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@ntsikimazwai Instead of hating on my beautiful woman Ntsiki , they should be learning to be confidence in their bodies and skin but they opted for hate..

Ntsiki Mazwai’s career was always supported by black men. Her father aside there are producers that helped make classic hit songs. The promoters that booked her when she was the hottest thing… The few men that let her down are nothing compared to the many black women sabotaging!.

Yaz I thought Skhumba and Nomzamo Mbatha were hard on Ntsiki Mazwai Hai shame she deserved it.

Women ganging up with Ntsiki now are the same women that’ll hear no evil & see no evil when their DAUGHTERS are raped & sexually exploited… @ChrisExcel102 is fighting against the sexual exploitation of vulnerable black women & your abusers are the ones trying to bring him down!.

When Cyril Ramaphosa denied South African street vendors to sell nge first logdown ka 2020 Ntsiki did show up. ✊.

Bathi amabele ka Ntsiki looks like sucked tea bags 😂😂😂.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by Sanele Dlamini 🇿🇦,Sanele Dlamini 🇿🇦 on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

Please tune in to Univen FM at 11:10 for my book review. Follow this link if you are not in Venda #ThomasAndSkhumba Ntsiki Samke Vaccine.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by Tshidi Monkoe,Tshidi Monkoe on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

In need of Data Analysis Assistance? @UsizoLwethuKini Consultants will take you through all the steps! Our analysis tools include: ✅Nvivo, ➡️SPSS, ☑️Hyper RESEARCH, 🔷 & more 📊📈📑 WhatsApp:081 323 1998 #durbanjuly2022 #PhalaPhalaGateFarm Nota Ntsiki Mihlali.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by Dumisani Mokoena,Dumisani Mokoena on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

@ntsikimazwai @ameliabhebhe Kodwa ntsiki shuwa; it’s a Sunday fo Christ sake 🙆🏻‍♂️🙈.

@ntsikimazwai But nawe Ntsiki you are not helping in this situation, it seems as if you are attacking Chris. It would have been better if maybe you come up with a solution to help Samke than to attack Chris.

Ntsiki just had to faka herself as Tjeerr sy is tjatjarag yong #Ntsiki.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by Map 2,Map 2 on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

We celebrate you Ntsiki Mazwai for having a bold and courages spirit. You are very strong,many who went through what you go through daily on this app deleted their accounts but you still here,still standing..

@ntsikimazwai Siyavuma and siyabonga Ntsiki muhle umzimba wakho futhi siyabonga for inspiring women in general ukuthi bathande imizimba yabo, but mina ngizombheka kanjani uBishob Nkabinde namuhla Uma ethi asingayumeli inkanuko, ngalezithombe enisifunza zona.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by Xolani,Xolani on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

Greetings. can you please retweet my hustle, my clients might be on your TL Logo:R300 Flyer/poster:R250 Letterhead:R250 Business card:R250 Whatsapp or call: 068 440 6242 nhluleloharmony81@ Ntsiki/Lasizwe/Durbanjuly2020/Mihlali/Gavin Hunt/Limpopo/Nota.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by BinBin graphics,BinBin graphics on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

@ntsikimazwai But ur realy unfair Ntsiki, early Sunday nogal, you know ur opposite gender how they wake up every morning. Maaar.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by PrinceM muimbi,PrinceM muimbi on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

Vukaaani!!! Nota is Trending Dropping bombs about the likes of Mihlali nabo Ntsiki!!! Spitfire this one 🤞🏾 let it be known!!!.

Ntsiki Photo,Ntsiki Photo by CEELOCAFE!!!,CEELOCAFE!!! on twitter tweets Ntsiki Photo

With so many dope songs dropped this year but this Verse does it for me @MagleraDoeBoy ☠️ Nota | Thuli P | Berita | Ntsiki | #TheSaHipHopWay.

@ntsikimazwai This is the best photo of you and you are just a natural and beautiful African woman Ntsiki ❤️❤️❤️.

@ntsikimazwai Good morning beautiful Kumkanikazi 👑 wam ❤️ how are you Ausi Ntsiki wa rona?.

@ntsikimazwai Ntsiki you would have written a whole essay if the tables were, I’m not convinced by your anger towards.

Why is Ntsiki Mazwai trending? Did she take a proper bath? Bathong screenshots please😏.

@ntsikimazwai Why are people pressed by Ntsiki? Personally I think she looks good. subjective, this is hers, live yours..

Perhaps we owe Ntsiki Mazwai an apology, just so she rests!🙆🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️🤩.

Women are the judge, jury and the executioners. Do women ever stop to ask themselves if maybe they are the problem? Berita Ntsiki Mihlali Minnie.

@IAm_Ntsiki Good morning and a blessed and happy Sunday to you, @IAm_Ntsiki. Have a wonderful and lovely day..

So none of you ladies are going to do the #NtsikiMazwaiChallenge in solidarity with Ntsiki Mazwai by posting your own pictures too? God I hate fake feminists!.

#HDJ2022 Ntsiki|Mihlali| Berita|#Mnakwethu | Best and Worst Dressed Durban July.

@_Tshisevhe Leave Ntsiki, your Bonang will never do it, her confidence is in the clothes she wear, the cars she drives and the houses she lives in. This is Ntsiki, no filter or whatsoever, pure as she is.

@ntsikimazwai Kodwa ke muntu osedliwe akubukeki ukuveza umzimba senaphilela socia media ngincoma igqenene nje kuphela😂.

@KliVincent Someone tell Ntsiki to un-block us😂 She blocked me when i challenged her about a MAN who was raped & the silence of the social media warriors she it was too much for her😂.

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