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DStv Premiership: Mamelodi Sundowns vs. Kaizer Chiefs Starting line-up: Bvuma, Solomons, Ngezana, Kwinika, Frosler, Blom, Sithebe, Maart, Alexander, Dolly ©, Billiat Subs: Petersen, Nj. Ngcobo, Nange, Mashiane, Sifama, Radebe, Nk, Ngcobo, Sekgota, Shabalala #DStvPrem.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by Kaizer Chiefs,Kaizer Chiefs on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

🗣 Arthur Zwane on Siya Ngezana after taking his off at half-time: “We all make mistakes. Even the referees made a mistake, they gave Zitha the yellow card.” ✌️ @KaizerChiefs | @iDiskiTimes.

Many fans freak out with Ngezana cause he is a different style of defender. But again, I trust my boy✌️😁✌️..

@kaizerm_jr @KaizerChiefs let Ngezana know that what happened on Saturday, happens in this beautiful game and he should let it rest and focus on the next project. We will always rally behind the team dark or blue and we are Amakhosi for life✌️✌️✌️.

I need Ngezana fit for this weekend. I want him to pocket springbok again.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by Dr Bohlatse,Dr Bohlatse on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

Alexander 🔁 Sekgota Ngezana 🔁 Ngcobo Blom moves to defensive midfield role. 🇿🇦 #DStvPrem.

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@Honest_Sota @andilejali870 Ngezana: We build from here MI nalibhola Bvuma Sirino: Danko🥳🥳🥳.

@superjourno I see people being a bit weird in the replies, did they really expect Zwane to come out publicly and lambast Ngezana? Coaches all over the world protect their players in public..

Practical example. A right footed Kwinika receives the ball in a LCB position. Shaulile presses. If Kwinika was left footed, he easily beats the press by either playing to his left or playing a pass slightly ahead of Ngezana to receive it looking forward..

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by Dabane ❤️✌🏾,Dabane ❤️✌🏾 on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

Full Time Sundowns 4-0 Kaizer Chiefs Retweet to Annoy #KaizerChiefs Fans #Sundowns Ngezana.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by IG:Joy-Zelda,IG:Joy-Zelda on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

A consistent center back pairing of Nj. Ngcobo and Zitha Nkwinika should be seen more This inclusion of Ngezana must not be seen again. That guy seriously needs a loan move to And that guy called Cole Alexander must also be given a clearance to Stellenbosch..

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@Trompies015 @MWTlali He chooses his words wisely, the problem is you guys will take what you want to hear and run with it… Arthur Zwane didn’t throw any player under the bus, not Ngezana, not Ngcobo. Y’all just wanted to misinterpret him.

@Thabiso_M8 Favoritism will end his career at chiefs .bvuma,bloem and ngezana not chiefs materials..

That lousy Ngezana kick? It’s giving me a headache… I’m here thinking of ways he could’ve avoided that😓.

Sityiwe Clean Manene blaming Ngezana and Bvuma won’t change yesterday’s scoreline.

Sundowns’ Masterstroke: Stole the show at the very get-go: Unveiled & Announced @BonganiZungu08 at inception, sent shock waves to our opponents despite him not playing. Ngezana got spooked & panicked. Anenzi kahle kweziny’iingane!! 😅😅😅 @ShakesRampedi.

I strongly believe that the weekend results devided @KaizerChiefs supporters and too much protection of Ngezana at an expense of Ngcobo,put salt to the wound..

#RIPMagesh My son Skill will never believe me shame 🤣🤣🤣 eish Ngezana you costed Kaizer Chiefs.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by @EFFSouthAfrica will follow back all of you,@EFFSouthAfrica will follow back all of you on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 #AmakhosiForLife #amakhosi Sekgota | Mdu | Dolly | Ngezana | De Preez.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by 🎀Dr ✌️M. p. h. o🎀,🎀Dr ✌️M. p. h. o🎀 on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

Ngezana is a fighter I saw him live today not for the first time 💪💪.

@Gugucele_ Bvuma and Ngezana are special human beings, very important for dressing room..

They’re saying “we lost the game because of Ngezana, as if he’s not their player”, Sundowns is dangerous.

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by Matimba Magezi,Matimba Magezi on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

Ngezana had time to control the ball n pass the keeper, clumsy.

Im gonna forgive Ngezana for yesterday i was still upset, he needs to fix his mistakes he should have done better there his a good player ✌️💛.

But Kwinika has no playing left foot so he controls the ball and brings it to his strong right foot so that he can pass to Ngezana and the latter’s body orientation is completely wrong in this instance, he then has a bad first touch which further compounds the problem..

Ngezana Photo,Ngezana Photo by Dabane ❤️✌🏾,Dabane ❤️✌🏾 on twitter tweets Ngezana Photo

I said it after Royal AM game that Ngezana is not set up for this kinda Football Chiefs is playing. Ba re I hate him Same thing with Cole,he is not for our football I said it that Cows are going to be exposed in terms of play,so the ones who seems to think they own the jersey.

Ngezana is not a bad defender but not a defender that comfortable on the ball ⚽️ he can’t dribble pass the press. He is more of a “man to man” defender. Still need to improve his decision making!! #SiyasM®️.

@JayNtuli_SA @Siya_Mfundisi 😂😂😂 he must choose what he says in the media, he is building the team, meaning he need all players to play for him and for the team, Ngezana is weakest player in our defense, we cannot cover that with ice cream..

Kaizer Chiefs coach Arthur Zwane believes defender Siyabonga Ngezana will quickly recover from the terrible game he had at the Loftus Stadium on Saturday..

@PF___________ @KaraboMokwele_ No he said nothing, as soon as he gave a penalty, he mistaken him with Ngezana..

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