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SSS arrests Twitter user for saying Aisha Buhari’s size exploded after eating Nigerians’ money.

I love the way Nigerians took no chance at rendering the likes of Omojuwa, Ogbeni Dipo, and Segalink inconsequential. 2023 is a matter of life. We are really fighting for our life..

The main choices before Nigerians in 2023 are clear: Vote Tinubu to continue more of the violence and suffering politics of APC. Vote Atiku to return to pre-APC, elite-based, cake-sharing, hit-or-miss politics. Vote Obi to try a people-focused and radically different politics..

😂😂😂😂😂. What’s really happening to Nigerians in this election season with the hilarious kinds of images and posts one sees these days? 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by Oby Ezekwesili,Oby Ezekwesili on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

Yoruba people want Peter obi. Hausa people want Peter obi Igbo people want Peter obi All Nigerians want Peter Obi..

Peter Obi
Peter Obi

abandoned women and deprived children across Nigeria. I will disrupt this trajectory of failure and wickedness in high places across Nigeria and give Nigerians back their country so that every child will have access to good schools, good drinking water, good sanitation,.

Peter Obi
Peter Obi

almost half of Nigerians are poor and close to two-third of Nigerians do not have access to basic sanitation, access to basic education, lack basic nutrition and do not visit hospitals..

India sent the most students, with 127,530, but Nigerians brought in by far the most dependants per applicant, with 50,631 bringing 51,637 dependants. The system is abused and broken..


2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS. 2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS. 2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS. 2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS. 2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS. 2023 elections: Nigerians are ready for BVAS..

Central Bank Governor, Emefiele Blames Nigerians Travelling To UK, US, Others For Education For Naira Fall | Sahara Reporters.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by Sahara Reporters,Sahara Reporters on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

UK Universities Will Go Bankrupt By Barring Nigerians, Other Foreign Students – British Professor Warns Prime Minister, Sunak | Sahara Reporters.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by Sahara Reporters,Sahara Reporters on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

If Aminu is wrong for disrespecting Aisha Buhari then he should be punished according to law. Our leaders should stop using power to abuse the less privilege. Nigerians are not slaves..

BOOM🕺💃🍾🎉💰 mzwandile masina | Gareth Bale | Botswana | Nigerians | Belinda Migor | Sies | Cyan | #adidasBlackFriday | South Africans.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by #ProfitWithSmallWins,#ProfitWithSmallWins on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

Everyday Tori: Naira Redesign Challenge: Nigerians No Too Much? 2.

When you are looking for a job you have to go to the people that owns the Obi. Nigerians own Nigeria,so you have to reach out to all Nigerians to tell them why you want to be their president.

@CCBenji Thisssss here 😭😭😭💔💔 my house isn’t even near the mosque and yet I’m forced to endure their prayers like I didn’t subscribe for anyone’s religion I just want to sleep why are Nigerians like this.😭 I don’t care the religion just manage the sounds you are producing..

Tough times ahead for Nigerians. Manufacturers have agreed to increase the prices of their products. They claim it is to reflect the economy since they are losing a lot of money..

They are not ready to bring him on TV to answer questions. They agree he’s a drug baron. They know his background is shady and nothing about him seems legitimate. Yet, they still put him on the faces of Nigerians as their best bet. More like a middle finger to 200m citizens..

Next year, Nigerians will witness first hand a 21st century president. Presidential @atiku wey get doings. #RecoverNigeria #AtikuKawai.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by Salim Paris,Salim Paris on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

@Tutsy22 Hon. Minister of Information Lai Mohammed has come hard on Nigerians again to defend Tinubu calling APV & APC instead of Lai Mohammed never fails to defend Tinubu 🤣..

Waoooh Shine your eyes Nigerians. Let’s take back our country..

@BashirAhmaad His beloveth country 🇳🇪 Niger while Nigerians 🇳🇬 suffers with due respect sir ....THUNDER ⛈️ FIRE YOU AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION SIR,,.

In 2015, This APC led Govt. Made a promise to lift 100 million people out of poverty in 10 years. 7 years later 133m now experience Multi-dimensional poverty. And a minister has written this op-Ed to justify it. All I can say is, HAVE SOME SHAME!!.

Nigerians are rude sha .. how can you get a survey form asking you your occupation and you’re replying “I still dey my papa house” “na nysc I Dey do” smh ..

@yabaleftonline Good morning sweetie @yabaleftonline. The remaining Nigerians should go take theirs from their super chickens.

Bright Chimezie endorses Peter Obi for presidency, asks Nigerians to vote wisely | TheCable Lifestyle.

Nigerians Photo,Nigerians Photo by CableLifestyle,CableLifestyle on twitter tweets Nigerians Photo

No problem for SA, as anything to do with Nigerians is poison, and must be avoided at all cost..

@ifywills @DeeOneAyekooto He will sell you and your entire family for peanuts not Nigerians..

@OJaachi Just after independence, Nigerians were already actively sabotaging each other based on tribe. I don’t know how a monarchy would look with the divide..

@channelstv @sunrisedailynow Criminal sabi All this people no get blame Nigerians, dey accept and worship I just dey pray to God, mak our eyes open..

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