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@Nandi_Madida Dear black child. Get your hands dirty and work! No one is coming to save you. The world owes you Nothing!

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Lapstone & Hammer ()

Shop the Asics Gel Nandi 360 “Putty. Use “LH25” to save an extra 25% off, bringing them to just $:

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Life zonke ()

If #nandi’s tweet offended you the other day. This video will offend you again. Same words but different people. #Bonang. Dear young people, Your future is in your hands

Shreikanth ()

ended Herself to unite with Bhagavan. As Nandi informed Siva of the tragedy, the latter threw a few of His hairs against a mountain in a heightened rage and the energy created thus broke the mountain into two parts; one half of it produced Virabhadra and another Bhadrakali whom

Shreikanth ()

out the lacuna but was ignored. Sati Devi felt that Her father made a mistake and despite the denial of Bhagavan proceeded to the Yagna to ascertain the reluctantly, Bhagavan agreed and Sati was escorted by Nandi and Rudraganas. Daksha ignored his daughter’s entry

Rajesh Naik ()

Antarala has 2 more pillars with a large murthi of Nandi in between.

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-cak yaopo carane nagih utang arek sg gatau diri, ngomonge gadue duek tp tuku skinker, gae gipeaway, ternyata utange nandi-nandi, gawe status foya-foya tapi disembunyikan teko sg diutangi 😃😃😃

Srinivas Jayaprakash 🇮🇳 ()

Nandanar- The Saint for whom nandi moved. Nandanar, one among 63 nayanmars was born in Aadhanur in pulaiyas sect and was considered untouchable as he was engaged in a vocation that made leather works out of cow skin. He was also working as a peasant in a landlords field. 1/10

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Hindu Temples Info ()

The Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple One of the biggest monolithic Nandi statues. Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh There are nine Nandi shrines known as Nava nandulu. Mahanandi is one of the Nava Nandis surrounded by thick forest

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Daipayan Nandi 1 ()

#AlKhidr_Is_AllahKabir কুরআন জ্ঞান দাতা আলখিদ্র (কবির আল্লাহ) আশ্রয়ে যেতেও বলেছেন কুরআন শরীফ সূরহ- কাফ 18 আয়াতে60 - 82 এর প্রমাণ রয়েছে যে হজরত মুসা তার চেয়ে বেশি ইলম (সত্য তত্ত্ব জ্ঞান ) প্রাপ্তের কাছে পাঠায়। যার নাম আলখিদ্র (কবির জি)।

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Daipayan Nandi 1 ()

#AlKhidr_Is_AllahKabir আলাখিদ্রা (কবির প্রভু) জিন্দা পীর নামেও পরিচিত। তিনিই অনন্ত পরমেশ্বর । পরমেশ্বর কবির বহু রূপ ধারণ করে লীলা করতে থাকেন।

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Grace ✿♃ | cad banes dominatrix ()

oomfs i can name off the top of my head. izzie, soph, steph, spade, emma 1, emma 2, emma 3, lee, laura 1, laura 2, andrea, christine, joie, cass, nutmeg, aylin, hush, jess, vish, ish, nandi, lola, katie 1, katie 2, ari 1, ari 2, mosi, mark. feels bad to everyone else

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𝖘𝖆𝖉 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 ()

thn ini 2 mantanku yg paling jancok minta maaf sambil bilang “iyo gadue salah lek kon ae sg akeh salah e aku” nandi ae cok kok ket mikir kon

Reporte Ya ()

#23May #Caracas @margi_nandi: Los que he leído hablan de una densa calima, pero debe haber algún incendio

NomaL ()

Nandi would love this ’s 23, drives a BMW, independent and makes enough money for herself ❤️

BARaju ()

Superstar Mahesh best actor ga nandi award andukunna uthama chithram. Teja darsaka nirmathaga andinchina successful picture #Nijam vidudalai 17 samvatsaralu (23/05/2003) RP Patnaik Musical చందమామ రావే.. అభిమన్యుడు కాడు వీడు.. నీలో ఉన్నది నేనేనా.. రత్తాలు రత్తాలు.. ఇలాగే ఇలాగే..

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Active Citizen Agenda🇿🇦 ()

You come here everyday tweet about alcohol, drugs and fornication and when Nandi reminds you your priorities are upside down for your age you throw your toys around - no!!

Thandeka ()

@carlee_shalom @Nandi_Madida Am 27 I just completed building my late moms house. I though by this time I will be driving 🚘 my own car.

Nongqiza 💕 ()

This tweet bothers me so much. It puts young people under so much unnecessary pressure! Yeerrr Nandi, bendiku thembile.

Blue Mbombo ()

@Nandi_Madida Dear black child. Get your hands dirty and work! No one is coming to save you. The world owes you Nothing!

Gau Seva ()

We got information about the death of a Nandi Maharaj in Tronica City. We informed officials but nobody helped. At last our @agniveer Gausevaks went and did the last rituals of Nandi Maharaj. Naman to Gausevaks 🙏🏻 we must always come forward for the vulnerable when nobody hears.

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Nandi☘️ZEALOT ()

It’s my birthday today and my mom bought me land😭😭😭😭😭 #PutSouthAfricansFirst

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SidebarWithSindi ()

#OnlineCodingCamp Level 2 9 - 12 year olds Run completely online. Nandi really enjoyed Level 1 and is looking forward to Level 2 For more info and prices WhatsApp +263 772 238 793 #themakerclubzw

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The Mnur Feruz ()

These are counties that their senators voted against the 54 senators. 1. Tharaka Nithi 2. Elgeiyo Marakwet 3. Nakuru 4. Meru 5. Laikipia 6. Bomet 7. Kericho 8. Nandi Murkomen was fighting a loosing battle. Even ledama went against him. Kita eleweka #KindikiOuster

Tee ()

Kodwa Nandi Wami Anga Semthathile lomjita 💔 ⁦@NaakMusiQ⁩

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Mhlongo da Herbalist ☘ ()

ungakhohlwa ukuzitholela nali inoni elisha lika Njoko Ngixolele, ugade ke ungayidlali udle amanzi amdaka uzosikhihla esika Nandi! 😁🙌🏾🔊

Edwin Kemboi💥 ()

@alfredarapketer Numbers za Nandi Hills tuko nazo,Raondi hii heri tukunywe strungi na tuchague mwanaume kamili

Kenya Defence Forces ()

Water is Life! To the residents of Mosop in Nandi County, and Mavoloni in Machakos County You may now draw water to clean, cook and drink! Boreholes courtesy of the Ministry of Defence. Video courtesy of Mavoloni and Mosop residents #KOMESHA CORONA

Daily Nation ()

From the DP's backyard we know four senators who signed for the removal of Murkomen and Kihika at State House. They are Cherargei, Kamar and Mbito. Nandi senator scanned his signature,

Daily Nation ()

Nandi Senator challenges Uhuru to sack all Ruto allies in the National Government

☚ #EFFPresser Charles Barkley ☛
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