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@CityPowerJhb Randburg area, Bromhof, Boskruin, Northwold, Sonneglans has been without power for 27 hours now. Please stop posting how you recovered stolen/ illegal cables in Kya Sands and fix our grid. This is completely unacceptable..

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@CityPowerJhb With Northwold its a given that LoadShedding will be accompanied by a fault all the time. Its quite frustrating that we have to go through this all the time😡😡.

@CityPowerJhb Guys block 14 off again! NORTHWOLD, BOSKRUIN, BROMHOF, SONNEGLANS!! Power was off the whole of last night plus the day today! Cmon man CPWEB3443557.


@CityPowerJhb What the actual FUCK!!!! Why has Northwold block 14 been cut off????? This is bullshit!!! We have just started cooking and some of us are also working!!!.

@CityPowerJhb Gradual restoration? What is this ? A suspected overload after load shedding. How convenient. Pls stop patronizing us and tell us the real reason for no power in Northwold abd surrounding areas.

@CityPowerJhb None of your explanations are helping to restore power in almost at 28 hours.

@CityPowerJhb Is this a joke?? Northwold ext has been off since 16:00 yesterday and you want to update us on loadshedding.

@CityPowerJhb We are still without fucking POWER in Northwold!!!! Gradually underway my arse😡😡😡😡 it has been 12 hours now. TURN ON THE POWER!.

@CityPowerJhb Thank you for the update, hopefully the gradual restoration can pick up speed and reach Northwold now that most people are not using power.

@CityPowerJhb Why is Block 14 Northwold off? We should not have loadshedding. Can you get this right for a change?.

@CityPowerJhb Still no update on the outage in Northwold, Hunters Road is still out since 4pm we get some updates please!!!.

@CityPowerJhb Northwold, Randburg (Block 14 - Bromhof) has unscheduled power interruption. CPWEB3443708.

@CityPowerJhb Block 14 - Northwold, not scheduled for any load shedding yet power is is third night in a row where power has gone out at exactly the same have you added us to another block on top of already being in block 14???????.

@CityPowerJhb Morning, Are you able to confirm 5th Ave Northwold, I specially refer to Sunrise Estate, only over 50’s some frail, is my concern..

@CityPowerJhb So far I’ve gathered that Boskruin, North riding, Sonneglans, Northwold and Sundowner are still off. Which areas are on? 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️.

@CityPowerJhb How gradual will restoration be? 2 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours?! We are still without power Northwold! CPWEB3440924.

@CityPowerJhb Oh how lovely for Naturena - I am genuinely happy for them👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Whats the possibility of the same outcome in Northwold??.

@CityPowerJhb Northwold, Block 14 has just been loadshedded, is this a mistake?@mphophalatse1.

@CityPowerJhb Still no power in When will this gradual restoration of power be taking place? We have effectively been without power for almost 17 hours.

@CityPowerJhb You said response in 2hrs. Your post was 7 hrs ago and nothing. No power for almost 27hrs in Northwold..

Hi @CityPowerJhb any updates at all on Northwold in Randburg and surrounding suburbs where there has been no power since 16:00 yesterday making it over 30 hours of no electricity..

@CityPowerJhb You are 4 updates behind on your promise, how long does it take to gradually switch on the few areas around Northwold?.

@CityPowerJhb power is still out in Northwold (maple drive). How does it take 14 hours to restore from overload? Please give us more information..

@CityPowerJhb Northwold still has no power since 4pm last night? What on earth is happening? The update said that the power was being restored gradually 16 hours still no electricity!!!.

@CityPowerJhb Maple Drive on the side with the closest corner being 2nd Road in Northwold is still out. Close to Sharonlea..

@CityPowerJhb Northwold still not restored, been more than 12 hours ... update??????.

@CityPowerJhb How about adding Northwold to that list or are you completely missing all the tweets / tickets you’re getting about Northwold for a reason?.

@BelindaFilo @CityPowerJhb Couldn’t agree more! Such a mess now! They did the same with Northwold..

@CityPowerJhb You oaks are useless. We out again for the third night in a row at the same time at northwold. Fix your shit oaks.

@RobinSmithNR21 @MurrayOrchard Thanks Robin - your area is really well covered which is great news. We need more birdwatchers around Downham Market, Watton, Welney, Stoke Ferry, Northwold, Methwold - lots of vacant sites in west Norfolk..

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