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More Americans died today in New York City of the Coronavirus than died in Afghanistan over the past 5 years. The President needs to get serious about this pandemic now. It is only going to get worse.

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TheMindOfMyron ()

Lol I been saying for years now, I listen to @partynextdoor every day 😂 so let me enjoy the new music

𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚 ()

100% sure that calm is my new favorite album. y’all. my favorite album has literally been american candy for the last five years and nothing has topped it,,,,,,but damn. 5sos rlly did sumn with this one.

Slutty Pup 💦 ()

New to Nsfw twitter! 18 years old sub bisexual they/them 18+ very kinky 😉 minors = immediate block!! Retweet for Mutual!!

Comorienne 🇰🇲 ()

Rih’s tone sounds lovely on this PND track. I still feel weird about our first new anything from her in 4 years being a hook feature. Alright going to bed now.✌🏽

GamerGeek ()

@KeiKollections @Divine_Lancer_ I wish us all some fun in this new arc for the next few years

Genderdruid ()

liking the new nin so far. fucking wack that bad witch came out almost 2 years ago already

Ryan cooper ()

@ActuallyImGood sure, but not like New York is lacking for universities or hospitals. Cuomo has fucked that up bad over the years. also Inslee is laser focused on climate change

BradOTC ()

Post-Corona bars/restaurants are gonna be like when you go to the gym on January 2nd and it’s New Years Resolution season

Mother john misty ()

I was today years old when I found out Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove was played by Eartha Kitt. ♥️

🧘🏾‍♂️ ()

Then got a whole immigrant saving lives and the ways we have purposefully disenfranchised and disrespected migrants groups and people in the last 4 years. Rihanna is being too kind and that’s the real tea. Not one New York celeb has done shit.

భన్సాలీ🤫 ()

@DeepikaYen FDA panel member told it on mari usual tym fr a new vaccine development is 6-10 years telsa😝😝😝 already vere purpose ki ready chesina approved stocks ni ipudu test chesi fast track lo trying even then it vl b 1 year bt dey r telling by fall donno hw reliable

‎maddie🍓 ()

the only 2 years i have tried to have a show season i have experienced: - a horrible car accident so i had to buy a new car and then didn’t have money to show - a global pandemic that will likely cancel all shows so i think the universe is telling me it ain’t gonna ever happen

SurvivingANarc ()

@chriscantore My neighborhood as well. I even asked one couple if they were new to the area and they said they’ve lived here for almost 15 years. #whereyabeen


NEW: Overall for the month through March 24, New York City ERs have seen triple the number of visitors with flu-like symptoms over previous years.

Allie #teamfour ()

@tenmikoangie alfonso is my #1 favorite and has been for years but kid cat is a close second. toby and cube are also my faves and all of them (besides toby) were in my new leaf town!!!

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𝙍𝙀𝙔 ()

@callousjedi // Hello thank you but i am not new! I have been here for years! ❤️❤️❤️

Cider Brian ()

So, under these new legal allowances, I am helping @Cobblestone_Chi move kegs direct to consumer. Cider is wine, so these kegs will last for many months & some of them for years. The beer on the other hand, should be consumed fresh. So, who wants some fresh beer? DM for details.

Bernie cohen ()

Mars with 11 million ppl might be the new earth 💀 sadly guys we might be goners earth is gonna be no more for a while well maybe the next 100 years ppl might be reproduced in mars and 3000 might be the new year for mars to be called the new earth 💀💀💀💀💀💀

Brielles Mom 116 ()

@Bitter_Gal @amomsimpression Thank you. It was nice they definitely enjoyed it. #PacketsUp got to play outside to and rock the new years hats lol I found cleaning out a decoration pile.

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Sam Herder ()

There has been talk for years about the P5 conferences splitting off. If that ever happened, we could possibly see a new division with the G5 and some FCS teams merging. What would that look like? We gave it a go. Interactive maps included:

Alisha Rydes (over 18’s only) ()

What really gets me have waited 5 years for virgin to give me a new hub and now I’m back to square one 😪😪😪

Mia 💕 ()

my aunt who’s a big fat cunt and has owed me money for 2 years now usually stays in the room i’m currently living in when she comes to visit from New York.

Alex ()

@2Tw1ne @jeremycorbyn I sentence you to 5 years in bum fuck, new Mexico, and 15 years in the shop for mental retardation

☘️Jen☘️Loves E&G ()

Can I just say I’m not a person who misses @EthanDolan having long hair. He looks great with the buzz cut. @EthanDolan your new nickname is Fuzz Head :) ( don’t take offense my Uncle got his hair THE SAME WAY YEARS AGO AND HE WAS UNCLE FUZZ HEAD LOL

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Andrew ()

New policy: Labour to fire up the money printer by retrospectively taxing capital gains and rental income at 90% for the last 50 years

Nick Lynch ()

@GenevieveAutumn @CallMe_Governor It was based on the SARS outbreak from 2003 which was a strain of Covid. Hence why they call the new strain Covid 19 as it was first seen late last year. However SARS only killed 750 people over 2 this is much worse.

E m i lll ()

2 years ago I was experiencing my most favorite city in America for the 3rd time 💛💛 New Orleans makes my soul happy and I cannot wait to share the experience with my future hubby😍

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Degg ()

My new phone is very small and that is fantastic. I had a chonky lad for like 4 years

Handwasher McNutcase ()

@glassbottommeg I just recently moved up to a new phone, and it was WEIRD having it vibrate. That had quit on my old phone within 4 months of getting it, at least two years prior.

Joe Scarborough ()

More Americans died today in New York City of the Coronavirus than died in Afghanistan over the past 5 years. The President needs to get serious about this pandemic now. It is only going to get worse.

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☚ Big Dawg #90dayfiance ☛
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