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Vegan sources of protein: 💪 Seitan Tofu Tempeh Lentils Chickpeas Black Beans Pinto Beans Green Peas Quinoa Soy Milk Oats Wild Rice Chia Seeds SO MANY MORE.

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My sister in law is making my nephew eat flax seed and oats this morning and he’s gagging! And so the fuck am I! Come on Aiden let’s we are currently hiding behind a statue eating donuts!! ❤️.

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✔Avocado Toast ✔Cronut ✔Cloud Eggs ✔Quinoa ✔Pumpkin Spice Latte ✔Kombucha ✔Matcha ✔La Croix ✔Turmeric Latte ✔Acai Bowl ✔Overnight Oats ✔Rolled Ice Cream ✔Oat Milk ✔Bone Broth ✔Almond Butter ✔Green Juice ✔Cauliflower Rice ✔Boba ✔Waffle Sandwich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Bona am not gonna be answering ur long ass questions, am busy eating Oats.

Just by looking at your mouth, we can tell that some of you have never tested jungle.

@ProperOpinion My guess of which you haven’t had: Ramen burger, bone broth, bulletproof coffee, overnight oats, unicorn Frappuccino. How many did it get, if you’re willing to answer?.

Malam tadi Grilled Lamb dengan Spices Pumpkin Puree, tengah hari ni Ayam Bakar Madu Mas Mono dengan Rolled Oats Brocolli. Yet still single. Ada yang minat lelaki pandai masak? Boleh DM 😅.

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@eveewing 14. I don’t do oats or nuts otherwise I’d have a gentrified score..

bone broth is just broth. matcha is just powdered green tea. overnight oats have been a thingr for centuries. who doesn’t mash fats onto toast. rosé is another non trend. this list just reads v silly.

I would love to explain to all of my grandma and her depression era siblings that overnight oats is now a millennial thing. I’m pretty sure that’s all they ate the first 20-30 years of their lives.

Study participants had a 31% less calorie intake at lunch after eating oats for breakfast in comparison to participants who had sugared corn flakes for breakfast ➡.

bye i can happily say i have not tried any of these like wtf is oat milk?????? oats dont have tits.

Now pouring at our GR taproom: Shark Jumped the Cow, ABV. IPA brewed w/ lactose (milk sugar) for a sweet body & slight creaminess. Bursting w/ dank citrus & tropical hop aromas (but low bitterness), SJC is brewed with wheat & oats & dry hopped w/ Azacca & Mosaic hops..


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who ordered the Extra Thick super layer special with a side of oats we have a 16 layer clothies and shortalls if you would like yours Wrapped.

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@Daboyui rolled ice cream goat boba alright haven’t had it in forever overnight oats are tolerable those are the only ones i’ve had.

Avocado toast, cronut, black ice cream, quinoa, matcha anything, poke, LaCroix, turmeric latte, açaí bowls, overnight oats, rolled ice cream, oat milk, rosé, Impossible Burger, almond butter, green juice, cauliflower rice, boba.

y’all are clowns if you don’t think lesbian oats isnt the best gc on this bird app.

Sarapan paling kenyang setakat ni. Overnight oats kawen dengan chia seeds💖 Memalam kau kena pastikan si chia, oat, susu dengan si esen vanilla tidur sesama dalam peti ais. Esok pagi kejut dorang pastu kau mandikan dia dengan toppings. Ikut suka hati kau nak letak apa..

@CrowleyOnAir Aftenoon Mr songs related as follows Miss Grace The Tams Save the world Eurythmics Never miss the water Chaka Khan Time passes Weller Shoot the moon Norah Jones Can I also do a shout for the 80s megamix Hall and Oats Adult Education.

tío y quien le hará las fotos tú crees que le coge a kihyun en Kiki, que voy, hazme un fotón que hoy estoy feeling my oats.

Anyway im comfident and feeling my oats for once #LGBTQoftwitter.

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I got 18, looks like I’m just millennial trash fam. Some of this I eat frequently even like quinoa, almond butter, and overnight oats. 🙈🙈🙈.

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Vegan sources of protein: 💪 Seitan Tofu Tempeh Lentils Chickpeas Black Beans Pinto Beans Green Peas Quinoa Soy Milk Oats Wild Rice Chia Seeds SO MANY MORE.

Story on @FloHoops: Alabama’s Nate Oats doing well on recruiting end since being hired in March. Has three 2020 prospects interested in taking visits, as well as one of 2022’s.

Mike Hopkins (Washington), Mick Cronin (UCLA), Russ May (Cerritos College) and Nate Oats (Alabama) at Pangos Premier 80 Showcase tonite..

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