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#NationalShutdown Twitter

No surrender! No retreat! #NationalShutDown! #RamaphosaMustGo!.

Mr Putin
Mr Putin

If anything, EFF #NationalShutdown has proven that: We have no policing & resource problems. We have political will & selective morality problems. We have no electricity generational capacity issues. We have political will, internal sabotage & privatisation-drive issues. #Malema.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Mr Putin,Mr Putin on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

Mbaks trying everything under the sun to keep “business as usual “, Fighters not having any of it 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 #NationalShutdown.

The ANC is complaining that the Rand fell today because of the #NationalShutdown But I thought they had the capacity to pick it up when it falls. Or am I mixing things up?.

I’m not a member any political party. And I don’t need to be. I hate load shedding, unemployment, a corrupt government, poverty, rising inflation and high fuel prices I protested for ALL OF THAT along with the EFF. The “flop” is the keyboard warrior! #NationalShutdown.

Fighter Sehole, Mahikeng @Ward 11 Unit 14. @SAPoliceService is Provoking us! No one must blame us when we retaliate! #NationalShutdown.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by 🇿🇦 Apostle Dr Deza 🇹🇼,🇿🇦 Apostle Dr Deza 🇹🇼 on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

Provincial Secretary Moshe Koma’s home was illegally raided on the morning of the #NationalShutdown, yesterday Leadership showed up to offer support. This is the essence of a TRUE Leader who loves his people! Salute !!.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by African,African on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

Hebanna keng nou 🤨 Three Ships e fapani le Belgravia nou 😭💔 #NationalShutdown #RamaphosaMustGo.

The struggle between march and match is real. #NationalShutdown.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Lebo,Lebo on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

The EFF at it at Church Square 📍 #NationalShutdown they still believe it’s not a flop #EFFNationalShutdown.

🎥ICYMI🎥 EFF Western Cape Provincial Chair, Cmsr Unathi Ntame clarifying the significance of the Shutdown and as well as exposing the brutality of the state. #NationalShutdown.

We are voting for ⁦@GaytonMcK⁩ next year. South Africans don’t have to share hospitals, schools, housing, water and jobs with influx of illegals. #McKenzie2024 #NationalShutdown.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Mario Khumalo,Mario Khumalo on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

Lesson learnt yesterday: SA middle class is the most gullible, sheepish and cowardice bunch of individuals who prefer others to do their dirty work…but have the loudest egos about being “taxpayers” yet can’t fight for the so-called taxes they contribute. #NationalShutdown.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Mompati Mokgatlha,Mompati Mokgatlha on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

Baie dankie @afriforum se 160 buurtwagte & 10k. buurtwagvrywilligers wat landswyd saam met talle ander rolspelers toegesien het dat die #EFF se #NationalShutdown misluk. Julle vermoë om daadwerklik op te tree indien nodig het die struikrowers hoofbrekens.

Danko EFF 🇿🇦!! Baloi ba swabile…. @EFFSouthAfrica #NationalShutdown #Loadshedding.

He needs to step down. Malema / #NationalShutdown / Russia / Costa / Stage 1.

They gonna be irritating us about the cost of living crisis after they mocked the #NationalShutdown March on Monday..

This president really gave an instruction to butcher workers in Marikana 😳😳😳 #NationalShutdown.

Offering web development #NationalShutdown #EFFNationalShutdown Julius Malema.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Phuluso Maliavusa,Phuluso Maliavusa on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

#eNCA Team bringing you live coverage of the #NationalShutdown. More updates on @eNCA.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Pule Letshwiti-Jones,Pule Letshwiti-Jones on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

@Dispatch_DD Covering up is his specialty #NationalShutdown #CyrilRamaphosaMustGo.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by The only one, Pisces ♓🐬🐬,The only one, Pisces ♓🐬🐬 on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

#VoetsekEFF why Malema Child Ratanang is not on the ground in Johannesburg Marching with other students ,this fool is calling School children ground forces🚮 #NationalShutdown.

@SAPoliceService That’s what you know best! When it comes to crime? You can’t even do shit #NationalShutdown.

Anisishuthele phela nasemsebenzini webo business as usual sibone amagundwane 😂😂😂😂 #NationalShutdown.

Khani nikhuluma manje pearl seku late soloku nithulile from 2017 Mxm sellouts #NationalShutdown #Azikhwelwa.

@chestermissing There is chest pain for people and CHESTER pain for puppets! #NationalShutdown.

Can this hi tech equipment post #NationalShutdown be utilised for fighting crime? @SAPoliceService.

This rich mf did it himself for He got security cams, let see Nhanhla lux got the biggest House in dat whole street #RamaphosaMustGo #NationalShutdown.

😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 Sitting here in Mall of Africa enjoying my sparkling water with all the shops open around Ja neh #NationalShutdown.

#NationalShutdown Photo,#NationalShutdown Photo by Just Xavier,Just Xavier on twitter tweets #NationalShutdown Photo

The ANC/SACP and DA have tried to kill our best theorist of money, Karl Marx, at UCT, everywhere and in the process just ended up killing the 21C economy, and black innocents and, chasing away all that ever would have counted. #NationalShutdown, 20th March.

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