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When has Paige ever showed jay an inclination of interest? Maybe I’ve missed it or are men truly the epitome of delusion. #LoveIsland.


The way that Paige is crying makes me believe her and Jacques did bits in the hide away that’s probably why she’s upset #LoveislandUK.

❤️ FIRST LOOK ❤️ Is there something in the air? Dami and Indiyah go on a date while Paige gets closer to Jay, and Ekin-Su has second thoughts about Davide 😯 #LoveIsland.


crying at it being jacques and paige by default because no one else likes their couple 😭 #LoveIsland.

I could not care less about Paige and Jacques but I won’t be surprised if they win the whole show cause the public loves these dead couples #LoveIsland.

How Andrew is reacting to Tasha wanting to get to know Charlie is how Paige wanted Jacques to react to Jay wanting to know her rather than handing her over like she was auctioned off #LoveIsland.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” - Satchel Paige.

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Antigua is a bad friend. She’s lying to Paige. That man doesn’t want her. Any guy who wants you, isn’t letting any other guy have a chance with you.

UConn star Paige Bueckers has signed an NIL deal with Crocs 🐊.

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Evangelicals have been having a reckoning around abuse. I once asked major Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson about his advice to persuade an abused woman to go back to her husband. Like Graham, he said he would do it again: #churchtoo #sbctoo.

The charges against Gillum involve interactions with the same undercover FBI agents who investigated former Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox, Downtown Improvement Authority Director Paige Carter-Smith and businessman Burnette..


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Does jacques just not like Paige ORRR does he think Jay just has no chance? #loveisland.

Soul of the Game. HBO movie about the Negro Leagues focusing on Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson and Jackie Robinson..

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The fact Paige reassured jacques and said you don’t need to worry. Proved she has 0 interest in jay and was just waiting for something deep and real from jacques which she now has #LoveIsland.

If Jacques can make it out of Casa Amore unscathed he has a real chance of winning this shit with Paige, man was just there for drama but he’s turned into a potential winner #LoveIsland.

not Paige SPRINTING to Indiyahs side 😭😭😭😭 these two are the sweetest ever i cannot #loveisland.

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paige and jacques are tommy and molly ik it’s early but just stay with me on this 😭 #LoveIsland.


It’s the same people who say that Love Island gets more boring every year that will put Paige in the top 3. Shes sweet but literally brings nothing to the villa #loveisland.

Indiyah is so cute 😍😍 These islanders won’t let my ship rest 😂 Paige: would you kiss Dami back Luca: here’s to you and Dami 🌚😂 #LoveIsland.

He’s so stupid he should have waited to play his cards. Paige doesn’t even like him enough to pick him 🥹😂😂 #TALKSWITHASH.

Tonight’s episode has absolutely strengthened my love for Paige & Jacques. I’m getting Tommy & Molly-Mae vibes from them 🫠🫠🫠 #LoveIsland.

The fantastic Four Davide,indiyah,paige and jacques #LoveIsland #FantasticFour.

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Jacques telling Paige to wear her best underwear and he looks like this #LoveIsland.

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I need a break from Paige and Craig …we have to watch them year round #SouthernCharm.

I heard Tony Khan brought in Matt Hughes for a pay day because he heard Matt got hit by a train. Rumor has it, that’s why he’s also going to sign Paige, pal..

Like Paige??? She was never even in his top 3. Help.#LoveIsland.

how i’m going to sleep tonight knowing indiyah and paige are happy #LoveIsland.

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Wasn’t Ekin-su doing trio with Paige and Gemma and isolating the other girls? #TALKSWITHASH.

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I feel like Jacques is a fuck boy and is only lusting after Paige. And by the looks of what was happing in the hideaway she’s clearly maybe giving it to him 🫣 he’s prolly gonna ditch her if not now then defo in casa amor 😭 #loveisland.

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