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Throwback to that Ronaldo hat-trick at Old Trafford 🤩⚡️.

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Marquen sus calendarios. Jose Mourinho vuelve a Old Trafford este miércoles 4 de diciembre a las 2:30 pm hora peruana, pero ahora como DT del Tottenham..

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Tarehe 4 December Atakuwa Old Trafford Na Spurs nadhani atatuonesha wapi tulikosea.

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📅 4th December 🔴 @ManUtd 🏟 Old Trafford Ole Gunnar Solskjaer vs Jose Mourinho. Bring it on! 👊 #UTFR #mufc.

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I want the whole of Old Trafford to be chanting the Tony Martial chant for the ENTIRE 90mins when we play Spurs in two weeks time!!!!! THE STREETS WILL NEVER FORGET !!!.

‘Pochettino’s shadow will loom large over Old Trafford for as long as the Argentine remains an easy fall-back option.’.

@Chancho_Ralph @ManUtd Because there greedy parasites. Who will leave united with debts and old Trafford need of major work doing to it . And the club and the fans to pick up the pieces #GlazersOut.

Oficial! José Mourinho é o novo treinador do Tottenham! Dia 4 de dezembro tem Manchester United e Tottenham em Old Trafford..

Poch spent £ in four and a half years at Tottenham. Jose Mourinho spent £ in two and a half years at Old Trafford, and said it wasn’t enough. Daniel Levy is going to have a tough time keeping Mourinho in check, with Spurs’ paltry budget!.

mark your calendars and prepare for the chosen one to put his hand up to his ear at Old Trafford.

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None of this clapping and cheering Mourinho nonsense when Spurs turn up at Old Trafford on December 4th. He was poison at the end of his United reign so send him spinning back to London!.

Over my sadness from last night and now a new era dawns, some obvious scepticism after how Mourinho’s time at Old Trafford went but the guy knows how to win silverware and that is something we haven’t done for a long time - he won’t suffer fools either #COYS.

when spurs come to old trafford lets show class and applaud are x manager we are not plastic like chelsea fans or classless the guy did win us europa league and league cup. he was faced with ed woodward and glaziers ..

So Dec 4th Spurs coming to Old trafford with Jose Mourinho in charge! Chaos awaits! #JoseIn.

I swear to fucking god If Jose Mourinho comes to Old Trafford and beats us🤬 Blood will be on Oles hand.

Tarehe 4 December, Mourinho ndani ya Old Trafford 😂😂😂😂 EPL kutamu..

Jose Mourinho returns to the Premier League as head coach of Tottenham Spurs. Wow! What a turn of events! December 4: Man United vs Spurs at Old Trafford. 🔥 I definitely can’t wait! #MUFC #GGMU.

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Jose Mourinho back at Old Trafford on the 4th of December 😋.

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Reckon pogba will be fit when United face José Mourinho’s Spurs in two weeks time at Old Trafford.

Jose Mourinho anaripotiwa yupo kwenye hatua za mwisho kurithi ajira iliyoachwa wazi na Mauricio Pochettino katika klabu ya Tottenham ..... Spurs wanaenda Old Trafford tarehe 4/12/2019 vs United 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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New post: Biglietti Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur, 2019-12-04 19:25:00 +0000, Old Trafford, Manchester, Regno Unito, GB.

@carljohns @UTDWorldwide It would be easier to bring Kane after giving Levy Old Trafford..

That Ronaldo hat-trick at Old Trafford 🤩🇧🇷 (via @ChampionsLeague).

Mauricio Pochettino heading down the Manchester Ship Canal on his way to Old Trafford.

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@Alvarado_LS @AitorAlexandre Un ganador es Allegri, que lleva meses aprendiendo inglés (la rumorología dice que a la espera de una vacante en Old Trafford que no llega). Entrenadores como la copa de un pino pero (opinión, por supuesto) parece que el banquillo del Tottenham pide otra cosa 🧐.

Throwback to that Ronaldo hat-trick at Old Trafford 🤩⚡️.

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