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🇵🇰Pakistan cases just over 900 Completely Locked down. 🇮🇳India cases just over 600 with billion population, Completely lockdown. 🇺🇸Just NewYork cases over 26,000 and still confused to lockdown or not. #coronavirus

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AJ+ ()

Italy recorded 969 #coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, its highest daily total. It has now passed China in cases, with over 86,900: ▪️ At least 9,134 people there have died ▪️ About 10,950 people there have recovered

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Dean Johnson ()

Stocks down around 350 on the DOW with 15 minutes left in trading day and faded to 900 down at close cuz of unknowns concerning virus over weekend! Up 10% for week so some positive news! Hang in their! Don’t sell now we are at or near the bottom in my humble opinion!

Rob Warner ()

@Flatsy1 @SirBob1892 First woman over there to be treated for it with no insurance got a bill for $34,900.

Capt. Ronald Karauri ()

Kenya tracking approximately 900 close contacts of the 31 positive cases. Next is trying to track the 27,000 contacts of the 900 and thereafter over 800,000 people. The worst is yet to come, we better all be serious about this. Africa might be the last but worst hit epicentre.

J murph ()

if she has under 900 followers on insta, she’s wife material. if it’s over, she belongs to the streets.

MJ Leaver ()

And then we packed probably over a grand of stock that could be frozen, amd probably took home about $900 worth between three chefs and the owner. And our perishable stock was down because our head chef was prepared.

Michel “Sanitized FYP” Brewer ()

@stuartpalley My friend @astoneabcnews has been sending me flightradar24 maps showing inbound aircraft for Victorville, mostly Delta and Southwest. Yesterday read Alaska cancelling over 900 of their 1300 daily flights.


I won’t let this downtime get the better of me. I just registered for a certificate program for the hospitality management at due to COVID-19, they’re offering their $900 program for FREE! I’m leveling up once all this shit is over.

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TOI Business ()

Sensex jumps over 1,000 points as banks, IT stocks surge; Nifty above 8,900

Michael-Edward: ()

Ukrаіnе Pullѕ Bасk Curtain On Biden – Clаіmѕ Burisma Pаіd The Vісе President Over $900,000 Fоr Lоbbуіng

Mr. Terence Truth ()

@bemuir_ronkon79 @AndrewYang OBAMA’s numbers: 2009 - Stimulus $900 Billion 2010 - Obamacare $ Trillion over 10yrs Stimulus doesn’t really count cuz he was fixing the crash caused by BUSH’s wars I only attribute the Obamacare costs as a purely Obama cost

Flahoolick ()

Great quote! Why I like has a very contemporary view for a woman who lived over 900 years ago!

Thomas Kaine ()

HELP!!! The Republican Senate Bill is over 900 pages. Is congress going to actually read what trump and McConnell have in the bill, before voting on it? @HouseDemocrats @SenatDems

Nandi Comer ()

Just logged into a travel writing webinar (you, know to get my mind off things). There are over 900 people! Looks lie we are all home. 😂

🌘slavka⁷ ()

So this shit happened to “stole” my feed on instagram (It’s not so about the video because I know I’m not the owner of the content) it’s about the feed And the other account has over 900 followers and I have around 60 +we follow each other

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Jessagu ()

@Dhutch9702 @BrotherNature China never underreported the numbers. The reason why there was only 1 death in 900 cases is China never give up elderly people. The oldest cured patient is 104 years old in China. But other countries give up almost all of the people who over 70 years old.

Geralto of Riviera ()

(Moscow back alley, 1980s, two Soviet officials) S1 (handing over paper): Comrade, here the party line S2 (later, alone): *dialing rotary phone, nervous. A 1-900 number* Voice on phone: Welcome to the Party Line, this is totally Chaz! Are you partying? S2 (content): Da. Da.

VA Claims Insider ()

833 Rateable Disabilities under eligible for veterans under the law, including the HIDDEN disabilities unknown by most VSO and attorneys. This ebook has been downloaded by over 32,900 people so far!!! COMMENT BELOW TO GET IT DELIVERED TO YOU!!

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Coach Griswold ()

@KevinAprileCT We need more! What I don’t understand is that we’ve had over 17k tests here in Ohio and less than 900 positive tests. So who is getting texts that shouldn’t because we all seem to know someone who needed on but didn’t get one.

Monarch Knights Football ()

Jaden Alexis @jayialexis The team leader for the Knights, Jaden is 3 star WR with over 30 FBS offers. He gets it down in the classroom ( Cumulative GPA), on the track (1st in district) and on the field! Jaden has 50 catches for 900 yards and 10 total touchdowns in 2019.

DHARMApocalypse ()

give $2000/month to EVERY american! #moneyforthepeople, not for enormous coroprations. please sign the petition. over 900,000 have already.

H Alexander ()

@CJBECKR @JStein_WaPo Good luck affording the ACA. I pay $400/mo and have a $7000 deductible. So I pay for it every month, but still pay every time I need medical care. This plan is really only good for catastrophic claims. The other plans were over $900/mo. UNAFFORDABLE for me.

Arkansas Times ()

Some 908,900 Arkansans may become infected with the novel coronavirus over the course of the next six months, according to an epidemiological model of the spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas provided by the Arkansas Hospital Association to its members.

M. Wash (Red State Democrat) ()

Here is what I understand about the new bill: Single Americans will receive $1200 + $500 per child <17 Married Couples 2400 + 500 per child <17 Income >75K pmt reduced Wkly UI pmts are $600 over state UI Example: State pays $300/wkly + $600 fed = $900 wkly for up to 4 months.

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Hafiz 👑🙌🏼 ()

@_Naneee_ @AfricaFactsZone Hahahah You might be right because their neighbors SA has recorded over 900 cases and these two countries share a vast boarder with easy movement

Anna Woodward ()

I’m a day late, but I’ve been snuggled up reading a book with over 900 pages! If it takes Mrs. Woodward 2 minutes to read a page, how long will it take to read 900 pages? #VRESTogetherinSpirit

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Cindy Green ()

@all_hrs Talks about how just over $900,000 in two increments was paid to Biden since July of 2019 for vague reasons when he was pitching globalism. But at no time did he teach classes. Sounds like a coverup to directly pay Biden campaign donations.

News Guru ()

🔴 ‘Over 900’ confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa, says Ramaphosa [email protected] #NewsGuru

WSVN 7 News ()

There now over 1,900 cases of the coronavirus in Florida, and over half of them are located in South Florida.

Ihtisham Ul Haq ()

🇵🇰Pakistan cases just over 900 Completely Locked down. 🇮🇳India cases just over 600 with billion population, Completely lockdown. 🇺🇸Just NewYork cases over 26,000 and still confused to lockdown or not. #coronavirus

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