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Cardi B Files for Divorce from Offset Following Rumors of His Infidelity After 3 Years of Marriage

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Miami Mundo
Miami Mundo ()

Cardi B solicita el divorcio del rapero Offset #Cardi #Offset

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🍂speak now🍂
🍂speak now🍂 ()

after seeing twitter reaction to tory lanez, offset and kanye, it’s safe to say society hates and men can literally get away with anything.

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Jersey Headquarters 💯 ()

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Diana🌺 ()

When Cardi said “I don’t cook, I don’t clean but let me tell you I got this ring” Offset didn’t feel that

Presshub_us ()

Cardi [aol] #Cardi B files for divorce from #Offset after 3 years of marriage

Certified Lover Dyke
Certified Lover Dyke ()

Cardi should have been done with Offset when he pulled that stunt during her headlining performance at Rolling Loud LA two years ago. Happy for her 😌

#Bbnaija |EkoMiamiblog
#Bbnaija |EkoMiamiblog ()

Scientific American backs Biden for its first presidential endorsement in 175 years (#ekomiamiblog| cardi b | offset | celtics| iphone12| miami| iphone6 |tochi|kemba|ios14)

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Twitter, Cardi B and Offset divorcing is not real news to pls dont interupt my day

Stacey Garrett
Stacey Garrett ()

If anyone said that to me rn, I would come across a table. Covid be damned. So lay off Cardi and Offset. We all knew she was too good for him. He knows it too.

Ashley ()

Why do men cheat??????? If you want to fuck w other women then maybe you should be ✨single✨ Ex 1: Offset is married to the baddest rapper, has a beautiful baby, wealth, etc. and still chooses to cheat. Whyyyyyyy?

🤔 ()

😂 Cardi B is getting a divorce because Offset cheating on her with a woman that cooks and clean. You just can’t have WAP 😂

Zoopzow ()

I feel embarrassed 2nd hand embarrassment for the girl that offset cheated on cardi with yikes as if he won’t cheat on her too

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Kamille B ♥
Kamille B ♥ ()

Y’all do know that Cardi filed for divorce, not Offset. So, really she didn’t lose the ring, she took it off and gave it back🤷🏾‍♀️

GodKnewNOTto ()

@HottiCi_ @lemonxsqueeze Think about Cardi and offset in that situation that was going on in the show. They ran with the hype. Baby got involved. Now they probably see that they never really loved eachother.

Eboni👸🏾 ()

No WAP and no child will ever keep a man if he doesn’t want to be kept. Cardi and Offset had no chance from the start, the nigga had like 3 other baby mamas and kids he didn’t take care of. Idk why she thought she would be different🥴

Lin Mamas. 🌹
Lin Mamas. 🌹 ()

Quavo can survive by himself and so can Offset but Quavo would last longer just off the strength that people be geeked for Quavo features and he’s the face of Migos and always has been. Ain’t nobody geeking for a Offset feature unless they’re an Atlanta rapper.

Bad Bitches Love Nujabes
Bad Bitches Love Nujabes ()

centering Offset is ego saving, imagining a world where a woman simply doesn’t want a particular man no more even with all the history and a child together is scary for them.

Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright ()

Cardi B Files for Divorce From Offset After 3 Years of Marriage

Calabar Jon Snow ⚔️🗡
Calabar Jon Snow ⚔️🗡 ()

Now that Cardi B will cooking and cleaning now But we still need that WAP so how do Oh fuck offset, the global male population gon pay for your cheating ass 😭😭

The Nigerian Businesswoman
The Nigerian Businesswoman ()

If WAP couldn’t keep Offset, what makes you think it will keep your man? Relationship is more than WAP you’✌🏻

El Pátron
El Pátron ()

Guess offset finally got hungry & wanted a clean crib🤦🏻‍♂️ you hate to see it.

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MikiBlaQ ()

Offset cheating on Cardi B really shows that big bum bum and breast is not guaranteed to keep a man😩

Ashleigh ()

Y’all think Cradi B got divorced because she don’t cook she don’t clean??? Because if so, TOUGH on offset! 🤪 #WAP #CardiB

Ninetyfo ()

@feelingIree Lol Cardi put out Bodak Yellow and a mediocre ass went ghost and then dropped WAP. The Migos were hot for a and then offset dropped his single album which folks felt like was the better one of the 3. So I could see it.

Nicholas Sarvella
Nicholas Sarvella ()

@dontclareenough I completely understand your point, but there are also companies out there that try and aid with this problem. Sometimes insurance companies can only help so much and depending on the practice, there might be charity funds that help offset the cost so the patient pay less

Jennifer D. Laws
Jennifer D. Laws ()

Cardi B Files for Divorce From Offset After Nearly 3 Years of didn’t see that coming.

Your Fave Resume Writer 🍯🖋
Your Fave Resume Writer 🍯🖋 ()

Why somethin always happen with Offset right before an album or song drops? The publicity stunts are tired.

ItsCoreyB📸 ()

Offset what did you do man ? Cardi in Album Mode too fellas hold on she finna have the ladies really hating us 😂

🌒 ()

its kinda sad that yall sit up and make jokes about ppls misfortune. u might not like cardi b or offset but their daughter will forsure be affected by the divorce if the rumor is true :/

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People ()

Cardi B Files for Divorce from Offset Following Rumors of His Infidelity After 3 Years of Marriage

☚ #HumanTrafficking #ericaourpride ☛
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