the exposure within the Multichoice Showcase 🙏🏾

FKF fumbled multichoice and Startimes deals😭and we cleared Sauti Saul of any wrongdoing just like that?

I really love that Multichoice has brought us more reality shows this year, Real Housewives of Durban, Uthando neSthembu, isencane lengane, mnakwethu. I hope we see more of reality shows in 2022

@MultiChoiceGRP I love how I’m seeing more of my favorite content creators on the DStv screens 😍like @NalediMOfficial holding it down , keen to see more of it in the Multichoice showcase

@thabo_therex @MultiChoiceGRP They need to come through for us football lovers 😭😭 we’ve been begging for Ligue 1 and I’m honestly expecting to see more of that in the Multichoice showcase 😭🔥

@MultiChoiceGRP More local and international content? 🥺Count me and @KwaneleThusi1 in. The MultiChoice Showcase just keeps getting better

@MultiChoiceGRP I am currently obsessed with what the local content has been bringing for us 😍😍 Shuu I’ve been glued to my screen watching The Wife & I’m obsessed, Multichoice Showcase is honestly here to stay

Make sure you catch the MultiChoice Showcase on all their social platforms at 14:00 today. They’ll be unveiling their 2022 content offering, exciting new additions to look out for!! 🔥🔥 #MCGShowcase

Today Multichoice will officially unveil their 2022 content offering Showcase will happen from 14:00. You can catch the news across all @MultiChoiceGRP social media pages Read here for more details: #MCGShowcase #AboutTomorrow

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@MultiChoiceGRP MultiChoice Showcase at 14:00? Say less 🥳🥺 Reminder ✅ Excitement ✅ siON ✅

@MultiChoiceGRP Looking forward to the multichoice showcase event! Just an hour and 30 mins left!! This is soo exciting omg

Get a glimpse of the future as Multichoice unveils plans for 2022. We’ll share some insight into all the content that will keep you glued to your seat next year. Join us at 2pm. #MCGShowcase

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