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Ok I’m officially over drugtesting, I’ve been out for a year now and they’ve shown up twice in a week and a half. Leave me alone bruh.


IOP members: voting is now open for this year’s Council elections. Find out more at.

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ORIGINAL STAKED TICKET OPENED 💯 What I bet is exactly what I open now for you all to see i have received the right ✅ matches and tips from my source, Compare the Time, Battery 🔋 Percentage and so on 🥸 Kindly check ✔ out to verify this by yourself.


@IanSaltern Now is the time for a Cornwall focused Progessive Alliance with or without the respective HOs support, and yes Greens and MK you can contribute to getting the Tories out. Everyone should now agitate for PR..

... oh god. Watching TLW GQ new cast is giving me a lot secondhand embarassement. Maybe because im more of an adult now? While watching TLW as slightly younger well well. TLW was always a little darker ig. So far 3 out of 4 of the GQ cast is giving me wew feels..

7 Tips For Enjoying The Holidays As A Young Adult This can be a weird stage in most young adults lives. You have grown out of Read now! #blogger #blogpost.

@Iainmackay8 Get out NOW motormouth you have outstayed your welcome since the day you managed to get into SNP. You are NOT welcome..

Out Now! 🌶️🌶️🌶️ @ Smoking Bars Patreon:.

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I am now a Blissey main out of obligation. I miss playing Sylveon and Alolan Ninetales pls I just want a match where someone else picks Blissey instead of me im so tired of babysitting lane partners and then losing the game because one of them decided to score during Zapdos.

Shadows. Our latest single from our album PRETTYDISCOLIGHTS is out now… #synthwave touches and #electronicmusic heat.

money heist kr has is out now and there are 6 eps only! i think this will def have a s2.

A rare first edition dated 1958. Now out of print. Hardback in good condition. Complete with dustcover – a little grubby but in good condition for age. A facscinating look at the early years of Lotus with some good contemporay.

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80% of students told us they feel concerned about carrying out literature reviews. Can you relate? Our free Literature Searching Best Practice Guide is now available in Portuguese! All versions available on Libguides:.

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We have to bare in mind it was 12 games. Anyone can have a bad stretch especially an 18/19yr old going against men. He might not work out but work a punt. It’s a shame we’re a playoff team now not many minutes and opportunity for him.

@Godwilnotwhineu If we find out now, e go be useless display of power. They did it just because they can.

Out now on streaming platforms: Digital Single - Pagan Lovesong 40th Anniversary Version. #virginprunes #lyricsvideo Dolls & Animations by Ada Corneillie.


Now I’m about to go smoke a joint listen to that stranger things song which the gays saying y’all new to. It’s been a fuckin couple weeks bitch I need another vacation. Airing everybody out to my boss tomorrow idgaf.

@suchetadalal @CMOMaharashtra Madam ji out of business of blackmailing corporates ! Now trying attempt at political analyst !.

Live Now! Come Hang Out With Tunetworks Gaming & Show Some ❤️.

@nedboulting @Conservatives Thing is… who would actually want the job at the moment? Trying to lead this country out of the spiralling clusterfuck is a doomed job. Pretty sure the opposition don’t really want the gig right now..

#FastOne Maybe give the Emdaabiimok to all of Coxwell Av. Do more than hand out political breadcrumbs for a future photo op. - Emdaabiimok (Em-DAH-bee-muck) is derived from the literal translation “where the road goes to the water” via @KopunF.

The Laughbox by Julia Kent is out NOW and you can enter to win!.

The dead cannot cry out for Justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them - @LiftAfrica_ @AyshaHamman Get Your PVC now..

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@coin_gabbar Come and join AEX is now giving out various prizes and all the people play the spinner to grab NFT..

i’ve been eating kimchi for breakfast and dinner since the other day and now it’s running out and i’m literally about to have a mental breakdown.

Hungry man noodles is now #300. We agreed to one or two meals a day and now they want to take even that out of our reach. This Buhari guy na disaster..

@ManUtdSZN The gap between us and the top 4 teams now is much bigger than when we missed out under Jose and LVG.

I wish I could remember literally any single detail from when I met Taika but I think I blacked out so now andrew and I try to piece together what happened.

@EriLabo2021 I guess it’s summertime everywhere now! Enjoy your weekend and stay out of trouble if possible! 😁.

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