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He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

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Strange how Hindus have been victims of a cultural genocide for centuries, but no one speaks about it, but ONE terror attack on a mosque someplace can erase the memories of ALL previous Islamic terror attacks and turn Muslims into victims!!.

We Muslims are the victims everywhere and still you bloody say Muslims are terrorists #WeCondemnNZTerrorism.

@Reuters @pravemn What are muslims doing in a place called Christchurch? They do not belong there..

BREAKING: “Muslims are fair dinkum, you beaut, ridgy didge bonza,” said the Prime Minister. #Christchurch #auspol.

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Terrorists see Muslims also Oferr Prayer after Attack in Newzeland. Bcz Muslims are a Brave Nation. #TerrorismHasNoReligion..

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@AylaForTrump This isnt something that is just unfair, this is the beginning of something far more dangerous. Allowing an enemy to infiltrate our government, and now the evil ideology is taking hold. I expect Muslims to act like this, I didnt expect Americans to side with them..

@michaelwhite 49 innocent muslims killed by white a fascist with a machine gun. Where do centrists/moderates direct their anger? White guilt? The Stasi? Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn? The Internet? I sense a total abandonment of perspective and an era coming to a close..

@TheNewDailyAu @samanthamaiden I remember the fear after 9/11 I felt the fear again after The Bali bombings. Iwas scared when Sydney was attacked and felt hopeless when Paris was boomed by Muslims I felt fear again when a Muslim ran over 100s of people with a truck in France iv lived with this fear for 17years.

And how you have single-handedly raised the statuses of our brothers and sisters in the eyes of their beloved Creator with your actions. And how, through your actions, they will be raised as the most righteous and pious of Muslims..

@mrjamesob Is there a distinction for you between - Fear for what the Islam brings to your culture (fear for change, or because your a woman) - Hate for Muslims? People seem to see this both as Islamophobia, but is it?.

@michellegrattan @ConversationEDU I agree with all you have said . I must say that I have found it hard to stomach the PMs words and actions in recent days , given his past position on Muslims , Manus Island and refugees generally . I’m not convinced ..

The more they try to reduce, more the Muslims increase. Subhan Allah. #NewZealandTerroristAttack #ChristchurchMosqueShootings.

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With bbc running the post #Christchurch love in lighting candles etc I suppose they will show the Nigerian #Muslims joining with Christians who had 2000 slaughtered by muzz the past month..

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@Zaeem_Anger Title is Majority Of “Peaceful” British Muslims Would Not ‘Snitch’ On Terrorist Friends By V. Saxena Published April 13, 2016 at 1:24pm Poll was done by ICM, not TR. You are full of it..

Good movements. Muslims need to be expelled from the list.

@D3MFTC Will Connolly was protesting for the lives lost during the mass shooting against someone who is blaming Muslims for the actions of shooter. Seems to me that the senator was acting like a kid for publicly assaulting Will. So you’re right fuck that kid..

HORRIFIC!!! @POTUS A 13-year-old girl rape victim was stoned to death in Somalia as Thousand Muslims watched and cheered.

He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

The city was hoped to be an international metropolis after WW2, recognizing the holiness ascribed to it by Jews, Muslims, and Christians the world over. But since 1967, the state of Israel has pushed to make Jerusalem its “eternal, undivided capital.”.

@Shawnperetz1 @washingtonpost 3,000 Christians killed worldwide (source:Tablet News) in 2018 and 215 million persecuted by Muslims (source: Middle East Forum). Americans and New Zealanders, surrender your guns. You have nothing to fear! (sarc).

@GrahamLedger And that is the truth. 120 Christians killed last week overseas and not a word in the muslims are killed and the news broadcasts it.

@Rosie @ChelseaClinton the woman speaking to chelsea was 100% right and you can fuck right off too. like you can hear other people snapping in the video- other muslims were rightfully uncomfortable with clinton being there seeing as she had spearheaded an islamophobic campaign against ilhan omar..

Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? not Muslims ?? من قتل حوالي 20 مليون من سكان أستراليا الأصليين ؟ ليسوا المسلمين.

120 dead Nigerian Christians & not a word from the media. 50 dead Muslims & media loses its mind. Are you following along?.

Muslims facing so much backlash like I really overheard a lady saying the Koran is evil like wtf.

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