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Stayed awake so we could stay in that lavender haze and catch a glimpse of another one of Taylor’s 13 sleepless nights. The #LavenderHazeMusicVideo is out now! ☪️.


Out of the 74million youths eligible voters , 26million of them are students and they are all back in school, most of them registered during the Asuu strike .. it’s 10days remaining for collection 🤷🏾‍♂️ @inecnigeria why are students still in school by now ? 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Two Steps Back is out now.

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I just realized I can send out my horny thoughts now HEHEHE all of you will suffer from my very horny vorny thoughts that run through my himbo brain.

SUGAR RUSH RIDE OUT NOW ✨ lets do our best to streaming MV-nya sampe trending 🥳🙌 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #IndiHome.

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I have been asked many times if I am running for parliament in 2023, that question is now coming at me like a broken record! The answer is an UNEQUIVOCAL NO! Will I ever run for office in my lifetime? The answer is MAYBE, I won’t rule out running for office in the future!.

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$Gtii we burned ours boat but we’ll will come out with a yacht 🛥️. Matter of time now..

EPISODE 7 is live now! Tune in and find out how you can get involved with talented creators in @theunioverse community. THANK YOU @KevinFine18!🫡 Premiere:.

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see now being gay is some next level shìt i be so surprised finding ts out abt niggas 😭.

Somewhere out there it’s a Ni*ga right now that work at Mc Donald’s that’s selling a course on how to get rich from forex🧐🧐🧐🧐.

@JessieLiberman I have duo right now and I still want to rip my hair out every time I need to go searching for my phone to approve the 2FA 😭.

Dine out or enjoy takeout/home delivery 1/20: 50% Off Restaurant. com Certificates w/ #code, buy now use later ~1/17 - 1/31: Get (4) $25 dining eGiftCards for $16 +See Offers for gifts, travel, shows ~2 Movie Tickets +$100 meal eGiftCard Only $30 🙂.

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congratulations @therealjohncale for his new album release “MERCY” out now on @Dominorecordco thanks again John for inviting me on this journey with u. been an amazing experience being on your super team..

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Just love the small hand of god appearing from a cloudburst every now and then to point out something terribly.

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📢 Register Now! Join us to find out about the wide-range of careers in the science-based industries. Speakers from industrial, academic and independent backgrounds will offer insight into what to consider when choosing your next steps. #SCI #Career.

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LIVE NOW #TheDilleyShow with @WarlordDilley - 2024 Dog Fight, NWO Goals and Q&A Friday! w/Author Brenden Dilley 01/20/2023 <~~ Website to all Live Streams <~~ Clouthub smallest pond out their but best in Free Speech..

@WhiteLOmega @HotepJesus It’d be great if Americans knew what a fascist is It’s now a cop out for “You support, freedom, responsibility, not trusting government, and personal empowerment, and I’m not okay with that.”.

Whatever happened to the NYT? The news coming out of it is different now 🤷🏽‍♂️.

@ballupAIP23 His choice to spend it? Unless she deliberately flirted and said she wanted to fuck n’ all that I don’t think she has to do anything ?? Assuming flying out women means they gon’ fuck now a days. Still fucked though she finessed!! Hopefully he got her a 1-way ticket..

😡 @BBCBreaking educators teach in PSHE on misoginy and toxic masculinity and how it is becoming more open in society when it should have gone out with the arc. Now you decide to perpetuate the stereotypes that undermine women as equal!.


Shout out to whoever did my window tints on my car. I see so many bogus ass tint jobs on other cars with it peeling and bubbling up. I’ve had my car for 3 years now and the tints are still in perfect condition..

@VampireXev I followed for lewd elves. Now I find out there are additional lewder elves? Happy days! 😀.

Definitely one of my favorite collections out there right now, no question abt it 🙇🏻‍♂️.

@Gingy4Usa MOST URGENT! SAVE dear Brownie #150485 RIGHT NOW! Handsome adorable gold w/white tuxedo cutie🐕left b/c owner moving/likes people/cats/dogs/scared in kennel/DESPERATE 4 IMMED RESCUE❤️Dies Sat. 1/21 (when?) if not saved in time! FOSTER/ADOPT/PLEDGE MORE NOW! Get him out of NYCACC!.

@SenJohnKennedy So now you want to raise it to 30%? Your new math calls you out. Extortionists all. $top all votes to republican$. Cut their pay, their health benefits, their gov. retirement. Money $aved!!.

@patel_patriot @DeAnna4Congress Trump pushed for alternatives like HCQ. The swamp plays the game as well. Those who ran to get the jab where the left wing lunatics. If th jab didn’t come out we would still be in a Pandemic. It’s an endemic now because they can’t discredit their jab..


@_petethetrainer @BSWest5 it’s indeed now officially knocking on the door of ridiculousness. V better pull his head out and sign MM before the ASB!.

@ferrier_janice Send your cash app or PayPal to {deluxe_help} on Instagram he’s giving out giveaway he just bless me now with $5000 try now thank me later😲♥️💯.

@GA_NYU_U Mmm. . Why don’t we take this out / Other hand reaching and pulling her breast out. Just letting it bounce and jiggle for anyone to see now. Chuckling..

@GailVazOxlade NDP in BC is in same category. Now, they’ve passed a law saying that our health professionals are not allowed to speak out about what’s going on in hospitals. They’ve muzzled our front line workers..

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